Amalgam Fillings Tips – Discover If They Are The Best Type Of Dental Fillings For You

If a decayed tooth can be saved, it’s not extracted. Instead, dentists fill tooth cavities with dental fillings. Currently, there are different kinds of dental fillings and so amalgam is the only option you have.

Amalgam Fillings Tips – Discover If They Are The Best Type Of Dental Fillings For You

If a tooth has a cavity, has been chipped or fractured the dentist can save the tooth. Generally in these situations a bonded white dental filling is used. There are different kinds of fillings patients have had done in the past including dental fillings, silver fillings, amalgams, and old metal fillings. These fillings are now being researched for mercury content are not being done anymore. Here at URBN Dental, we use high quality white fillings that are BPA free safe and non-toxic. In this article, we will discuss the amalgam filling material to help you answer your questions or concerns.

What are amalgam fillings all about?

Dental amalgam fillings in the past were the most popular materials for filling decayed teeth cavities. They have been around for over one hundred and fifty years. This is to say that millions of dental patients across the globe have amalgam fillings in their teeth. Amalgam is a blend of metals. Specifically, it consists of a powdered alloy (tin, copper and silver) as well as elemental (liquid) mercury. Half of the dental amalgam filling’s weight is actually that of the liquid mercury. Its chemical composition enables it to react with and bond together the powdered alloy’s molecules to form a dental amalgam. Also referred to as silver fillings, amalgam resembles the silver’s gleam in appearance.

Why do we need dental amalgam?

The main reason why people have amalgam fillings is mainly due to the fact that in the past it was used often. Despite the issue of it being unsafe due to having mercury content, amalgam is still used in some areas around the world. Due to the present research and studies there are notes that the mercury involved in the fillings may have health risks. Here at URBN Dental, we focus on high-end filling materials that are still covered by insurance plans and that have no mercury. Our BPA free fillings are white, safe, and non-toxic giving you the most natural look possible and safety we trust in.

Who is affected by this?

While an amalgam filling has been around for such a long time and has been helpful, it does have its risks. It is thought that the mercury content in this dental filling can be dangerous. As we have stated prior, half of amalgam is made up of elemental mercury and its work is to bind together the alloy’s particles. Due to this, amalgam is super-strong and durable. All the same, mercury is known to dangerous to human’s health and dental amalgam releases low amounts of mercury in the form of a mercury vapor. This vapor can be breathed in and absorbed by your lungs.  If high levels of mercury are gathered in the body, it can adversely affect your kidneys and brain. Ever since the safety issue of mercury in amalgam fillings was raised, FDA has evaluated the most dependable scientific evidence to determine whether it can be harmful to patients. After rigorous efforts, FDA has still not found any alarming danger in using amalgam. The organization believes that dental amalgam is safe for kids who are six years and beyond and adults.

It was unable to establish a link between amalgam fillings usage and adverse health effects in the general public. There are no clinical researchers who have found this link either. As for the use of amalgam by pregnant women and toddlers, there are extremely few clinical resources that reveal reliable answers. The FDA concludes that even the breast milk produced by mothers who are exposed to the vapor produced by dental amalgam cannot adversely affect their babies.  If you are pregnant and have a hole in teeth that needs to be filled, talk to your dentist about amalgam and how safe it is for you. Here at URBN Dental we want the safest treatment and products for you and we do not use amalgam products that contain mercury in them. Let us know of any questions you may have on ic of old amalgam fillings.

The same case applies to kids under six year of age. While this type of filling is generally safe, another concern is raised about those who are allergic to mercury or metal alloy components. They might cause an allergic reaction that could result to oral lesions or other contact reactions. If you are allergic to the alloy or elemental mercury in amalgam fillings, choose a different dental filling even if it will be costlier.

At URBN Dental we do not use amalgam

Due to the fact of the components of amalgam filling materials we do not believe in using them in our dental office to put anyone at risk. Our white BPA free safe and non-toxic fillings take care of teeth well and bond to the tooth so it looks both natural and beautiful.

Prior to deciding whether you need dental amalgam filling, think about its pros and cons. As mercury from dental amalgam is bioaccumulative and can build up steadily in your body tissues and organs, you need to make a good decision. But, as we aforementioned, there is no direct association between dental amalgam use and organ damage so far but research is still being done on this topic.

How to know you need amalgam fillings

If you are having symptoms of cavities or tooth decay, you make a good candidate for dental fillings to resolve these issues.  If you have a toothache, check if there is a tooth with a cavity or a chip.  If you spot one, it is highly likely that it is the cause of your dental pain. As the damage to the tooth pulp may be too much to save it, you must not assume that your tooth will be filled. Visit URBN Dental who will examine your tooth and decide if it will be filled, extracted or treated via a root canal procedure. If your dentist recommends filling the cavity we will use the highest quality material that BPA free, safe, and non-toxic. After discussing the matter with your dentist, you will have an easier time making the right decision.

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