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If you are looking for an Uptown dentist that is one of the best dentists in Galleria Houston, then URBN Dental has conveniently located adjacent to Highland Village and the River Oaks District in this neighborhood.

We serve all of the Uptown/Galleria parts of Houston, so if you’re confused about “where can I find a dentist near me open today?” you’ve come to the right place.

We’re the closest Uptown dentist to your location, and we’re excited to be of service to you with our professional dentists and our state of the art technology.

Our Uptown dental office is designed to put you at peace with its calming and comfortable interior. Our professional and comforting dentists will leave you with a memorable experience, and a beautiful smile.

Whenever you need an Uptown dentist, schedule a dentist appointment with URBN Dental. You can also call us at 713-322-8442 for any emergency dentist appointment. Or if you’re thinking “what clinic has same day dentist appointment near me?” then URBN Dental is your best option.

In order to find out more details about highly recommended dentist in Galleria Houston, read on for everything else you need to know.


More About URBN Dental Uptown Dentist 77027

URBN Dental Uptown dental clinic is situated in between Galleria and the Highland Village, and right next to the River Oaks District.

You may be familiar with many Houston Uptown dentists, but deciding on highly recommended one to visit is always a challenging decision. Allow us to ease your dental search process.

We consider dentistry not just a mere science, but an art. We work to provide patients with highly recommended dental experience. Moreover, we offer a wonderful ambiance that alleviates fear for an encouraging and relaxing environment.

At our Uptown dental branch, your comfort and experience of receiving highly recommended general and cosmetic dental care is our top priority. Furthermore, if you ever find yourself in an emergency situation, contact us for an emergency dentist appointment.

No need to waste your time in crowded waiting areas when you can find a Highland Village dentist easily near you. After all, as highly recommended dentist in Galleria Houston nearest to you, we offer both convenience and quality.





Our patients love being treated at our locations, with consistent 5-star ratings across the board.
See what they have to say about our dentists and dental team.


I can honestly say I had highly recommended experience at URBN Dental. I am new in town and had a emergency. The staff was able to get me in asap and took very good care of me. Everyone worked as a team to ensure that all my needs were meet. I felt important! I was treated as if I was the only patient in the office. I found my Dental home!

Imelda Goodly ultima modifica: 2019-05-02T06:53:30-06:00 da Houston Dentist

Imelda Goodly

The staff here is extremely friendly and professional. From the very beginning, the staff greeted me with kindness and respect. My paperwork was filled out within 15 minutes and afterwards, the dentist called me back almost immediately.

Lemond Deleo ultima modifica: 2019-05-02T06:52:49-06:00 da Houston Dentist

Lemond Deleo

Very knowledgeable and informative, explaining all your x-ray and imagery and in creating a course of treatment. The staff is friendly and definitely concerned with their patients. Comfortable environment.

Melisa Radford ultima modifica: 2018-08-13T13:37:29-06:00 da Houston Dentist

Melisa Radford

I am not the biggest fan of the dentist, however this was the BEST dentist experience I have ever had! Everyone was so kind and I got everything I needed done in one visit!

Allie Hackett ultima modifica: 2018-08-13T13:36:20-06:00 da Houston Dentist

Allie Hackett

Excellent service. Great first impression! Best cleaning I’ve had in several years, my mouth feels amazing. They even took the time to show me how to brush more effectively. My teeth are back to being pearly white.

Michelle Campbell ultima modifica: 2018-08-13T13:35:48-06:00 da Houston Dentist

Michelle Campbell

They were very prompt and professional. I felt very comfortable in the visit. They have good exam specials without any hidden fees. I have found me a permanent dentist office. Thanks URBN staff.

Shayla Williams ultima modifica: 2018-08-13T13:24:55-06:00 da Houston Dentist

Shayla Williams

URBN Dental provided great service and they were all so nice. They did a great job communicating with me and i would recommend to all.

