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There are several types of dental fillings for restoring damaged teeth, but often people restore and improve their teeth using composite resin. The reason most people go for the composite bonding near me is that it is unnoticeable.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding Houston

You deserve to smile with full confidence without feeling insecure about your teeth. But sometimes your teeth may not reflect your desired look. Teeth often chip, fracture, decay or lose their natural color and shine. For these reasons, cosmetic dental bonding is recommended.

As one of the most common dental procedures, cosmetic tooth bonding helps perfect your teeth for the beautiful smile that you deserve. There are many different types of cosmetic dental bonding fillings to help restore damaged or imperfect teeth.

Natural colored composite resin is the most widely chosen filling material preferred by most patients. Using composite resin comes with several benefits including an unnoticeable and natural finish. The resin also restores chipped or broken teeth that don’t yet require dental crowns or veneers.

So what is cosmetic dental bonding and where can you find highly recommended cosmetic fillings teeth in Houston? The answer is at URBN Dental, where we provide highly recommended service and use only the safest BPA-free tooth-colored fillings.

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What Is Cosmetic Dental Bonding?

Before you book an appointment for our cosmetic dental bonding procedure, it’s best to explore it. Cosmetic dental bonding, as the name suggests, is used for cosmetic purposes to improve the appearance of the teeth so that you feel more confident with your smile.

Cosmetic tooth bonding is used when teeth become chipped, broken, cracked, decayed, or discolored. A composite resin restores the teeth to their original form to give you a perfect smile. It also helps alter teeth size when needed to match the length of your surrounding teeth.

If your teeth have small spaces between them or the shape of the tooth needs to be changed, cosmetic dental bonding is the solution. If a tooth is decaying, then cosmetic dental fillings must be used to prevent further decay that can reach the roots of the tooth.

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What Is The Cost Of Cosmetic Dental Bonding?

Cosmetic tooth bonding is an easier dental procedure and less expensive among your many options. On average, the cost of cosmetic fillings teeth in Houston ranges between $300 to $600 per tooth. Note that the cost differs for patients, depending on the number of teeth that require cosmetic teeth bonding.

Since URBN Dental is linked with all major Delta Dental PPO insurances, we offer several financing options for our patients to choose from. Being part of the PPO insurance network benefits our patients that pay lower out-of-pocket costs.

We care deeply about giving our patients the very best while still being affordable for them. We accept several forms of payment and also have our in-house financing option available that helps patients spread their fee schedule over months.

How Long Does Cosmetic Dental Bonding Take?

Usually, the entire process of cosmetic dental bonding takes around half an hour to an hour to complete. This process includes preparation by selecting the appropriate composite resin color so that it blends in naturally with all of your teeth.

The dentist then roughens the tooth surface and applies a conditioning liquid on top of it to help the resin stick better to the surface. The resin of composite bonding near me is applied and molded into the desired shape, and a bright light is used to harden it in place.

Finally, your dentist shapes the hardened material for a perfect smile. If you need more than one tooth bonded, then you may require several procedures over several days instead of just one.

Do I Need Cosmetic Dental Bonding?

How do you know if you need cosmetic dental bonding? You may not need cosmetic tooth bonding in some cases, however, the following are examples best suited for the procedure.

Decaying Teeth

If you have any decaying teeth, then visit us immediately so that our finest professional dentists can examine and determine if cosmetic teeth bonding near me is best for you.

Alternative to Amalgam Fillings

Traditionally, amalgam fillings were used to fill cavities, but they did not naturally blend in and looked unappealing. BPA-free composite resin fillings is a safer and more aesthetically appealing alternative. Visit us for cosmetic dental bonding with these toxic-free fillings.

Protecting Exposed Roots

Finally, if you have a portion of exposed tooth root from gum recession, cosmetic dental bonding is the solution. Keep in mind that leaving the roots exposed without dental fillings leads to further diseases and decay. Visit URBN Dental at one of our convenient office locations for your own cosmetic tooth bonding procedure.

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Cosmetic Bonding FAQs



What is Dental Bonding?

It is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that helps to improve the appearance of misaligned or stained teeth. It involves slicing down the tooth in order to apply a tooth-colored composite material on it. That material is sculpted, sliced and shaped into the shape of the tooth. It also helps to fix broken teeth, a chipped tooth or the gap between the teeth. Dental bonding is a quick and relatively inexpensive method of improving the appearance of abnormal or damaged teeth in order to improve the overall appearance of a smile.

How to fix teeth gap?
The gap between teeth is usually fixed with a specialized process known as dental bonding. This process involves the dentist using highly specialized tools and a mixture of composite resin to fill the gap between two teeth. The process is efficient because it can be used to fill any size of gaps, and that too without losing the original texture and shade of surrounding teeth. The process is usually a little expensive because of the amount and types of materials used in making the composite resin. However, another advantage of this procedure is that it is painless, and does not require any anesthetics at all.
What is the cost for filling teeth gaps?
Filling teeth gaps is a process generally known as bonding. This involves the dentist taking the texture of your teeth as a sample, and then filling the gap between teeth using mixtures and composite resin. This process is relatively very simple, as all you need to do is sit and let the dentist do their work. Since the process is not painful at all, the dentist does not even give anesthesia. It is as simple as getting a makeover. The average cost of such procedures is usually $500, but it can vary from $300 to $1000 depending on the area that needs to be filled with resin.
I have gaps in my teeth what to do?
The first step would be to look for a good and trustworthy dentist around you. A simple web search can take you a long way. Once you have decided on what dentist you want to visit, check if they offer treatments for gaps between teeth. The procedure is more commonly known as bonding and is offered by nearly all dental centers as it is very common. Tooth bonding involves the dentist filling up the gaps between your teeth with composite resin. This process is trustworthy and is also totally painless. Once the procedure is complete, the dentist may want you to wait for a little for the resin to completely dry out. This procedure usually can set you back anywhere between $300 and $1000.

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