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At URBN Dental, Emergency 24 hours Dental Care as a service is available every single day at our Houston Dentist Office, so that unexpected Dental Emergencies that occur will be effectively handled.

Emergency Dentist Clinic Houston

Dental emergencies can arise at any moment. In such situations, it is important to familiarize yourself with an emergency dentist clinic in your area.

Several questions may cross your mind — “What’s highly recommended dental emergency near me?” or “Is there a good weekend emergency dentist close to me in Houston TX?” In light of unforeseen circumstances, you should have the answers to these questions.

If you live in Houston TX, there are many dental care providers near you. But URBN Dental distinguishes itself as highly recommended weekend emergency dentist in Houston. We offer same-day emergency dental services so that you can visit our clinic any day (or night) of the week.

There is no need to worry because our specialized and trained emergency dentists tends to your emergencies at a moment’s notice. Either book your appointment by searching for a URBN Dental emergency dental clinic in Houston TX, or simply call us at 281-783-3227.

Are you looking for a “walk-in emergency dentist near me”? At URBN Dental, you don’t even have to make appointments in case emergencies. We understand that you may not have the time to set up an appointment. Simply walk into our clinic any time and you will be served by highly recommended emergency dentist in Houston.

If you have more questions about our emergency dental services, read on!

Importance Of a 24-hour Emergency Dentist in Houston

The teeth and mouth are some of the most sensitive and important parts of your body. A confident smile can make or break your day. So don’t take any risks with your teeth.

Don’t ignore injuries or pain in your gums or teeth since they can be indicators of potentially-dangerous underlying disease. You may have damaged blood vessels or nerves, or a severe infection. In these cases, it is important to have an emergency dentist you can rely on.

For all of the aforementioned reasons (and so many more), it’s important that you have answers to questions like “what is a good emergency dentist near me?” or “what weekend emergency dentist can I go to?”

Factors To Consider Emergency Dental Clinics

When it comes to emergency dental clinics, you must take various factors into consideration.


Open on Weekends

Emergencies can arise at any moment, so you need an emergency dentist that you can rely on regardless of the day or time. At URBN Dental, our emergency dentist are available to assist on Saturdays!

The Appointment Process

It’s important to set up appointments to visit the emergency dentist. However, during emergencies, you may not have the time or inclination to make an appointment. That’s why you should look for walk-in dental clinics that don’t need a prior appointment.

At URBN Dental, we understand that emergencies don’t wait for appointments. Walk in for emergencies and we will provide immediate care and treatment.


Location and Distance

Finally, an important deciding factor is the distance of the emergency dentist from your home. During emergencies, you need to act fast and go to the emergency dental clinic as soon as possible. This is why you must find a local emergency dental clinic in Houston.

Finding a local emergency dentist in Houston TX will cut down your travel costs and ensure timely treatment.

URBN Dental offers emergency dental clinics in different locations iso choose one in close proximity to your home.

What Conditions Need Emergency Dental Care?

Though dental conditions are important and require care, only particular categories constitute as emergencies. To help you understand what conditions need emergency dental care, please continue reading.

Broken Teeth

Do you have broken teeth? Does it make you feel self-conscious about your teeth? Does it keep you from smiling freely? If so, you can make an emergency dental appointment at URBN Dental to restore your teeth.

A number of dental procedures – like teeth bonding – restore your teeth to their original state. We use high-quality natural-colored resin material to recreate your teeth for a completely natural look.


Persistent Stains

Most people don’t consider stains to be a dental emergency. However, persistent stains may point to other serious gum or periodontal diseases. In this case, it’s important to seek an emergency dental clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of the underlying disease.

Plaque and Tartar Accumulation

Plaque and tartar can accumulate in your teeth irrespective of your thorough oral hygiene routine. Over time, the accumulated plaque can lead to gum diseases. If your gums feel sore, appear bright red, or bleed easily, then you may have periodontal or gum disease.

Don’t exacerbate the situation. Visit a walk-in emergency dentist and address your disease immediately!

Find 24 hour Emergency Dental Services near Me

At URBN Dental, we provide highly recommended same day emergency dental care. You can walk into our clinic even if you haven’t made an appointment and speak to our emergency dentist. If you’re looking for an emergency dental clinic, find an URBN dental clinic near you and book an appointment right now.

