Where can I find a dentist open on Saturday?

When looking for a dental clinic or dentist near your location, you should focus on a Saturday dentist, i.e., a dentist available on Saturdays. Most dental clinics and dentists are only open on weekdays, making them fairly inaccessible to most people. That’s especially true for large families because it’s nearly impossible to coordinate everyone’s schedule to take a day off work or school on a weekday. If you find a dentist open on Saturday, you can all visit the dentist as a family for your regular dental cleanings and checkups. Furthermore, Saturday dentists are more suitable for emergency appointments because dental emergencies can also strike on weekends.

URBN Dental is one of the most accessible dental clinics with dentists open on Saturday — our dental clinic is open from 8AM to 5PM on Saturday, so you can easily schedule appointments when it’s convenient for your schedule. Furthermore, URBN Dental has incredibly accessible dental clinics and offices in Uptown and Midtown Houston, making it accessible to patients from across Houston, TX. 

URBN Dental Uptown: 2400 Mid Ln #350, Houston, TX

URBN Dental Uptown is located at 2400 Mid Ln #350, Houston, TX. This is an extremely accessible dental clinic located between the shopping centers of River Oaks District and Highland Village, a short drive from The Galleria. This dental clinic is ideal for patients from the Galleria, Highland Village, Upper Kirby, Bellaire, and River Oaks in Houston. You can call us at +1 832-743-2989.

URBN Dental Midtown: 3510 Main St Ste E, Houston, TX

URBN Dental Midtown is located at 3510 Main St Ste E, Houston, TX. This dental clinic is conveniently located between Downtown Houston and the Texas Medical Center, right beside the Ensemble Theater or HCC Metro Rail stop. As such, our dental clinic is highly accessible by public transport, and it’s right amidst Houston’s vibrant cultural and artistic neighborhoods. This dental clinic is ideal for patients living in or around Downtown Houston. You can call us at +1 832-743-2989.

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Should bad teeth be saved or replaced?

Generally speaking, the best dentists always try to save bad teeth rather than replacing them. That’s because natural teeth are the best implants, and you should always attempt to save your natural teeth. In most cases, teeth can be saved with fillings, dental crowns, root canals, and other restorative procedures. However, if a dental injury, fracture, crack, or infection is severe, the dentist might not be able to save your tooth.

The following are the most common situations wherein your tooth can’t be saved:

  • Severe Dental Decay: If you have dental decay, you can generally protect your tooth with dental fillings. The dentist will provide fillings to seal the cavities and remove the infected parts. If the cavity spreads into the root canal, the dentist may have to perform root canal therapy to remove the pulp tissues and provide a dental crown to protect your tooth. However, if you ignore the signs of dental decay and don’t seek prompt root canal therapy, the dental infection may reach the roots, and you may need to have the tooth removed.
  • Severe Dental Fractures: A dental fracture might occur due to dental injuries, accidents, falls, or while biting on extremely hard objects. If a dental crack or fracture doesn’t go beyond the enamel, you might be able to protect your tooth with a filling or bonding. However, if the fracture extends underneath the gum line or deep within the tooth, you may need to have the tooth removed.
  • Impacted Wisdom Teeth: The wisdom teeth are the last teeth at the ends of your mouth. Also known as the third molars, they usually erupt in your late teens or 20s. By the time the wisdom teeth come out, you may not have enough space in your mouth to accommodate new teeth. This leads to impacted wisdom teeth — they don’t erupt properly or apply pressure on the surrounding teeth. Wisdom teeth don’t serve any real function, so they can be removed without needing replacement. In most cases, removing the wisdom tooth is wise because it can protect the surrounding teeth.

If gum disease is so common, shouldn’t I just accept it and not worry about it?

Gum disease is common, but it should never be ignored. That’s because advanced gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Gum disease is a condition wherein the accumulation of plaque and tartar leads to bacterial infection, which leads to gum inflammation and a receding gum line. Over time, as more bacteria accumulate in the pockets of space between teeth and gums, your teeth become looser and weaker. Eventually, the tooth may become impossible to save. Periodontal disease also increases the risk of heart conditions, kidney problems, strokes, and diabetes. As such, you must seek treatment for gum disease at the earliest stage possible.

I already have lost teeth. Should I get dentures or implants?

If you have lost teeth, dentures and implants are your primary teeth replacement options. Both come with their unique advantages and drawbacks. Dentures are easy to acquire — you can simply snap them on your gums to replace your teeth. However, dentures often slip out of place, need additional maintenance, and don’t provide the same functionality as natural teeth. Dental implants, meanwhile, imitate the functionality, appearance, and feeling of natural teeth. They replace the roots of your missing teeth, thereby providing a firm base for your dental prosthetics. Dental implants are the ideal replacement for missing teeth.

Am I too old for orthodontic treatment?

No, you are never too old for orthodontic treatments. Your Emergency Dentist will consider numerous factors to determine if you’re a suitable candidate for orthodontic treatments, but age won’t be one of them. As such, you can straighten your teeth at any age.

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