Same Day Care with a Walk in Dentist Office Near Me

You may not have your own dentist when you suddenly feel pain in your tooth or notice swelling on your face. If your dentist is not open for the day or has limited office hours, a walk in clinic can help you with an urgent dental issue. You can find a walk in dentist office near me with a quick online search. Sometimes general dentists refer their patients to walk-in offices for times when they are not available. You can use them for infections, injuries, and cracked teeth.

Visiting a Walk in Dentist Office Near Me

If you have never visited a walk in dentist office near me, find out a little about the establishment. Call before you go to find out if they offer the services you need. You may also need to find out how many people are ahead of you in line. When you find a dentist open today, there may be many other people waiting to see the dentist. 

If you are at the dentist with an emergency, the assistant or dentist may evaluate you quickly. The severity of your tooth issue determines how fast the dentist can see you. If you are simply waiting to have a routine exam, the dentist may choose to take individuals with serious injuries first. If you need something like an emergency tooth extraction, the dentist may see you faster. This need-based system is common in places that take emergency patients. Find out if the office is emergency only, or if they take regular patients at certain times. 

How does an emergency walk in dentist office near me?

Emergency dentists are often open for extended hours and weekends. Dentists with regular hours may have an answering service for you to call if you have an after-hours walk in dentist office near me. The dentist then meets you at the office to care for your teeth. During office hours your dentist may work you in to help you with pain. Many times, an emergency dentist makes sure you are stable and tells you to make an appointment during office hours for further treatment. 

How to Find the Best Dentist?

It is good to find a dentist with impressive credentials; however, you need to find one that fits your needs. For example, you may need a dentist that is good with kids, that has cosmetic experience or one with weekend hours. 

Where do I get emergency dental services?

There are some dental clinics that specialize in emergency care. This is usually because they are available outside of business hours. Your regular dentist also has experience with emergencies and can probably take care of you on the same day, as well.

How an Emergency Dentist can Help with a Cracked Tooth

A cracked tooth can happen for many reasons. You can bite down on something hard or suffer an injury. A tooth with decay is much weaker than other teeth. If you have already had a filling or root canal, you may have a compromised tooth. An emergency dentist can fill in the crack and place a crown to remedy the situation. You may need a walk in tooth extraction near me, as some teeth are beyond repair. A doctor in uptown can give you a proper diagnosis.

Find Out More About the Closest Dentist Near Me

You may hear about a dental clinic from your neighbors, or pass buy a new one on your way home every day. You can find out more on a website or call the walk in dentist office near me. The staff at URBN Dental can answer your questions about walk-in appointments. 

Appointments for All Ages: Best Family Dentist Near Me

A family dentist must be very adaptable. They may be dealing with small children one minute and an elderly person soon after. Find a dentist that is patient and has experience with all ages. Emergency dentists see children frequently due to sports injuries. 

How to Find My Nearest Dentist

With the help of navigation on phones and computers, you can easily search for emergency dental care near me. The nearest dentist may not be open or available for a walk-in visit, however. Call to make sure a same-day appointment is available.

Injuries and Infection: Emergency Extraction Dentist Near Me

If you suddenly have a fever or your face is hot to the touch, you may have a serious infection. It is rare, but infections from teeth can move into the rest of the body. Sepsis can be fatal. It is best to be safe and go straight to an emergency dentist. A follow-up dentist appointment is also necessary to keep you healthy. 

Severe injuries may result in an extraction. Most dental professionals try to save permanent teeth. The dentist may decide to extract baby teeth or wisdom teeth that are severely damaged. 

Emergency Dentist Tooth Extraction Cost: What to Expect

You may be able to get emergencies covered by your insurance. Emergency care centers are usually aware that you do not have time to financially prepare for the visit. You may have to pay a small portion at the time of service and the dentist sends a bill to you later. Your regular dentist may charge more for after-hours care, as well. 

When you need an Emergency Dentist Tooth Extraction

You can expect to get an extraction if you have shattered your tooth. It is hard to repair multiple fragments, even with a crown. A tooth with a severe infection may present a health risk, especially if you have had recurrent infections. It may be safer to remove it and get an implant later.


Why should I go to urgent care if I have tooth pain?

Tooth pain can come from many sources. It is a good idea to find out if there is a crack or infection. when you wait too long for the treatment you are more likely to lose the tooth. 

I have a dental emergency. What should I do?

Call your regular dentist during business hours. Your dentist may also have an after-hours number and protocol. Otherwise, you need to seek out an emergency dentist. 

How to find an emergency dental treatment center?

Ask your regular dentist for a referral or search online for an emergency dentist. 

Where can I find reliable dentists for my dental treatment?

You can find reliable dentists in many areas. Some dentists are known for specializing in certain procedures. Check credentials and reviews to find out more information. 

What should I do if I develop a fever after a major dental procedure?

A fever can be a sign of infection. If the fever begins after a major dental treatment, such as a root canal or surgery, call your dentist immediately. Your dentist may prescribe an antibiotic or refer you to an emergency dentist. 
Walk-in dental clinics may offer both convenience and emergency care. It is always best to see your regular dentist since they know your medical history. When you are searching for a reputable dentist near me, ask about emergency protocol and extended hours. Set up an appointment with URBN Dental to discuss your ailment today.


You may need a dental appointment immediately if you have sudden pain or a possible infection. Injuries often need immediate attention, as well. A dentist may be able to fix a cracked tooth if you get to the emergency clinic on time. There are some cases, however, when an extraction is necessary. The tooth may be severely damaged from the injury or have previous repairs. A same-day appointment is often available at your regular dentist during office hours. You can call and find out if there is a dentist appointment available or if they are willing to work you in. Check with a family dentist near me if your children need emergency care. This way you can be sure to get a dental professional that is comfortable working with children. Sometimes a walk-in appointment is for something simple, however, emergency care is a popular reason to seek out a same-day dental appointment.

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