Everything You Need To Know About The Dental Filling Procedure (Updated for 2021)

Bisphenol A (BPA) is an organic compound found in plastic materials. The compound is popularly known to cause some health effects on the prostate gland and brain. It also disrupts the endocrine system.
That is why BPA-free fillings are preferred for fixing damaged, cracked, or decayed tooth. Unlike the amalgam and silver filling, BPA free dental filling procedures are very safe and give a natural look in your mouth.
BPA-free fillings in Houston have several benefits, which include quick hardening, accurate bonding process, resistance to fracture and corrosion, more attractiveness, not being prone to tooth sensitivity, does not release toxic materials into the mouth, etc. Since BPA is toxic, you must ensure that the dental filling procedure you are about to get is BPA-free. This will ensure that no serious dental complications crop up from your dental filling afterward.

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What to Expect After a BPA-Free Fillings?

After undergoing your BPA dental filling procedure, there is a likelihood that your mouth will be numb for some times. However, the numbness should disappear after about one to three hours. More so, you would experience tooth sensitivity but this is not accompanied by any serious pain. The tooth sensitivity is normal and is as a result of nerve irritation caused by the tooth drilling and dental filling. The tooth sensitivity should go after some days but if not, consult your dentist office near me.
Also, your gums may be bruised during the BPA-free fillings procedure. This may be caused by dental tools that rubbed against your gum or the administered anesthesia. The bruise can be fixed by rinsing the mouth with salt water. However, if it is a severe bruise that causes serious discomfort, your dentist near me may prescribe an over-the-counter pain reliever.

Teeth Whitening Before and After

Caring for Your Filled Tooth

Generally, BPA Free dental fillings are very durable and can last for a very long time if proper and adequate care is taken. Here are various ways to care for your teeth after a BPA free dental filling procedure:

Observe Proper Oral Hygiene Practice

Observing proper oral hygiene practice such as brushing and flossing your mouth at least twice daily will go a very long way in keeping your mouth from infections and boosting your oral health. But tooth with BPA free dental fillings should be given special attention. More emphasis must be laid on the dental filled area while brushing. This will help to prevent plaque and bacteria buildup in these areas that may subsequently lead to bacterial infection and dental decay. Taking good care of the surrounding teeth is also important, as this will prevent dental decay that may spread to the dental filled tooth, further cracking, and tooth loosening.
You must also be very careful while flossing so that the flossing doesn’t cause the filling to break. To prevent this, it is advisable that you use extra-thin floss, which must not be forced through between your teeth. 

Avoid hard, Overly Crunchy, and Sticky Foods

You may not necessarily have to change your diet after undergoing a dental filling procedure. But to preserve your filling, there are some certain foods that you should avoid as much as possible. These include sticky, hard, and overly crispy foods. Try as much as possible not to bite hard on ice, candy, or nuts. Also, avoid taffy and caramels but if you need to take them, suck on them only and do not chew. Hard foods will crack your dental fillings while sticky foods may cause your dental fillings to lose out and promote dental decay.

Make Use of a Fluoridated Toothpaste and Mouth Rinse

Your BPA-free dentist near me should recommend a fluoridated toothpaste or mouth rinse to you after your dental filling treatment. it is important that you use fluoride-containing toothpaste or mouth rinse after your filling. It will help to harden your enamel and prevent dental decay. This will keep both the filled tooth and surrounding teeth very strong. You can easily obtain over-the-counter fluoridated toothpaste and mouth rinse from any dental or convenience store. Simply ensure that you follow the given instruction carefully. 

Signs That Your BPA Free Dental Fillings Are Failing

Like stated above, BPA free dental fillings are very durable and should last longer with proper oral hygiene practices. Nevertheless, your dental filling may still crack, get loosen, or fall out completely even if you follow proper dental hygiene practices. This usually occurs when the fillings are failing. The following are signs that your BPA free fillings Houston are failing and may need to be replaced.

Severe Sudden Pain When You Bite Down on Food

Once you begin to experience severe sudden pain in your filled tooth whenever you bite down on foods, chances are that your BPA free fillings Houston are failing. The severe sharp pain may be an indication that your BPA free dental fillings are either compromised or affected by dental decay. When you begin to experience severe sharp pain like this, consult your BPA-free dentist near me immediately. However, you should avoid using the affected tooth to chew until you visit your BPA-free dentists near me.

Hard Little Materials Breaking Off Into Your Mouth

If you notice little pieces of white or silver-colored materials in your mouth after eating, flossing, or brushing, these could be parts of the dental fillings that break off into your mouth. Since it may be very difficult for you to ascertain exactly where the filling broke off, it is advisable that you visit your BPA-free dentists near me once you notice such little materials breaking off into your mouth so that the dental filling can be fixed quickly.

Tooth Sensitivity

There are many reasons for tooth sensitivity, such as periodontal disease, dental abscess, and failing dental fillings. So, if you begin to experience excessive tooth sensitivity to heat or cold after undergoing BPA-free fillings in Houston, visit your BPA-free dentist near me for a proper diagnosis and to ascertain the main cause of your tooth sensitivity.
Do you want to know more about BPA-free dental fillings in Houston? Contact us today, and our professional BPA-free dentists near me will give you the necessary information. 

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