Emmelyn Nguyen ultima modifica: 2018-08-13T13:24:28-06:00 da Houston Dentist

Emmelyn Nguyen

I had a root canal and a crown done here, the entire process took about an hour. Will be back in 2 weeks for my final crown! Great doctor, great staff.

Michael John ultima modifica: 2018-08-13T13:24:08-06:00 da Houston Dentist

Michael John





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Why URBN Dental Is The Best Dentist in Galleria Houston

Apart from the modern and well-equipped clinic, we have in Uptown, there are many reasons as to why URBN Dental Uptown dental clinic is highly recommended amongst all of the dentists in Uptown Houston.

Emergency Dentist 77027

Aside from the general and cosmetic dental services we offer, we also make availabilities for emergency dentist appointments.

Dental emergencies can happen at any moment, that often leave you thinking “who can I go to that has the option for same-day dentist appointment near me?” The answer is URBN Dental Uptown dentist, where you can make a dentist appointment online or by calling 713-322-8442 on the same day.

Variety of Services Offered at Uptown Dental

The large variety of services provided by URBN Dental’s Uptown location makes it one of the best dentists in Galleria Houston. Some of these include:

  • Pulpotomy
  • Tissue biopsy
  • Night guard
  • Bite adjustments
  • TMJ treatment
  • Dental crown
  • Bad breath
  • Teeth bonding
  • Dental check up
  • Dental teeth cleaning
  • Dental deep cleaning

There is no concern for pain in these procedures because our professional dentists use a numbing agent as needed to maintain comfort.

State Of The Art Facilities At Our Uptown Dentist

To ensure that our patients leave with a memorable experience of their dentist appointment with us, we spare no expense when it comes to our clinic.

We use only highly recommended materials for all the dental procedures and treatments. As an affordable Uptown dentist near me, we consistently value and produce high quality for all patients, including for those who are looking for a River Oaks dentist.

Not only do we focus on providing highly recommended quality, but we also take care to ensure material and procedural safety. This is why we only use BPA-free fillings so that there is no risk of any unhealthy chemicals entering your system.

Because we are linked with all the major PPO Insurances, we provide you with high-quality materials at a reduced and affordable fee while collaborating with your insurance provider.

We are also proud of our state of the art Uptown dentist 77027 that boasts a myriad of satisfied clients including Hollywood celebrities, actors and also the Houston Texan Cheerleaders.

Easy Dentist Appointment Online

Many Highland Village dentists have complicated systems for booking an appointment, whether displaying confusing booking dates or simply not providing same day dentist appointment.

At the URBN Dental Uptown Dentist 77027, you can easily make a dentist appointment online at your convenience. If you’ve always wondered “where can I book a same day dentist appointment near me?”, then the answer again is our Uptown branch where you can book and show up on the same day.

We also take emergency dentist appointments, so you can visit us in case of any emergency. Our close proximity to your location only adds to the convenience.

Schedule Dentist Appointment

We are confident that there is no better Uptown dental clinic for you than URBN Dental Uptown Dentist 77027.

Simply call us at 713-322-8442 for any dental need, be it general, cosmetic, or even an emergency dentist appointment.

Schedule your own dentist appointment online right now to visit the best dentist in Galleria Houston today!



We are Health Conscious

BPA is a controversial chemical found in plastics that has been linked to health illnesses. Traditional Dental composite filling and bonding materials contain BPA (Bisphenol A). Health-conscious patients who want safe high-quality Dental filling materials come to URBN Dental Uptown for BPA Free fillings. URBN Dental Uptown uses ONLY BPA Free filling materials.

Dental Treatment

We believe in perfection

Porcelain by daVinci Dental Studios:

The premier Dental Laboratory as seen on ABC’s “Extreme Makeover.” All of our lab cases are sent to High-end quality labs to be made custom for your mouth. The porcelain and polish are of the highest quality, it is perfected before we cement it. Every shape, color, crevice, and angle of your tooth will be perfectly sculpted to achieved the most esthetic results.

We will give you that million dollar smile.

