When I should visit the best dentist near me?

Are you wondering “when and how often should I visit the best dentist near me?” Most people assume they only need to go to the dentist’s when they have dental problems, such as cavities, dental decay, toothaches, etc. But that’s not accurate — when it comes to dentistry, preventative dentistry is far more useful than restorative dentistry. Simply put, prevention is better than cure.

According to most experts, you should go for regular dental checkups and teeth cleaning once every six months. Even most dental insurance plans provide up to two free dental checkups and teeth cleanings per year. However, 6 months should be considered a benchmark rather than a specific number — your dentist will often suggest you visit the dentist around my area based on your specific dental conditions.

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Meanwhile, people with perfect oral health may only need to see a dentist once a year or once every two years. You should generally avoid waiting over a year between dental checkups, but please defer to your dentist’s observations and recommendations.

Generally speaking, the higher risk of dental problems, the lower the space between two dental checkups. Going for regular dental checkups can literally save your teeth. Please continue reading to learn more about dental checkups and how to find the right dentist office near me.

How often do Americans visit their dentists?

According to the American Dental Association, dentistry is incredibly popular amongst most Americans. Various surveys have found that dentists consecutively top the list of health practitioners Americans want to see most often.

Approximately 42% of all Americans report that they don’t see their dentists as often as they’d like — higher than primary care doctors, ophthalmologists, and dermatologists. Around 85% of all Americans say they understand the value of oral health, and only 25% of them are satisfied with their current dental health.

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Generally speaking, Americans want to see their dentists about once every 6 months. But as the statistics show, most people can’t turn that expectation and desire into a reality. There are several reasons for this gulf between what Americans want and what they do — they may not have enough time, their dental clinic may not be close enough, or they may be worried about the expenses involved.

Below, we’ll address all the aforementioned problems to discuss how you can increase the frequency of your dental checkups. But before that, let’s talk about the general importance of regular checkups and teeth cleaning, and what you can expect from dental health checkups.

Why are regular check-ups important?

A dental checkup allows a dentist to see if you’re suffering from dental problems requiring immediate attention. Most dental problems are chronic, i.e., they worsen with time. And most dental problems seem mild or benign until they escalate into an emergency. For example, dental decay starts with cavities on your enamel.

You don’t feel any pain or discomfort at this stage because it only affects your enamel. You may be able to see the cavity, but you can’t feel it — furthermore, most cavities occur on the occlusal surfaces or in some of the concealed teeth. As such, most people remain completely unaware of cavities. If the cavity is allowed to spread, it eventually burrows through the dentin, followed by the pulp chamber.

You may start noticing the dental decay once it reaches the pulp chamber, at which point the dentist will need to intervene with a root canal. If you still don’t see a dentist, the infection will spread into the roots and gums, leading to complete dental decay. At that stage, there will be no other option but to remove the rotten tooth.

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Going for regular dental checkups saves your teeth because the dentist identifies the cavity and treats it promptly to avoid a bigger dental emergency. Besides dental decay, a regular dental checkup is also important because it allows the Emergency dentist to look for precancerous lesions to avoid oral cancer, signs of gum disease, and other dental problems.

You can expect the following during your dental health checkups from a good dentist near me:

  • The dentist examines your teeth, mouth, and gums for signs of dental diseases and oral cancer.
  • The dentist asks about your general health and any problems you have with your teeth.
  • The dentist offers advice on lifestyle changes that can improve your oral health, such as quitting smoking.
  • The dentist provides a treatment overview of possible dental treatments.
  • Finally, the dentist discusses how often you need dental checkups.

What are the factors to consider when finding a dentist’s office nearby?

You should consider the following factors when looking for a dentist office nearby:

  • You need a recommended dentist near me. Google “best-rated dentist near me” for a list of dental clinics near your location, filtering the search results based on distance from your home. Focus on dentists who are within an hour away.
  • You should also go through the dental clinic’s ratings and reviews to find the top-rated dentist.
  • Find an Emergency dentist near me that’s open on Saturdays.
  • The ideal dentist should also provide a number you can contact during emergencies.
  • Check your dentist’s local state board for infractions or other disciplinary actions.
  • Look for a generous and affordable yet superior quality dentist who only provides BPA-free fillings.

Schedule a consultation with the best dentist near me.

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