How to Get Rid of Tooth Pain?

Tooth pain can make you miserable. When a tooth hurts, you may also have jaw pain or a headache. It is necessary to find the reason for tooth pain so you can get well. Proper care for tooth pain involves a visit to the dentist. Sometimes, you need emergency care for tooth pain. Your dentist can help to resolve your tooth pain once you have a proper exam. You may need a filling, a root canal, or even an extraction. There are a few things to be aware of when you need help with tooth pain. 

What To Do For Tooth Pain?

Since there are so many possible reasons for tooth pain, it is important that you call your dentist immediately. Some situations can become dangerous if not cared for fast enough. If your dentist is not in the office and does not have an emergency number, find a different one to help you. Visit a dental clinic in Houston, Tx quickly to stay safe and get relief. Many dentists can meet you at the office after hours to assess the pain. 

How to Stop Tooth Pain Fast?

If you are experiencing mild pain or sensitivity at the time of your routine dental exam, speak up. This pain can get worse over time. A cavity may be forming. Decay can progress when you do not get help. Even if the pain is minor, mention it to your dentist. This is the best way to prevent massive damage to your teeth. Your dentist should check for cavities and dental infection before making a treatment plan. 

Common Reasons for Tooth Pain

The most common reason for tooth pain is a cavity. The pain of a cavity is usually minimal at first. Your dental health can suffer, however, if you do not get a filling soon after diagnosis. Dental emergencies often happen because patients neglect the early signs of decay. Pain is often severe if you need a root canal or extraction. Injuries and infection can also cause unbearable pain in your tooth. Young adults may have sudden pain from wisdom teeth that grow crooked or become trapped. Only a dental professional can properly diagnose your pain.

What Can Urgent Care Do To Stop Tooth Pain?

An urgent care center for tooth pain can assess the situation and give you the best medicine for tooth pain. If the problem is serious, you may need to wait for an emergency dental procedure instead of going home. The goal of urgent care is usually to get the patient stable until they can make a regular doctor’s appointment. URBN Dental can help restore your dental health. Dental pain, however, may indicate a problem that cannot wait. 

What Will Urgent Care Do To Stop Tooth Pain?

Urgent care for tooth pain may only involve a pain medicine prescription. Doctors do not hand out heavy pain medicine for long-term use, however. If you need an emergency procedure, may need to be at your dentist’s office soon after your urgent care visit. You may also receive an antibiotic prescription to treat or protect against infection. The protocol may be different at various urgent care locations. If a dentist is available, a procedure can be performed immediately. If you have an emergency during office hours, call your dentist before you go to urgent care. They may be able to work you in between their other appointments. 

When to Seek Urgent Care for Tooth Pain

It is best to talk to your dentist about when to call on urgent care. A Google search cannot keep you safe. If you have dental work done your dentist can tell you how much pain to expect afterward and how to handle it. If you have sudden pain from an injury or that is unknown, call your dentist immediately, as well. Many dentists have emergency numbers that you can call to get advice about your pain.  If pain is spreading from your tooth to your jaw or neck, go straight to urgent care. A severe headache can also indicate a dangerous situation. It is best to get a medical opinion when tooth pain is involved. Do not rely on an internet search for this situation. 

Can I go to Urgent Care for Tooth Pain Relief?

You can go do urgent care for tooth pain relief. They are, however, limited to basic treatment options. They can check your vital signs and see if anything looks infected. You need to visit a dentist as soon as possible for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.


What care should be taken after root canal treatment?

Your dentist may send you home with a pain killer and instructions to put ice on your face. Soreness often happens because your mouth is open for a long period of time. Your jaw may be sore. Most people feel better after a root canal treatment because the dentist removes the area that causes pain. You should also avoid hard or sticky foods until the filling is set and sensitivity declines.

Why do cloves help toothache?

There is a natural anesthetic in clove oil, called eugenol. This can help numb the area and decrease inflammation. 

Which is the best pain killer for a toothache?

There is no one pain killer that works for everyone. Your dentist considers the level of your pain, allergies to medication, and your medical history. Dentist sometimes uses opioids when you have major dental surgery. Prescription-strength versions of over-the-counter medications may work for simpler procedures. 

How To Relieve Tooth Pain?

Dentists may recommend pain medication to keep you comfortable before treatments and during recovery. You can also put a cold pack in the area. The only way to end tooth pain, however, is to have proper dental work. 

Will urgent care give me pain meds for tooth pain?

Urgent care may provide pain medication under their supervision to give you some relief. If they give you a prescription, it is usually for a limited number of pills. It is only meant to help until you can make an urgent appointment with your dentist. 


Urgent care cannot always handle dental issues. Dentists are not on staff unless it is a specialized dental urgent care clinic. Communicate with your dentist as soon as you notice tooth pain. They can find a cause for the pain and make a treatment plan. Make an appointment with URBN Dental immediately to assess your situation. 


It can be tempting to run to an emergency clinic for severe tooth pain. It is important to communicate with your dentist during your routine visit so you know how to care for tooth pain. It is important to understand what urgent care can do for you and what they are willing to do when pain resolution is necessary. Sometimes you can call your dentist to find out what to do. Many offices handle dental emergencies and can advise you on what to do. Many doctors only give minimal medication for pain at an emergency visit. This is only a temporary solution to help until you can schedule a procedure. When you have dental work done, your doctor gives you directions for home care. Your dentist also tells you what kind of emergency symptoms to look out for. A dentist at URBN Dental can help you manage tooth pain and improve your dental health. 

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