Preferred Invisalign® Provider:

We are a preferred Invisalign® Provider. Meticulously moving your teeth until you get that celebrity smile. We will do a critical smile analysis of your current smile and go over every imperfection and offer ways on how to perfect your smile. After Invisalign® treatment, you will undergo another Smile Analysis, and we will tweak your smile. We do not charge extra or stop Invisalign® treatment until you are 100% satisfied with your smile.

We will get you Celebrity White Teeth

KoR Whitening:

We offer teeth whitening that is used on Hollywood Actors and Actresses, this state of the art whitening allows you to whiten your teeth without the sensitivity. No matter the color, we will get you that dazzling white smile that is seen on TV.

PPO Dentists

If you are looking to find a dentists near me that accepts PPO coverage, you have come to the right place. We are health dental providers that are participating in PPO Dental Insurance. Our in-network providers are premier dentists that provide In Network Dental PPO Coverage and are insurance PPO providers. We accept all major Dental Insurance PPO Insurances, we are among one of the most highly rated and esteemed of the list of dentists that provide PPO in network coverage. If you have PPO Dental Insurance even if it is not on this list, we still accept in network PPO prices and provide full coverage:

AARP Delta Dental PPO
Aetna Dental PPO
Ameritas Principal PPO Dental Network
Assurant Dental PPO
Careington Care Platinum PPO
Careington Care PPO
Cigna Dental PPO
Costco Delta Dental PPO
Delta Dental Individual PPO
Delta Dental Insurance Texas PPO
Delta Dental PPO
Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier
Delta Dental Preferred PPO
Delta Dental Premier
Delta PPO Dental
DNOA (Dental Network of America)

Guardian Dental PPO
Guardian PPO Premier
Guardian Dentalguard Preferred select PPO
Guardian Dentalguard PPO
Guardian PPO
Humana Advantage PPO
Humana Choice PPO
Humana Choice Care PPO
Humana Choice Regional PPO
Humana Dental PPO
Humana PPO providers
Metlife Dental PDP Plus PPO
Metlife Dental PPO
Principal Dental PPO
Principal PPO dental Insurance
Principal Dental
Principal PPO Dental Network
UHC Choice Plus PPO
UHC Dental PPO 30
UHC Options PPO
Unicare dental PPO
Unicare Dental
Unicare Platinum PPO
Unicare PPO Dental Insurance
Unicare PPO providers
United Concordia Dental PPO
United Concordia Dental PPO Insurance
United Concordia PPO
United Concordia PPO Dental Providers
United Health Care PPO


Fill out this form and an URBN Dental Uptown team member will contact you to set up an appointment and begin the URBN Dental Experience.


What is highly recommended alternative for teeth implants?

Usually, when your dentist recommends teeth implants, it is the only viable option for you. However, there are at times alternatives available for dental or teeth implants. The situation is dependent on the current condition of your tooth or teeth. If the decay has not yet destroyed it, and it is not ridden with cavities, the dentist may be able to use a dental filling in trying to save it. For cases more severe, a root canal method may even be used. However, if the tooth is destroyed, and there is a risk of the infection spreading to the gums and from there on to other teeth, the tooth must be removed entirely, and replaced by a dental implant.

What are the major types of dental implants available?

There are a lot of dental implants currently available at dental centers all around the world. However, two very distinct types of dental implants are used for classification. The first of these types is an endosteal dental implant. These are implants that are placed directly inside the jawbone, making them not move and stay rigid. Generally, they are made of titanium and use a screw mechanism to fit into their positions. The second most common type of dental implants is that of subperiosteal implants. These are also classified based on their positioning and are placed under the gum. However, they lie on the jawbone, or above it, as compared to endosteal dental implants.

What is the use of braces for teeth?

Braces are one of the most common techniques used in straightening and proper alignment of teeth. Usually, it becomes the case that a person’s teeth are not in a perfect arrangement. This can happen due to genetic problems, or sometimes an accident early on in age. There are dental procedures that can rearrange your teeth so that they look normal when a person smiles. Metal braces, as well as Invisalign® braces are two of the most common techniques for such methods. These are generally considered to be cosmetic treatments for teeth, but they are very effective.

