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URBN Dental provides emergency dental services to provide treatment for many kinds of issues.

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What will you do during a dental emergency? Who will you contact? What dental clinic is closest to you? Do you know how to schedule an appointment with a local 24-hour emergency dentist near me?

These are important questions you won’t have time to consider during a dental emergency. So it’s best to have an answer to the vital question, “What is the highly recommended emergency dentist near me?”

You should also consider an emergency dentist open on the weekend, one you can visit at a moment’s notice.

You may wonder, “Where can I find a 24-hour emergency dentist near me?” And that’s what we’re here to answer.

URBN Dental offers a pain-free and memorable solution to all of your dental emergencies. We’re open for same-day emergency appointments where our dentists can tend to your emergency dental requirements at a moment’s notice.

You can book an appointment online or simply call us at 832-743-2989.

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Dental Issues That Require Emergency Dentist Near Me

You may be confused about which conditions can be categorized as dental emergencies. But don’t let that confusion keep you from the emergency care you need and deserve. If you are looking for an emergency dentist near me open now, give us a call today!

The following is a brief list of dental issues that require emergency dentist near me in Houston, Tx. Hopefully, this clears any doubts you have about emergency dental conditions.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding


Cosmetic tooth bonding is a less expensive dental procedure if you are looking to improve your smile. The cost of cosmetic bonding differs for patients depending on their specific treatment plan. URBN Dental accepts all major  PPO insurances and offers several financing options. Being a PPO insurance network provider advantages our patients by allowing them to pay lower out-of-pocket costs. We care about our patients and aim to give some of the best dental care possible while still being affordable for them. 

At URBN Dental, we accept different forms of payment and have our in-house financing option available that helps patients spread their fee schedule over months. 

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay can occur for various reasons. But regardless of the cause of tooth decay, it can always be treated to restore your teeth to their former glory.

Tooth decay, if left untreated, worsens over time and leads to further decay, eventually resulting in tooth and bone loss. Decaying teeth may cause problems like sensitive teeth, cavities, and gum disease.

So don’t let your teeth decay or fester. Set up an appointment with emergency dentist 24 hours near me and treat your decaying teeth right now.

Stained Teeth

You may think stained or discolored teeth aren’t a dental emergency.

But you’re mistaken.

In some cases, stained teeth may not mean anything sinister. But sometimes, stained teeth can also signify a serious underlying disease or infection.

You no longer have to wonder, “where is a good emergency dentist near me open now.” At URBN Dental, we run tests to determine if the discoloration and stains on your teeth indicate underlying gum disease.

Plaque Buildup

Plaque and tartar are food particles left in your teeth that attract bacteria and cause gum diseases and infections.

Plaque and tartar accumulation can lead to problems such as gum recession, the creation of gum pockets, sensitive teeth, consistent pain, tooth decay, and tooth extraction.

Gum disease can also progress rapidly, so don’t waste any time. Visit your nearest emergency dental clinic to professionally remove dental plaque and tartar. This prevents serious dental diseases from taking root.

Bad Breath

Bad breath isn’t usually a cause for alarm because it can be dealt with through proper oral hygiene rituals.

But if bad breath becomes persistent — despite observing proper oral hygiene — it is a sign that you need immediate emergency dental care.

Persistent bad breath is one of the primary symptoms of gum diseases and gum infections. Visit your nearest URBN Dental clinic and consult with 24 hour emergency dentists near me, if you exhibit symptoms.

Why Having an Emergency Dentist is Important

It’s important to be aware of “emergency dentists near me” for several reasons.

Your teeth are crucial to your physical and mental well-being. When healthy, they are a source of confidence. They are responsible for crippling self-consciousness and social anxiety when unhealthy or diseased. Avoid taking risks when it comes to your teeth.

If you suddenly come across a dental emergency — for example, if you break your teeth or experience a sudden and sharp toothache — you should know exactly what to do and where to go.

Do you have a contingency plan in place for dental emergencies?

If not, it’s time to develop one.

To reduce the risk of diseases and eliminate your pain, consider visiting a 24 Hour emergency dentist near me for your emergency needs.

Healing Process After Emergency Dentist Visits

Depending on the emergency treatment, your dentist may suggest different healing periods. However, the treated or affected area often takes a few days to heal completely.

But you don’t have to worry about pain or discomfort during the healing process. At URBN Dental, we use a numbing gel so that dental procedures are completely painless. Depending on your condition and the treatment, your dentist prescribes painkillers to eliminate any pain you may experience after the treatment.

If you experience any sharp pains after the treatment, contact your 24-hour emergency dentists near me​ immediately.

Emergency Dentist Open Near Me Today

We hope that we’ve successfully answered all your questions about “finding an emergency dentist near me open now”.

But if you have any other questions, consult our local emergency dentist by booking your appointment at URBN Dental Care right now.


Emergency dentist near me FAQs



How does emergency dentistry work?

Emergency dentistry works mainly on the case where there is trauma or bleeding. If you do not feel any pain, then there is no reason for you to rush for an emergency appointment with a dentist. If you call the dentist, the receptionist will generally ask you a few questions, which will help to determine whether your case is an actual emergency, or not. In other cases, you will be advised to make an appointment to get your problematic tooth checked. Emergency cases often include bleeding, lacerations to the gums, and dislodged or fractured teeth. These cases need immediate attention. It is important that you have a dentist you can trust at times of emergencies.

I have a dental emergency. What should I do?

If you have an immediate toothache or any dental emergency, then highly recommended thing to do would be to visit the dentist as soon as possible. The sooner you have the treatment, the better it is for your tooth and you. Preventing dental complications is always highly recommended option. If your dentist identifies dental caries at their earliest stage, then they can easily curb them using fillings and avoid the accumulation of bacteria. If you do not act immediately, then the dental treatments would grow more complex and extensive. They may get more expensive with it as well. In case you suffer from a dental emergency which makes your tooth hurt unbearably, then you can take the following steps for immediate and independent relief:

You can easily rinse your mouth with warm salt water. If the pain is not spiking immediately, then you can gently floss your teeth to remove the food particles. Sometimes the remaining food remnants can press against the tender tooth and aggravate the pain caused by them. These remedies can only help to reduce toothache. There is no true substitute for professional care. Expert professionals at URBN dentals provide excellent services. You can always contact a professional for a consultation.

Will urgent care give me pain meds for tooth pain?

In case you suffer from infections then the emergency care services will surely give you antibiotics, but they will not prescribe any narcotics for the pain you are suffering from. They can give you ibuprofen and Advil as well. It is completely understandable by many people that tooth pain can become unbearably painful. Some would even advise that you go straight to the emergency care in the hospitals.

If you are diagnosed and need a stronger painkiller, then they would prescribe it easily. Usually, they do need to look for the signs of infection before they do so. There can be several reasons by you are suffering from the toothache. It can either be that the nerve in that tooth is dying. Or perhaps there is dental decay, and the cavity has reached the pulp in your teeth deep enough to allow access to the bacteria.

If there are straight and inevitable signs of trauma or bleeding, then they would give you painkillers. Such conditions include immediate injuries that cause bleeding and laceration as well. If it is a complicated dental situation, then a physician in urgent care may not be immediately able to do anything. However, urgent care dentists cannot immediately prescribe you painkillers unless the traumatic injury is evident. Many people would advise that in case you have an immediate infection then highly recommended option would be to take a Tylenol to reduce the toothache and the discomfort caused by it.

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