For most people finding cosmetic dentistry procedures but the word, “laser” is thought of as some term from a scientific movie. However, laser therapies are used in the medical industry for the past few years. Also, this revolutionary technology has provided some great results in the field of dentistry as well.

What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry became commercial for the first time in 1989. The full form of LASER is “light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation.” The laser light is used to remove or shape tissue via a reaction taking place when the light hits the tissue. Laser dental treatment has become very popular these days.

Laser Dentistry is useful for:

Different Types of Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Carbon dioxide Laser: The CO2 laser has a high affinity for water. It is useful for soft tissue removal.
Neodymium Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Laser: The pigmented tissue easily absorbs it. It is useful for cutting and coagulating dental soft tissues. It also assists in periodontal disease control.

Erbium Laser: The erbium laser has the highest water absorption rates. It is highly effective for the treatment of dental hard tissues. It also assists in soft tissue ablation.

Diode Laser: The diode laser is easily absorbed primarily by tissue pigment (melanin) and hemoglobin.

How is Laser Dental Treatment Performed?

The basics of laser dentistry in Houston, TX revolves around hard tissue (teeth) and soft tissue (gums). The most common hard tissue procedures are

Cavity detection: laser treatment for gum Houston is useful for detecting the early evidence of tooth decay.

Dental fillings: you’ll be glad to know that laser doesn’t require any anesthesia or drilling procedures. The laser can kill the bacteria residing in the cavities. Therefore, it promotes the long-term health of the teeth.

Tooth Sensitivity: if your teeth are sensitive towards cold and hot food, then the laser can tubules at the teeth roots and provide immediate relief to you.

The most common soft tissue procedures are

  •       Treatment of a “gummy smile”: Do you have a gummy smile? Don’t worry! Lasers can be used to reshape your “gummy smile.” Here, the length of gums associated with your smile is reduced.
  •       Crown lengthening: Here, gum tissue and bone are reshaped to create a healthier tooth structure. It is useful for placing restorations on the teeth.
  •       Frenulum attachment: The fold of skin that holds the front part of the tongue is known as the frenulum. With this treatment, some of the issues like a speech impediment, tongue-tied, and difficulty in breastfeeding in children can be easily cured.
  •       Removing soft tissue folds: The lasers are useful in removing the soft tissue folds resulting due to ill-fitting dentures.

Other types of laser dental treatment are:

You’ll be glad to know that different types of dental treatments in Houston, TX, are available these days. Some of them are

Viewing tissues: Lasers allows the doctor to see inside tooth or gum tissue safely. It assists them to check the current status of the teeth condition.

Benign tumors: Lasers can remove tumors beneath the palate, gums, and sides of the lips. Also, it is a pain-free method.

Sleep apnea: Sleep apnea is caused due to tissue overgrowth in the throat area. Lasers can reshape tissues and help you sleep well.

TMJ: Lasers are highly effective in reducing the pain and inflammation caused due to TMJ in the joint.

Nerve regeneration: Lasers assists in curing damaged blood vessels, nerves, and scars.

Cold sores: Lasers can provide immediate relief from cold sores.

Teeth whitening: Lasers are highly useful in speeding up the teeth-whitening sessions in bleaching procedures.

What are the Benefits of Laser Dentistry?

  •       It reduces the need for sutures for soft tissue lasers
  •       It reduces bleeding while treating soft tissues
  •       It promotes blood clotting
  •       It minimizes the need for anesthesia
  •       It reduces the chances for bacterial infections as the overall area is sterilized
  •       It assists in healing the wounds at a faster pace
  •       It helps to regenerate new tissues

Laser Dentistry Near Me

When you’re finding laser dentistry Houston, the ADA recommends the following:

  •       You must ask your family and friends
  •       You must ask your family doctor or your pharmacist
  •       In case, you’re relocating, you must as your current doctor for recommendations
  •       You can visit to check the listed dentists and associations

What points you must consider while choosing any laser dentistry in Houston?

You must check the following points before choosing any laser dentistry near me. Have a look!

1.      Training

Your chosen laser dental treatment clinic must have undergone proper training and have expertise in cosmetic dentistry procedures. You must ask your dentist what all courses they’ve done in laser dentistry in Houston.

2.      Associations

You must check if the dentist is part of AACD or not. However, if the dentist is part of AACD, then it doesn’t mean that the professional is highly qualified. Apart from this, it depicts that the dentist is serious about his profession and feels it is important to spend a good amount on membership.

3.      Location

You must search for laser dentistry near me to make it easy for you. A laser dentistry procedure requires several visits to complete the entire procedure successfully.

4.      Time required

Some laser dental treatment requires more time. Therefore, you must check that your chosen dentist has enough time to complete the procedure.


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