What are some techniques of dental implant?

Dental implants are used in place of teeth that were too weak to sustain themselves and therefore had to be extracted. There are various techniques of using dental implants, but based on the two most common types of implants, the methods vary too. For endosteal dental implants, the method is simple. These implants have a simple screw mechanism and are made of titanium metal in general. All a dentist needs to do is take your measurements and screw it in properly into your jawbone. Once this is done, you have a good as a new tooth in the form of an implant.

What are the types of teeth implants?

Dental implants are one of the most sought after procedures in many cases. This is because not only are these just as functional as your old teeth. They require very less maintenance too. Two basic, general types of implants are used by dentists all over the United States. One of these is called an endosteal dental implant. The primary distinction between these implants is the position they occupy in the mouth. Endosteal implants are placed in the jawbone using a screw mechanism. They are generally made of Titanium metal. The other very common type of implants is subperiosteal implants. These are placed over the jawbone or above it and do not necessarily penetrate it.

What are periodontics, pedodontics, and prosthodontics?

A prosthodontist is a dentist who specializes in fixing artificial teeth and prosthetics. Similarly, prosthodontics is a specialized field of dentistry that deals with implants and prosthetics to be placed in the mouth of a patient. Periodontics is the field that deals with gums and all things above the tooth. These dentists deal in gum infections and how to treat them, preferably without surgery. Lastly, pedodontics relates to dentists who specialize in dealing with problems that children face. Their specialties include treating cavities and decay in milk teeth, realignment, and more of such issues.

What disadvantages does Invisalign® pose?

There are virtually no disadvantages that Invisalign® poses. Invisalign® is one of the most efficient techniques when it comes to tooth realignment in all ages of patients. The special factor that makes Invisalign® stand out is the fact that these can be taken out any time by the patient, and then put back on. This makes processes like eating and brushing one’s teeth much easier as compared to doing them with metal braces applied.

What are the benefits of Invisalign®?

Invisalign® braces have many advantages. For starters, it is their invisible appearance that makes them so desirable by patients all around the world. It is like you are virtually wearing no braces at all. Second, comes the comfort of these. As compared to metal braces, Invisalign® is much more comfortable. Another point that adds to this is the improved cleanliness ability that it gives to patients. For brushing, Invisalign® braces can be easily taken off, providing more edge to brush off any particles hidden between teeth. Since these are safe and removable, eating is not a problem anymore too, as these can be taken off during a meal, and then put back on by the patient. With these advantages, everybody would want to get Invisalign® instead of regular braces.

What is the cost for filling teeth gaps?

Filling teeth gaps is a process generally known as bonding. This involves the dentist taking the texture of your teeth as a sample, and then filling the gap between teeth using mixtures and composite resin. This process is relatively very simple, as all you need to do is sit and let the dentist do their work. Since the process is not painful at all, the dentist does not even give anesthesia. It is as simple as getting a makeover. The average cost of such procedures is usually $500, but it can vary from $300 to $1000 depending on the area that needs to be filled with resin.

What is it like to have Invisalign® treatment?

It is a very comfortable process if you would ask any dentist. Invisalign® is a relatively new dental treatment technique for teeth realignment. The process involves applying a transparent, dental brace over your teeth, which is perfectly removable and safe. Once this is done, the patient is free to go. There is, however, a procedure of at least two sittings before this application. This involves a sitting where the dental center takes the imprint of your teeth, for the size of the Invisalign® braces. These are used as a reference and kept in your dental records as well. Overall, it is a very easy and comfortable experience, and there is nothing to worry about at all when getting dental braces.

What are the pros and cons of a full mouth implant?

There are more cons than pros of a full mouth dental implant. However, in certain, particular situations, there may be no other way than to get a full mouth implant. In terms of pros, there is no need for maintenance on these teeth, because implants do not decay because of bits of food stuck between them. Except for basic brushing, no specific maintenance is needed. However, this can lead people to be lethargic and lazy when it comes to oral hygiene, causing other problems at times.

