Diagnosing and Healing Acute Dental Pain

Are you feeling severe pain in your teeth? Untreated dental pain can greatly affect your lifestyle – aside from the fact that it will affect the way you eat and talk, it can also affect your ability to stay focus at your place of work. That’s why you need to visit a...

Healthier, straighter, and whiter smile

There are numerous dental problems you can suffer from and most can be solved if noticed early. The most prevalent oral issues affect your bite and smile. If you have any cosmetic concerns, consult highly recommended URBN Dental Uptown or Midtown dentist experts....

Damaged Or Chipped Tooth

There are various reasons why people complain about broken and damaged teeth. Fortunately, there are various ways that can be used to relieve the chipped tooth pain. Some chips may not cause severe pain, but when it becomes a break, it can be so painful. The dentist...

Pre-existing Ridge Augmentation

When fixing dental implants, there are various cases. You may experience a bone loss or much time has passed since you lost the tooth. This can lead to a narrow bone, and the remaining ridge bone cannot support an implant well. You may need bone augmentation in such a...



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