What Are The Reasons For Same-Day Tooth Extractions?

Are you looking for emergency dental services, including same-day tooth extractions? You must find dentists in Houston who provides same-day tooth extractions for those suffering from severe toothaches and other dental problems. You must find dental teams of some of the most qualified Houston, TX, dentists that will examine your teeth, identify if it’s necessary to remove them, and then extract them promptly. You may be wondering why you need same-day tooth extraction dental services. In most cases, adult teeth are supposed to last you a lifetime. However, there are several situations in which same-day emergency tooth extractions may be necessary, such as dental decay, infections, impacted wisdom teeth, and many others. This article discusses the potential causes of same day tooth extraction near me from a Houston, TX dentist.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Let’s start with one of the most common and normal reasons for an emergency tooth extraction — impacted wisdom teeth. Also referred to as the third molars, most adults start getting their wisdom teeth in their late teens or early 20s. As such, the wisdom teeth erupt after all of the other permanent teeth have come out, and your jaw has already set in place. As such, in most cases, your wisdom teeth often don’t have enough space in the mouth to erupt properly, which is why they apply pressure on the surrounding teeth or remain stuck inside the gums. In such cases, the wisdom teeth continue impacting the surrounding teeth and may lead to other dental issues down the line. If you don’t remove the impacted wisdom tooth, it may eventually harm the surrounding teeth. When that happens, you’ll experience immense toothaches, and the dentist will recommend an emergency tooth extraction. In some cases, the dentist will remove the wisdom tooth using simple extraction, but they may also need surgical extraction if the wisdom tooth is beneath the gum line. You should note that wisdom tooth extraction doesn’t cause any functional issues.

Advanced Dental Decay

No matter how well you brush and floss your teeth, you may have food particles stuck in the deep recesses of your teeth, especially if you have some orthodontic issues. These food particles eventually lead to plaque and tartar, which leads to bacterial infection. Over time, a bacterial infection in your mouth may cause dental decay that affects your gums and the roots of your teeth, leading to receding gums. If the dental decay affects enough of the tooth’s structure, you may eventually need a same day tooth extraction near me.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease, also known as gingivitis or periodontitis, is a condition in which bacterial infection spreads through your gums and the roots of your teeth. Advanced periodontal disease may loosen your tooth and necessitate tooth extraction. If you don’t remove the infected tooth and gum tissues, the infection will continue spreading.

Fractured Teeth under the Gums

Your teeth are designed in such a way that they should all evenly absorb the shock of clenching and chewing on food. However, if you have misaligned teeth or orthodontic issues, some of your teeth sustain more impact than others, leading to fractures. Furthermore, issues like bruxism can also lead to teeth fractures. If your tooth is fractured under the gum line, you must seek same day tooth extraction near me immediately.

Overcrowded Teeth

You may have crowded teeth because your jaw doesn’t have enough space to accommodate all of your teeth. As a result, your teeth may be crooked and overcrowded, which can lead to several dental issues like cracked teeth, fractured teeth, etc. In some cases, the damage may lead to severe toothaches, and you may need a same day tooth extraction near me to help straighten all your teeth.

What are the types of tooth extraction?

Two types of tooth extraction dental services are performed by a Houston, TX, dentist. The following is a brief overview of what happens during both dental services.

Simple Tooth Extraction

Simple tooth extraction is when the Houston TX dentist removes a tooth that is visible in the mouth. The dentist will apply local anesthesia and use dental forceps to remove the affected tooth.

Surgical Tooth Extraction

Surgical tooth extraction is necessary if your tooth isn’t entirely visible or is stuck inside the gums. In that case, the dentist will apply local anesthesia and create incisions on the surrounding tissues to access the tooth. The dentist may have to cut the tooth into smaller fragments to remove them. An oral surgeon generally does surgical tooth extraction.

What criteria do I look for in a dentist?

The following are some qualities to consider when looking for a good Houston, TX, dentist:

  • You should look for a dentist close to your location — someone who has a dental clinic in an accessible part of Houston, TX.
  • They should offer the latest and most advanced dental services.
  • The dentists in Houston should have friendly dental teams.
  • Look for board-certified dentists in Houston, TX.
  • You should also look for dentists in Houston who use BPA-free dental filings.
  • Since dental services can be expensive, you must look for a general dentistry clinic that accepts insurance coverage and provides financial plans.

What is the best dentist’s office in Houston?

URBN Dental has some of the best dentists in Houston, TX, who provide the latest dental services and procedures. Our dental clinics are located in some of the most accessible and prominent parts of Houston, Texas. Our Houston dentists will carefully examine your teeth and only recommend tooth extraction if necessary. For more information, please schedule an appointment for dental work today.

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