What are some tips for teeth whitening? Why is it important?

Teeth whitening is a process that has become so common, and people are doing it in their homes now. Teeth whitening strips are available for the general public, which usually contain compounds of hydrogen peroxide, which is a whitening agent, which people can apply directly to their teeth. A very important tip is not to overexpose your teeth to these strips, neither should this process be overdone. This is because the hydrogen peroxide present tends to eat away at the layer of enamel that protects the teeth. This can lead to issues like sensitivity to extreme temperatures, be they hot or cold when it comes to your teeth.

What can plaque do to you?

Plaque is a very bad thing to have on your teeth. It can build up due to food particles left over in your mouth. Plaque is bad because it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. This bacteria then begin to eat away at your teeth, causing decay, and subsequently turning into tartar. This tartar then accumulates at the base of your teeth, slowly eating away, until your teeth are so bad due to decay, the only way to save them is by removing them. Bad breath is also one of the most common effects of plaque.

How are dental cavities in the front treated?

Dental cavities are usually treated by fillings performed by a dentist. When it comes to cavities in the front, the process becomes a little complex, but the procedure of treatment remains the same. The process begins with the dentist using files and drills to ensure that the cavity is completely rid of all the bacteria and decay. Once that is done, the composite resin is used by the dentist to fill up these composites. The process is finished by drying the filling area to make sure that it stays.

How can Invisalign® be used to fix overbites or underbites?

Overbites and underbites are a very common problem faced by people today. This can be easily cured using Invisalign® braces. Underbites and overbites occur when a person’s teeth do not meet perfectly together when both the jaws are clamped. Invisalign® braces bring the two jaws together by properly aligning the teeth. Once the teeth are in a perfect arc, the problem of underbites is cured. Overbites are cured with the same process.

How to fix teeth gap?

The gap between teeth is usually fixed with a specialized process known as dental bonding. This process involves the dentist using highly specialized tools and a mixture of composite resin to fill the gap between two teeth. The process is efficient because it can be used to fill any size of gaps, and that too without losing the original texture and shade of surrounding teeth. The process is usually a little expensive because of the amount and types of materials used in making the composite resin. However, another advantage of this procedure is that it is painless, and does not require any anesthetics at all.

How to fix my teeth without braces?

Fixing teeth without braces is now possible only with the introduction of Invisalign®. This is a relatively newer technology that is very efficient and does not require the use of braces. It has many other advantages over the regular metal braces too because these Invisalign® braces are removable, and thus help a lot when it comes to brushing your teeth or eating. Metal braces do not let a patient eat certain types of foods, and this problem is also solved with Invisalign®. Ask your dentist about Invisalign® today!

How to clean stained teeth?

Stained teeth can look very bad, and there are a lot of ways to get rid of them. One of the most efficient ways is to visit a dentist for their scaling and polishing procedure. This is a relatively simple, affordable, and painless procedure that can not only help you get rid of all the stains on your teeth that may have come from smoking or drinking, but it also helps you clean your teeth of any tartar that may have accumulated at the base. The finishing by polishing leaves a shiny effect, making your smile look even better.

How to make my teeth white from yellowish teeth?

There are quite a lot of methods to make sure that your teeth stay white. However, negligence in these methods can lead to yellow teeth. This yellow shade does look bad, and there are quite a few ways to make sure that it goes away. The best way is to consult a dentist and ask for a teeth whitening treatment. It is easy, affordable, and painless. Moreover, this procedure can save you lots of time as it takes only one sitting and lasts a very long time. Other methods include using teeth whitening strips, which can be applied by yourself to your teeth. But care must be taken an as long exposure to teeth whitening strips can lead to an increase in tooth sensitivity.

How is dental plaque detected?

