Sharpen Your Knowledge On A Prefabricated Post and Core

Teeth can decay and become damaged for a few reasons and there must be treatment to get them back to the condition they used to be in.

Sharpen Your Knowledge On A Prefabricated Post and Core

Teeth can decay and become damaged for numerous reasons and there are ways to treat them to get the teeth as close to ideal as possible. There are plenty of procedures that a dentist can carry out to repair tooth damage that has been done, and year on year there are improvements in technology meaning that new treatments will always be available. One of these forms of improvement is the prefabricated post and core. As it is easy to fit and looks great when completed, it is going to be the procedure of choice for many patients.

What is a prefabricated post and core?

A prefabricated post and core is a way to rebuild a tooth after a root canal treatment has been done to provide more stability and strength for the tooth. They are used to improve the structure of teeth and allow crowns to be put in where there would normally be a problem fitting them. The post and core are the support system that otherwise there would be no means a crown could stay on a tooth. It is not unusual for people to lose several teeth in the same part of the mouth and this makes the usual forms of replacement impossible to carry out. Finding a way to provide support is vital to fitting the crowns and making sure that they stay in place once fitted rather than becoming insecure and needing to be reset.

Why do we need a post and core in a tooth?

Basically, this is needed to prevent a tooth from breaking or a crown not staying on a tooth due to the lack of tooth structure. The reality is that there is a lot of tooth movement in the mouth and there needs to be a solid structure in order to handle these forces. Teeth will move and can lead to the need for strength and stability. A dentist will be unable to carry out the work they want to carry out as there is nothing to attach the new teeth to, so additional products are needed to be placed in the mouth and must be as secure as possible.

If one tooth was lost, the dentist could use the teeth on either side to be the support for the bridge holding the new tooth. When there are a number missing, it is not possible to cover the gap in a conventional way. The work needs to be carried out, but a more detailed way of supporting the teeth needs to be found. The last thing a dentist wants to do is to put in caps or crowns and find that they are not stable. At URBN Dental we want your treatment to last as long as possible after a thorough exam and consultation we will provide highly recommended way to restore your tooth and or smile.

When is this form of dental treatment needed?

The beneficiaries of this treatment will be people who have lost a few teeth in one part of the mouth or have several poor-quality teeth in the one place. This could come about in a variety of ways. A high sugar diet could cause a lot of teeth to decay and a sporting accident couple mean a handful of teeth were lost in an instant, and once this has happened it cannot be reversed.

The people who will really benefit are those who struggle with dental treatment due to difficulty getting to a dentist, or fear of them once they are there. It is a lot quicker than a lab fabricated post and core, and on many occasions, there will only be the one visit to the dentist needed. Root canal treatment is mandatory prior to the treatment – clearly this will only be when there are decayed teeth rather than tooth loss – but as soon as that is completed, they can be fitted with the post and core to rebuild the tooth properly.

How is this dental treatment done?

The process is easy and will not take long. Root canal treatment will be needed in order to get the teeth strong enough to get ready for the post and core and finally the crown placed on the tooth. This will involve removing all the rotten tooth structure and decaying pulp inside the tooth and then placing medication and filling inside the tooth. If there is not enough of the original tooth left, a post and core will need to be fitted inside the tooth. This will be the support for the crown.

When there has been an accident that leads to tooth loss, there will not be root canal treatment needed, but there may be a period required for the wound to heal. In this situation a dental bridge, dental implant, or possible dental flipper made me needed to restore the missing tooth area.

What dental choices have to be made?

There are various shapes and sizes when it comes to posts and the size is the first choice to make. Ideally the post that will be highly recommended is one that is thin and long. There are a number of reasons for this, mainly that there will be less pressure inside the tooth. It will also be ideal when there is some natural tooth left, as again there will be a greater area to absorb any chewing and biting forces. A screw in post is also an option to be placed inside a tooth to anchor the core material that will soon hold the dental crown.

Once all of this has been done, the final part is to manufacture and fit the crown. An impression will have to be taken or the core base and foundation of the tooth and then the crown can be made. Fitting will not take long and soon you will have gone from being unhappy with the condition of the teeth to totally happy with your smile. Feel free to ask any questions or concerns to our staff and we can explain all the treatments for you.

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