Same Day Emergency FAQs


What is oral surgery in dentistry?

It is not hard to guess what oral surgery comprises of. In specific terms of dentistry, it is a specialized branch that requires lots of practice and has its own certain set of operations. These procedures are performed inside the mouth and are thus termed as oral surgeries. The definition is relatively easier to grasp because of the concept of oral health, and oral hygiene is so common among people.

Oral hygiene talks of taking care of teeth and everything else inside your mouth. Similarly, oral surgery talks about corrective measures through dental treatment procedures inside your mouth. These may include processes like tooth extraction. Extraction is a process where a dentist is left with no choice but to remove the tooth from your mouth. This is usually done in the cases when the tooth is either destroyed by decay and cavities or poses a threat to other teeth in terms of their alignment. Nonetheless, extractions are considered very common oral surgery.

Similarly, placing dental implants is also a very popular oral surgery. This involves replacing old teeth with a new dental implant, which is usually made of porcelain or metal. This acts as a new tooth, performing all the same functions, with a very long lasting life. Processes like these can be termed oral surgeries, and are available at all certified dental centers.

What can the emergency room do for my toothache?

If you feel sudden pangs of pain that seem not to go away from your teeth, it is a clear sign that you need emergency dental treatment. Toothaches do not occur without reason. One of the primary reasons that you may be having a toothache is bacteria growth inside your teeth. This is primarily because of all the food particles that were stuck between your teeth, which you forgot to remove by brushing. However, once the toothache has started, you can only think of what to plan next. Your first step should be to locate a dentist near you. In and around the Houston area, you will not find a better option that URBN Dental, because of our emergency dental services where we have a dentist ready to treat the most complex of problems at a moment’s notice.

The worst of pains when it comes to toothaches are the repeated pangs a person may face. This generally occurs from bacteria constantly eating away at the roots or nerve endings inside the pulp of the tooth. To find instant relief, a dentist is required to perform a filling treatment most of the times, which is an emergency procedure as pain suppressive drugs do not hold this off for a long time. The emergency room is your best option for toothaches that won’t go away because it is instant and permanent treatment.

What is highly recommended way to find an experienced dentist?

There are lots of ways one may look for a dentist around them. While other people may be looking at decades-old yellow-pages, you can easily find the most qualified dentists near you using a simple web search, as a huge majority of dental centers now have an online presence. Not only do these centers let you make appointments through their websites, but they also offer complete details about procedures and treatments. Reading up on these can be beneficial as you may know before you walk into the dental center about what problems your teeth are facing and what is a suitable cure or treatment for them.

A lot of patients are uncomfortable with dental treatments because of the pain and discomfort involved. These websites completely describe procedures in advance, letting you know what you are getting yourself into, and how important it is for your oral health. If you are in and around Houston, Texas, you need to look no further than URBN Dental, where all dental treatments and cosmetic dental procedures are available at the most affordable of prices.

How do oral surgeons and orthodontists differ?

Oral surgeons and orthodontists have two different, yet similar job descriptions. It is to say that while both of them are dentists at the end of the day, their specialization is in different areas of dentistry. Dental specializations play a major role in the life of a dentist and define their careers entirely. Some dentists specialize in pediatric dentistry, while others specialize in nerves. Similarly, orthodontists and oral surgeons are two specializations.

Orthodontists are specialists that are specifically designated with the corrective measures and treatments that are required to align your teeth. It may be the case that your teeth are not properly aligned since birth, or they may have changed their orientation after a particular accident. Whatever the case, with treatment procedures like Invisalign® or metal braces, it is the job of an orthodontist to correct this alignment of your teeth and jaw. An oral surgeon, on the other hand, works on making sure all your teeth are healthy through surgery. This may include dental extractions to make sure that infections do not spread to other teeth, or treatments like a root canal to make sure that your tooth remains intact and in working condition.

How painful is it to have your wisdom tooth extracted?

Having your wisdom tooth extracted is not painful at all. Many people remain confused about the fact as to whether their wisdom tooth even needs an extraction or not. This can be easily sorted out by a visit to the dentist. Wisdom teeth generally do not create a problem and come out easily. However, if their placement is a little tilted, they will be causing a lot of pain by exerting pressure on other teeth while trying to come out.

