We all need clean, shiny, white, and smooth teeth. Teeth cleaning and polishing can offer you highly recommended teeth for an alluring smile. You can get teeth polishing after dental treatment or during dental check-ups. A qualified dentist should do the cleaning and polishing.

Tooth polishing is a procedure used to prevent tooth problems. It also makes the teeth white, shiny, glistening, and stain-free. The procedure improves the aesthetics of the teeth and dental health.

Cleaning and polishing

The teeth get films and layers of plaque buildup after eating. They harden and become a strong mineral substance that is called tartar. Bacteria will grow in the tartar and plaque-causing dental problems and diseases like periodontitis, gum diseases, tooth decay, and others.

The buildup can be removed through the scaling method. After scaling, the dentist polishes the teeth using special tools. The teeth Polishing procedure will help to remove the stains and buildup, and the teeth will look clean and smooth.

Polishing procedures

The polishing procedure is not painful. You will enjoy the whole process and get smooth and clean teeth. The dentist’s office near me uses teeth polishing paste or a rubber cup. If the stains are severe, an air-polishing system will be used. The system uses pressurized air and water with a polishing agent to polish the teeth.

Selective polishing can also be done, where teeth are polished after scaling. Also, the therapeutic polishing method can be used. This is done after a dental procedure. This helps to remove bacteria from the roots.

Pastes for polishing teeth

Pastes for polishing the teeth are called prophylaxis or prophy pastes. The name refers to the protective and disease-preventing effects of cleaning and polishing the teeth. The rubber cup is filled with coarse, medium, or fine paste to help deliver the paste to the teeth surface. Coarse or medium pastes are effective in eliminating tough stains but can scratch or make the enamel surface rough. This may make the development of more stains later possible. The fine paste will give the teeth a smooth finish and cause little or no damage, but it may not be effective on tough stains. Calcium carbonate and pumice flour are used as abrasive agents in the pastes.

Air polishing

This method is effective for dental cleaning and polishing compared to other methods. It is not harsh on the enamel, and the abrasive agent is made of sodium bicarbonate that makes the method effective. In some dental cases, glycerine is used as an abrasive agent. It is an amino acid that occurs naturally and is less abrasive but effective.

Precautions for dental polishing

Various precautions should be considered to have successful teeth cleaning and polishing. If you have gum recession, the cementum will be exposed; the part is more fragile than the enamel part. The dentist should use a mild paste to prevent tooth sensitivity.  If you have dental problems like dents, receding gums, sensitivity, untreated cavities, exposed roots, or infected gums, the issues should be fixed before cleaning and polishing.

You may not have teeth cleaning and polishing if you have some health issues. If you suffer from hypertension, weak immune system, week enamel, respiratory issues, allergic to abrasive agents and more you should consult your doctor first. The dentist should recommend other possible options if you cannot undergo the cleaning and polishing procedure.

Polishing may not be an option in all cases, but it can improve the general appearance of the teeth. Proper dental hygiene should be considered to boost oral health. Ensure that you go for dental checkups always. This will help the dentist to monitor the teeth and offer a recommendation on how to treat the stains.

Benefits of regular dental checkups

Oral hygiene is not only flossing and brushing. It is a whole plan which involves regular checkups. It is important to visit the teeth polishing Houston dentist once in six months. This will help the dentist to check your dental progress and identify any issues. So, it is important to choose a qualified dentist who you can trust with your dental health.


When you visit the Emergency dentist, he will take the history of your dental health in detail. Follow up check-ups will be used to check if the condition of your dental health has improved. If you notice any abnormal change, inform the dentist so that it can be investigated. Other expectations are as follows:


The dentist near me will clean the teeth after numbing the teeth; he will take care of beneath the gum line during deep cleaning to remove any buildup. Tartar and plaque can cause gum disease, cavities, odor, and more issues. After scaling, the teeth will be polished to make them smooth and attractive.

Full dental examination

When you go for dental checkups, expect a full dental examination. This will help the dentist to look for signs of any disease so that he can prevent or tackle them in time to get you back to a healthy state.


X-rays will help to find out any issues that cannot be seen. Some problems like tumors, impacted teeth, dental decay, and more, can be identified with x-rays so that they can be treated in time or prevented.

Dental cleaning and polishing procedure will give you the smooth, shiny, and clean teeth that you want. But, you should choose the right dentist to handle your dental health for better and effective results.

Healthy gums and teeth can make you feel confident. As you go about your daily routines with different eating and drinking habits, the enamel of your teeth can turn yellow and get stained. Dental cleaning near me is associated with the prophylaxis procedure, which you can expect. But with the overuse of the cleaning and polishing procedure, you may experience wearing of superficial teeth structure. This may lead to more accumulation of buildup. It may also take longer for the fluoride-rich layer to form again. Hence, polishing should not be a routine of oral prophylaxis process but can be done selectively depending on your need.

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