Dental emergencies can be sudden and alarming, causing the tooth pain, bleeding gums, cracked, chipped, or broken teeth. Some of these situations are painless, while others require immediate dental care from an emergency dentist in Houston. Modern dental services can help your case if you get immediate care. This is why it is crucial that you know the difference between cracked, chipped, and broken teeth. Continue reading this article to get an insight into cracked, chipped, and broken tooth and their available treatments, and where you can find the best emergency dental Houston office.


Reasons behind Tooth Damage – Emergency Dental Care Houston TX

Mainly cavities and tooth decay are the leading causes of tooth damage. They make your tooth vulnerable. You may be wondering “Why would my tooth hurt if I don’t have a cavity?” then you should know that there are some other common reasons as well that can cause tooth damage, including:

  1. Trauma to the face
  2. Grinding and clenching 
  3. Biting down on hard things or chewing hard foods
  4. Using teeth to open or cut hard things
  5. Loss of fillings

Symptoms That Require Emergency Dental Care Houston

Your teeth are very strong and can handle wear and tear. However, with time, teeth become vulnerable to cracks and breaks if proper care is not taken. Sometimes the damage is small that it goes unnoticed and without any symptoms, while at times you will experience certain symptoms where you would need an emergency dentist urgently, symptoms like.   

  1. Severe tooth pain when chewing or biting
  2. Sensitivity
  3. Presence of sharp edges that irritate other parts of the mouth

Cracks can go unnoticed because they first damage the outer layer. This layer does not have nerves. But with time, the crack can grow and affect the dentin, the second layer. At this point, the symptoms may appear. If not treated, the exposed pulp of the cracked tooth can become infected.
You should always seek emergency dental care in Houston TX as soon as possible.

Types of Tooth Damage Taken Care of At Emergency Dental Clinic Houston

Chipped Teeth

Chipping is the most common type of tooth damage. They start as small unnoticeable breakage and become larger, with some of the teeth chipping away. Mostly the chip is small, and it affects the enamel only. However, sometimes, the chip can grow to reach the inner layer to cause pain and other damage to the pulp.

Mostly the chips on the frontal teeth are the most noticeable, and they might affect your smile and confidence. You should make an emergency dental appointment to get it checked out if you experience pain, or if a sharp edge has appeared that is affecting other parts of the mouth. 

Cracked Teeth

A cracked tooth is a much more serious situation that needs immediate emergency dental care, Houston. Cracks can range from small to large fractures in the teeth. 

Craze Lines

These appear as a small hairline crack in the enamel. These do not cause any pain, and neither affects the tooth. They may only make your tooth look imperfect. These should be monitored by the dentist in routine checkups.

Cracked Cusps

The cusp is known as the pointed area of the tooth. Crack in the cusps usually happens in a tooth with a filling. These cracks appear at the upper biting area and spread inwards. Sometimes the cusps can break off. These also do not cause any pain or damage to the pulp. Fillings and crowns are the usual treatments.

Cracked Tooth

It is the fracturing of the tooth from the biting surface inwards to the root. But in a cracked tooth, the tooth is not separated into two or more parts. If the crack reaches the pulp, then a root canal treatment is required. But if it goes beyond that, tooth extraction will be your last option. 

Split Tooth

Split tooth appears as a vertical hairline crack, but this crack separates the tooth into distinct parts. A split tooth is the most painful because your pulp becomes exposed. 

You may be wondering, “What can I do to repair a cracked in half tooth?” then you should take immediate action and call for an emergency dentist appointment. As you already know, the cracked tooth should not be left untreated because it can increase the chances of complications.

Your emergency dentist in Houston will be able to examine the amount of damage and then provide highly recommended emergency dental care in Houston tx to save your tooth. For tiny cracks and chipping, a filling or bonding may be used. Crowns may be used if there are larger cracks. But if the cracks have reached the pulp and beyond, then only root canal treatment or tooth extraction can help.

Vertical Fracture

This type of fracture begins at the root and spread upwards to the biting surface. Little symptoms are experienced. Only when surrounding areas become affected, then these fractures are discovered.

Broken Teeth

A broken tooth is when your tooth breaks away physically. This means that large parts of your tooth break off, exposing the dentin and the pulp. The networks of capillaries and nerves become exposed; this is why you experience pain and sensitivity.

Sometimes, the tooth breaks off, but there’s no pain. This is mostly a sign that the damage has affected your blood supply and nerves. Is it dangerous to leave a broken back tooth untreated? You may ask. Yes, it is extremely damagers because your exposed pulp can get infected, leading to further damage.

You should immediately visit an emergency dental clinic, Houston, to get the right treatment.

Emergency Dental Service Houston Tx For Tooth Damage

The emergency dental service Houston tx used depends upon the extent of the damage. Some of the treatments used by a dentist near me to repair chipped, cracked, or broken tooth is:

Tooth Contouring

For your tiny chips, your dentist may smoothen out and polish the rough surface to blend the chip to give a natural look.

Filling/ Bonding

These are made of different materials, usually composite resin. They are filled in or glued into the chip or crack in your tooth. Later they are shaped and hardened to give a natural tooth-like look and strength.


Custom made to your fit; these porcelain shells are made in the laboratory. They are bonded to the front of the tooth, and they mask the damage.

Dental Crown – Full/ Partial

Dental crowns are also custom made and depending on the damage, full or partial are used. These artificial teeth are glued to the tooth to provide additional strength.

Root Canal Treatment

It is for damage that has affected the pulp, but the tooth can still be saved. In this treatment, your tooth is cleaned and then filled. After this, usually, a dental crown is also recommended to strengthen your weak tooth. 

Tooth Extraction

For damages that are beyond repair, the last hope is tooth extraction. Even though tooth extraction will leave a gap, but the surrounding areas will be safe from infection. You can get an implant, a bridge, or dentures for your missing teeth. 

Book an Appointment at URBN Dental – An Emergency Dental Clinic Houston TX

Once you notice the damage or experience the symptoms, you should seek immediate emergency dental service in Houston. Timely emergency dental care in Houston can help to save your tooth. So never delay and make an emergency dentist near me appointment on time.
So make an emergency dentist appointment at URBN Dental and consult with our experts.


You must have heard about incidences where someone got their tooth chipped, cracked, or broken. Mostly this happens due to accidents, but sometimes inadequate precautionary measures also cause damage. Grinding or clenching, biting down or chewing hard things, using your teeth to open bottles, and even loss of filling can cause damage. So you must always wear mouthguards, especially during sports, and avoid biting down on hard objects. Sometimes you may not experience any symptoms, while at other times you may experience severe pain, tooth sensitivity, and the presence of a sharp edge of the tooth that affects other parts of the mouth. Chipping is common and begins as small chips on the surface that can become bigger, chipping some parts of your teeth. They can cause pain and inflammation if the chip reaches the pulp. Cracked teeth are more serious; they include craze lines, cracked cusps, split tooth, and vertical fractures. If you want to know, “What can I do to repair a cracked in half tooth?” then read here. Broken teeth are the breaking off of large parts of teeth. This exposes your pulp, followed by pain and sensitivity. It is dangerous to leave it untreated so always seek emergency dental care in Houston. Treatment for tooth damage depends upon the extent of the damage. Your dentist will examine your situation and may recommend tooth contouring, fillings, bonding, veneers, crown, root canal treatment, or tooth extraction as a last resort. So to save your teeth, do not delay in getting the right treatment. So book an appointment and visit URBN Dental today!

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