In such a scenario, dentists recommend having it extracted. With modern methods of tooth extraction, it is painless to have such procedures. Even a few years ago, the only pain a patient would feel was the pinch of the syringe carrying the anesthetic. Even this has been lessened now with the introduction of numbing gels, which is applied before the anesthetic injection. This numbs the area enough for the patient not even to feel the pinch of the syringe mentioned earlier. Once this is done, you can only sit back and let the dentist do their work, which should be over in 30 or so minutes. It is always a wise choice to get your wisdom tooth extracted painlessly, rather than wait up and let it hurt your whole jaw when it tries to come out itself.

How to select your dentist?

It is a fairly easy assessment when it comes to choosing your dentist. The first step you need to do is look out for the dentists near you. This is pretty easy to do as smartphones and internet access has made it virtually not even a task anymore. You can search through the web while sitting on your couch, and know how far each dental center is from your location. This has been made easier by the fact that a huge majority of dental centers in the United States, as well as the world, now maintain their online presence to let patients know of their services.

Next comes knowing the dentist’s certifications. If that clears your bill, see what treatment procedures they are offering. This is particularly important for people looking for cosmetic dental procedures, as certain dental centers are selective in the treatments they offer. If you live in or around Houston, you need to look no further than URBN Dental. Not only do we offer all the dental procedures there are, but we also offer them at a very affordable price, with caring dentists and staff ready to help you out at a moment’s notice.

How painful is it to have a tooth extraction?

It is a fairly easy assessment when it comes to choosing your dentist. The first step you need to do is look out for the dentists near you. This is pretty easy to do as smartphones and internet access has made it virtually not even a task anymore. You can search through the web while sitting on your couch, and know how far each dental center is from your location. This has been made easier by the fact that a huge majority of dental centers in the United States, as well as the world, now maintain their online presence to let patients know of their services.

Next comes knowing the dentist’s certifications. If that clears your bill, see what treatment procedures they are offering. This is particularly important for people looking for cosmetic dental procedures, as certain dental centers are selective in the treatments they offer. If you live in or around Houston, you need to look no further than URBN Dental. Not only do we offer all the dental procedures there are, but we also offer them at a very affordable price, with caring dentists and staff ready to help you out at a moment’s notice.

How often should the average person go to the dentist?

Unless you are actively going through a procedure and the dentist has recommended you see them on a certain date, or certain times during the week, you may be fine with visiting the dentist just once a year. This number varies for people generally too. For people who have a high sugar intake, and are not very regular in brushing their teeth twice every day, it may even require them to visit the dentist up to three times a year.

The primary reason for visiting the dentist is to make sure that your teeth are in the right condition. This can only be done with a detailed inspection by your dentist. Only they can make sure as to whether your teeth are in the right condition, and have no onset of decay or cavities. Occasionally, they may suggest a cleaning process which includes scaling and polishing. Once this is done, your teeth are good to go for another year or so.

How to find highly recommended dentist?

It is not difficult if you are looking for highly recommended dentist around you. With the onset of websites and social media presence maintained by every dental center in the United States, it becomes very easy to see which dental centers are around you, and which ones are offering the procedures that you require. This stands important for people looking for cosmetic dental procedures in particular. Once you have your shortlisted dental centers around you, from web searches, you can begin by looking at what treatments they offer. If you see what you require, it is a simple decision. Choose the one located closest to you, and see it for yourself.

It is also important to note that the dentist you choose to go to is certified by all the regulatory bodies concerned in your area or state. When it comes to Houston, Texas, you can blindly trust URBN Dental with our services. Not only do we have all the procedures under one roof, but we also have them at very affordable rates. Add to that our super friendly staff and you will never want to go to any other place for getting your dental treatment.

Is it risky to have my wisdom teeth removed during my periods?

It is important to know that women who are on birth control pills should be scheduling any wisdom tooth extraction procedures towards the end of their menstrual cycle. If possible, this should be done somewhere between day 23 and day 28. It is important to know because, with the loss of blood a woman’s body is facing through menstruation, it is advisable to not go through a wisdom tooth extraction surgery because it also involves a sizeable amount of blood loss.

To help you maintain your health, dentists try not to coincide this with periods, and perform the surgery when the blood levels are relatively high. It is also not recommended because the gums may swell up post-surgery, which is another body process that requires blood supply. If the supply is low because of periods, it may cause internal infections and further complications with the surgery. Therefore, it is best to schedule any wisdom tooth extraction processes until the end of your menstrual cycle.