It is best that you let a dentist do the detection and avoid any home remedies when it comes to the detection of plaque. Plaque forms on the surface of teeth, and can ultimately result in the formation of tartar, which accumulates at the base of the teeth and is one of the primary causes of decay and dental cavities. Dentists generally use a disclosing agent, which is a chemical to reveal the areas of teeth most affected by plaque. This chemical is harmless and causes no damage to the health of the teeth at all.

Are regenerative teeth possible?

Regeneration in teeth is possible inside the pulp, which can heal itself. However, it is not just limited to that. Scientists all over the world are currently researching as to whether it is possible to regenerate, even with an external stimulus, the tissues that generally do not tend to grow back. This includes the protective layer of enamel on the teeth, which is the first line of defense by the teeth against all kinds of bacteria. After this comes to research into the regrowth of teeth in general, to compensate for chipped teeth that may have happened due to accidents.

Where can I find reliable dentists for my dental treatment?

It is easy to find a reliable dentist in today’s day and age, with the onset of technology and media. The internet is probably the easiest to use in finding a dentist near you that is not just reliable, but also affordable. A simple web search will get you results from tens of dental centers around you. If you live in or around the Houston area, look no further than URBN Dental, where your problems are all solved under one roof when it comes to oral health.

Where do I get highly recommended cosmetic dentistry services?

Cosmetic dentistry has become very popular in the last decade and continues to grow in potential as well as popularity. There is so much that can be altered and made better using cosmetic surgery, and people are on board. When it comes to such procedures, URBN Dental is highly recommended there is in the Houston area and around. We offer all kinds of cosmetic surgery procedures, at very affordable charges. If you are not in Houston, a simple web search can help you find tens of dental centers near you that have qualified, experienced staff and dentists.

Where can I find reliable dentists for my dental treatment?

It is easy to find a reliable dentist in today’s day and age, with the onset of technology and media. The internet is probably the easiest to use in finding a dentist near you that is not just reliable, but also affordable. A simple web search will get you results from tens of dental centers around you. If you live in or around the Houston area, look no further than URBN Dental, where your problems are all solved under one roof when it comes to oral health.

How can Invisalign® be used to fix overbites or underbites?

Overbites and underbites are a very common problem faced by people today. This can be easily cured using Invisalign® braces. Underbites and overbites occur when a person’s teeth do not meet perfectly together when both the jaws are clamped. Invisalign® braces bring the two jaws together by properly aligning the teeth. Once the teeth are in a perfect arc, the problem of underbites is cured. Overbites are cured with the same process.

I have gaps in my teeth what to do?

The first step would be to look for a good and trustworthy dentist around you. A simple web search can take you a long way. Once you have decided on what dentist you want to visit, check if they offer treatments for gaps between teeth. The procedure is more commonly known as bonding and is offered by nearly all dental centers as it is very common. Tooth bonding involves the dentist filling up the gaps between your teeth with composite resin. This process is trustworthy and is also totally painless. Once the procedure is complete, the dentist may want you to wait for a little for the resin to completely dry out. This procedure usually can set you back anywhere between $300 and $1000.

Does a single tooth implant hurt?

While the answer to this is subjective, people often say that getting a tooth extracted is more painful than receiving an implant. It is easier to guess the level of pain involved by knowing the procedure. Dental implants are done with the help of incisions made in your gums, which can then hold the implant together. All of this process is done by numbing the surrounding areas with localized anesthesia. It is very likely that you may feel a little pain, but apart from that, the process is generally easy to bear.

Are Invisalign® braces good?

Invisalign® braces are a relatively new method to make sure that the teeth are perfectly aligned in the upper and lower jaws. This method is used to cure problems like underbites and overbites. They are very good in the sense that as compared to metal braces, which were the previous common procedure, Invisalign® can easily be taken off by the patient at times of food and brushing. Invisalign® can also look good when smiling as compared to metal braces because it is all transparent. It is also easier to clean your teeth when having Invisalign® braces. Generally, Invisalign® is also preferred because it handles the process very fast as compared to metal braces.

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