Everything you should know about Porcelain Crown

A pretty smile is the key to making a good impression. Fractured, damaged or decayed teeth bring a sense of discomfort when smiling. Don’t let dental imperfections prevent you from making a great first impression by embracing a porcelain crown.

Everything you should know about a porcelain dental crown

A pretty smile is the key to making a good impression. Fractured, damaged or decayed teeth bring sense of discomfort when smiling. Don’t let dental imperfections prevent you from making a great first impression by embracing a porcelain dental crown.

What is porcelain crown? This custom-made cap is used to restore the shape, size, and functions of the tooth. The reason most people prefer porcelain crown is because it provides extra support and strength, especially to the severely damaged tooth. Unlike dental fillings or veneers, porcelain crowns provide a natural look as they feel and look like natural teeth. Actually, it’s considered as one of highly recommended cosmetic dental procedures for smile enhancement. This makes them ideal for restoring front teeth.

Even though there are several types of dental crown, you definitely want to settle for something durable and natural looking. A porcelain dental crown is durable at URBN Dental Midtown or Uptown. In fact, it can last up to thirty years. If you want a strong dental crown, then you should settle for porcelain crown. The only drawback that comes with porcelain crown is that it is more expensive than ceramic crown.

Who is more susceptible to needing a porcelain dental crown?

Food and bacteria are the main causes of tooth decay. As you eat or drink, plaque is likely to form on your teeth and gum. The bacteria found on the plaque will feed on any sugary food you take producing acid that attacks the teeth. If the teeth are attacked repeatedly, they will erode causing teeth erosion or the teeth enamel may be destroyed resulting to tooth decay. However, you can avoid such scenarios by brushing and flossing your teeth regularly, avoiding foods that have high levels of sugar, getting enough fluoride, and not smoking or drinking dark drinks. If you don’t practices the mentioned practices, you will be more susceptible to needing a dental crown.

Why do you need Porcelain Crown?

If you are looking for ways to improve your dental appearance and smile there are three ways you can do it, dental crowns, veneers, and bonding. However, if you are looking for ways to improve dental appearance as well as function, then porcelain crowns will be a perfect choice.

Tooth decay, cavities, and severe tooth damage are some of the reason you may need porcelain crown. You may have heard that dental fillings can fix teeth fractures, but can fillings be perfect treatment for large cracks? The answer is no! Dental fillings can only fix minor damages.

There several types of dental crowns and it’s normal to be confused about which crown is right for you. The good thing about porcelain dental crowns is that they can be colored and shaped to feel and look like your natural teeth. This is the same fact that makes people to select them over other dental crowns. Below are some of the reasons your dentist will recommend the use of porcelain crowns;

  • To restore the full function of the tooth
  • If the tooth is severely damaged
  • Covering severe enamel erosion
  • To enhance teeth appearance
  • To make the tooth look and feel natural

How do you treat a patient using a dental crown?

Sometimes a tooth cavity or fracture can become too significant for dental filling to fix. What should a dentist use to restore the structure, function, and appearance of the affected tooth? There is no other way to repair such damage other than dental crowns. Porcelain crowns are the most preferred by both the dentist and patients. We have discussed the reasons above! So, what procedure should a dentist at URBN Dental follow to fix a porcelain crown?

The first step is examining and preparing the tooth for a porcelain crown. During the first visit the dentist will take X-ray to help in examining the structure (roots and the jawbone) of the tooth receiving porcelain crown to see if there is need of root canal procedure. Root canal treatment should only be administered if the pulp has been damaged by the extensive decay.

The second step is shaping the affected teeth to create room for the crown. This is done by removing part of the hard tissues. In case a large part of hard tissues is damaged, the doctor will have to use dental fillings to support the porcelain crown

The third step is making an impression. The dentist will use a digital scanner to make an impression of the tooth. This will guide him in making a perfectly fitting dental crown. The dentist should also select a natural color that matches the surrounding teeth.  The impression should be sent to the lab for the manufacturing of the crown. Within two to three weeks, the dental crown will be ready.

During the first visit, the dentist will make a temporary crown to cover the prepared tooth and protect it too, until the permanent crown is ready. Even though the temporary crown is just temporary fixed, it should be care for. During this period, you should avoid foods that have the ability to pull off the crown such as chewing gum and caramel. Use the other side of the mouth to chew. In other words, minimize the use of the side with temporary crown when chewing or biting. In addition, you should avoid using your teeth as tools or chewing hard foods such as raw carrots.

Finally, you should receive the dental crown during your second visit. You dentist will removal the temporary crown, numb the tooth, and fix the porcelain crown by cementing it permanently.

How to care for porcelain dental crowns? Keeping porcelain crowns clean and looking natural is very simple. You just have brush and floss them regularly just like natural teeth. Also, visit your dentist regularly for check-ups.

What are the symptoms of someone who needs a porcelain dental crown?

As discussed above a porcelain crown helps to restore the functions, shape, structure and appearance of tooth. How can you tell you need porcelain crown? Below are the symptoms of someone who needs porcelain crown;

  • Severe tooth decay
  • Severe tooth damage or fracture
  • Weak tooth
  • Tooth with a large filling
  • Dental bridge
  • Severely discolored tooth
  • Dental implant
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