Is laser dental treatment safe?

As any dentist would tell you, laser dental treatment is completely safe. The process is usually known as gingivectomy in dental terms and involves making sure that gums do not look odd, or cover teeth more than the regular pocket should. Generally, gingivectomy is sought as a cosmetic procedure in dentistry.

These lasers are all safe and operated by the most expert and efficient of dentists. The upside to these lasers is the efficiency with which they cut through the overgrowth of gums. It is without any doubt the safest procedure when it comes to gingivectomy. Alternate procedures include a dentist manually cutting through the gums using a scalpel. While that procedure is safe too, it is very inefficient and involves a lot of mess. Lasers, on the other hand, not only cut through the gums safely but also seal the capillary endings, making sure there is no blood loss at all.

Can I go to the ER for severe tooth pain?

The emergency room is specifically designed for severe tooth pains. A general rule commands that you should be visiting the dental emergency room for any trouble related to teeth. However, when it comes to severe tooth pain, it very much requires immediate attention by a dentist. The visit can help you in many regards. The dentist may choose to give you pain-suppressing drugs that can numb the pain for 10 or so hours. Otherwise, the dentist will diagnose the problem right there, and start the procedure. It is always best to not wait out and let the dentist handle the situation properly. Most of the times, it is infections and decay within the teeth that causes such pangs of pain. These recede only to come back stronger. Dentists say this is because of bacteria eating away at the nerve endings inside your teeth, which causes all the pain.

Can you die from wisdom teeth removal?

It is highly unlikely that you die from a process involving the removal of your wisdom tooth. The removal or extraction of wisdom teeth is a very common procedure, which is practiced by all dentists worldwide. The procedure is not complex or complicated at all. Therefore, it is perfectly safe, and you need to not worry at all when it comes to your wisdom tooth removal. The dentist will start by giving you localized anesthesia, which will numb the area around your wisdom tooth, where the extraction is supposed to take place. Once the area is completely numb, the dentist starts by making the first incision, revealing the upper layer of the wisdom tooth. With that done, comes the process of removing the tooth from the gum line. Due to the anesthesia, you will not feel pain at all during this extraction. After the removal, the gums heal within a week or two by themselves. You may be asked by your doctor to eat only soft food or ice cream for a few days. Rest assured, you will not be dying from getting your wisdom tooth removed.

I have a dental emergency. What should I do?

Dental emergencies range between lots of different situations. However, the most common dental emergency that is faced by people is pangs of toothache that do not seem to go away. The wisest decision to take in case of such, or any other dental emergency, is to visit your nearest dentist that offers emergency services. Such dental centers usually have a dedicated emergency room with a dentist specifically to treat walk-in patients who have a severe toothache or other problems. They are ready to treat you at a moment’s notice. The first step is usually giving suppressive drugs to make the pain go away, after which the regular diagnosis starts. The dentist may then recommend a procedure and talk about how many sessions this is possible to do in.

Where do I get emergency dental care services?

Emergency dental services are available with a huge majority of dental centers around you. The first step you need to take is to seek out dental centers near you. This can be done with a simple web search. With that done, start looking for if they have emergency rooms or dedicated dentist for walk-in patients with emergencies. A lot of dental centers, like URBN Dental in Houston have emergency rooms to treat patients with a severe toothache and other similar emergency problems. Not only are our emergency services top of the line, but we also keep the patient in the loop with follow-ups to make sure their teeth are on the right path to healing.

Will urgent care give me pain meds for tooth pain?

Urgent care does a lot of things that offer pain medications for tooth pain. Most of the emergency rooms in dental centers are now equipped with the latest technology to perform the most complex of procedures at a moment’s notice. Visiting a dental center in an emergency can be a tiring and exhausting experience. It starts with the patient telling all the symptoms they have been facing. Once that is done, pain-suppressing drugs are administered so that immediately, the patient is not in any discomfort. After that begins the proper diagnosis, your dentist may then talk to you about the options you have in front of you with regards to how you want your tooth to be treated.

With your consent and the dentist’s advice, the procedures are decided. If it is a big emergency, the dentist may choose to perform the surgery or procedure right away. If it can wait, the dentist may choose to give you pain meds to help you last until your next appointment.

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