Getting rid of stubborn stains on the teeth with the aid of professional teeth bleaching dentist is an ideal way to boost your smile as well as self-confidence. It is ideal for a lot of people with permanent teeth who do not have receding gumlines or tender gums. Brownish as well as grayish stains are very difficult to whiten and crowns, fillings, as well as caps, cannot be whitened like other teeth.

Alternative Options

If you have healthy teeth as well as gums, you are definitely an ideal candidate for professional teeth bleaching dentist. This is because chemicals in bleaching products can cause irritation for your gums and stimulate tooth sensitivity. In a situation like this, your dentist will come up with an alternative whitening plan for you. Veneers and bonding are some of the options available if professional bleaching cannot be recommended for you.

Furthermore, professional teeth whitening will give you better results than do-it-yourself (DIY) approach. Since a professional will make use of highly concentrated solution for the bleaching, the result cannot be compared to DIY whitening options like gels and strips. They may be less expensive but cannot give you the same result like professional bleaching. Your doctor will discuss various options with you so that both of you can agree on a treatment plan that is ideal for you.

The Procedure

Before the professional teeth whitening procedure begins, your dentist will clean your gums and teeth in order to eliminate tartar and plaque. If there are cavities in your mouth, they would be filled so that your dental health will be at a satisfactory level before whitening. The procedure involves the placement of a rubber shield on your gums in order to protect them from the bleaching agent. Professional bleaching involves the use of high concentrated compound, usually 10% to 35% hydrogen peroxide or carbamide and that is why highly recommended results are always guaranteed. After your doctor has applied the whitening agent to your teeth, it will be allowed to work for between 10 and 45 minutes before wiping it off. A re-application of the bleaching solution may be necessary in order to eliminate another layer of discoloration.

Professional Teeth Bleaching Dentist Uses A Higher Peroxide

For your professional teeth whitening to be successful, your dentist will use a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide. DIY cleaning gels can only have a maximum of 10% of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide while professional bleaching agents can have as high as 35%. Highly concentrated agents can only be administered by competent dentists because of complications that can arise from their improper use. One of the complications that can arise from the improper use of highly concentrated whitening solution is extreme tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. As a result of this, it is very important for you to make use of a competent dental professional to handle your whitening so that achieving highly recommended result in a very safe environment will be possible.

The Laser Lights At The End Of The Professional Teeth Bleaching Dentist

The use of laser lights in professional teeth bleaching may be a factor in achieving highly recommended possible result. Even though there has been series of debate on the necessity of laser lights in professional teeth bleaching, they have contributed in no small way to the realization of set objectives. It is very essential for you to ask your dentist if a later light will be used in the process because this will affect the cost but will boost result.

What Professionals Teeth Bleaching Dentist

Getting your whitening done by a professional teeth bleaching dentist is highly recommended decision you can take. Because it is going to be to your advantage in the long run. A dentist will properly examine you to ascertain your suitability for the process. And if there is any issue that needs a fix before whitening can take place. He/she will be in highly recommended position to handle it.
In addition, your dentist will be able to give you constant monitoring. So that he can properly treat any complication that may arise before and after the procedure. Even though the procedure is very safe, there is every possibility that some side effects will be experienced. A professional will understand these side effects. And come up with measures that will assist you in managing them properly.

Furthermore, your dentist may produce a custom-fitted whitening tray for you. Which you will use to complement the in-office treatment and this has proven to be very effective. It will also boost the longevity of the result as well as efficiency. The combination of tray and in-office whitening can go a long way in giving you the sparkling teeth you have always dreamt of.

Stubborn Stains

There are some stains that are very stubborn. And if you want to eliminate such stains, you need to take a very proactive action. DIY whitening can help to eliminate stains that are mild. But if you want to deal with stubborn ones, it is very essential for you to go for professional whitening. It can be more costly but the result will always be outstanding. The level of discoloration will determine the bleaching method. And that is why it is advisable for you to see your dentist before embarking on any whitening adventure. You should be very realistic with your expectations. Because results from different patients cannot be the same. The result you see in somebody may not be achievable for you. Because we all don’t have the same type of teeth and the cause of discoloration is not the same.


Professional teeth whitening is very effective in fixing the discoloration of your teeth. It is much preferred to the DIY method which can be very risky and unsafe. Since your dentist will carry out a comprehensive status analysis of your teeth before professional whitening. It is a safer procedure that can guarantee an ideal result if handled by an experienced dentist. Consequently, you should make sure that you go for the right dentist.

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