Dental Extraction Near Me

Normally, we are supposed to use our permanent teeth for a lifetime as they are supposed to last us that long. But it’s quite common and even necessary to take out teeth such as wisdom tooth that may cause disturbances. However, it is still necessary to take out an otherwise normal tooth that has been damaged by tooth decay, a crowded mouth or tooth infection. People who use braces as well may have to take a tooth or two out in order to make space for other teeth as they are been moved to the right position. People who also might have to go through some medical processes such as chemotherapy or maybe a kidney transplant may need to have an infected tooth removed before the process begins in order to avoid complications that may otherwise arise.

Dental Extraction in Houston: Cost, Procedure, Risks, and Recovery Time

Some risks are associated with dental extractions, and these include; redness and swelling of the treatment site, cough, pain on surgical site, shortness of breath, nausea and vomiting, strong chills or fevers which is an indication of an infection and bleeding that may continue for up to 12 hours. It is very important to make contact with your dentist when any of these signs are noticed.

Generally, in just a few days, you should be fully recovered from the surgical processes. But care should be taken to avoid certain things such as smoking, use of straw within 24 hours after surgery, spitting too hard, or just continuing with your normal way of life after surgery. Also, placing ice packs on your cheek over the site can help. You should also never forget to take your prescribed drugs, including painkillers.

If you are in Houston and you’re looking for an emergency dentist near me to handle your tooth extraction, then you should know that at URBN Dental we offer you quality dental extraction services that will be comfortable for you. We look forward to being of immense help to you.

Why Do You Need A Emergency Dental Extraction?

Generally, the commonest symptom of tooth extraction is dental pain. But you can’t rush to your dentist for teeth extraction just because your tooth is paining. Schedule an appointment with our dental experts, who will look for certain symptoms before the tooth is pulled out. 

So, we are sharing some actual facts regarding the symptoms of tooth extractions: 

Severe Tooth Fracture:

Chewing hard food or sudden injury can cause severe tooth fractures requiring emergency dental extraction. And if the fracture is beneath the gum line, we don’t wait for more extended and extract it immediately. 

Gum disease:

If your gum disease has reached an advanced stage, it may attack your gums and holding structures of the teeth. As a result, your gum starts receding significantly, and your teeth may lose required support and fall out or require extraction. 

Severe Tooth Decay:

A continuous buildup of plaque & tartar causes severe tooth decay. Our dental experts recommend an emergency tooth extraction as they can not save a tooth with a decayed structure.  

Impacted Wisdom Teeth:

Sometimes wisdom teeth (third molars) emerge at the wrong angle or do not have sufficient space in their jaws to hold them. As a result, the wisdom teeth push the other teeth out of their erect position, causing severe pain. In such cases, book an appointment with our dentists for emergency extractions. 

Crowded Teeth:

Do you have insufficient space in your jaw for the existing teeth? Book an appointment for necessary orthodontic treatment to have a beautiful & healthy smile. If our dentists require to create more space to deliver a straighter smile, they can suggest teeth removal immediately. 

Still any doubts, visit us today. 

What Are The Different Types Of Dental Extractions?

Nobody wants to go through a dental extraction until it is the only option to maintain oral health. Our dentists evaluate patients’ oral conditions precisely to determine whether the extraction is necessary or not. Looking for 24 hour emergency dental extraction near me, visit URBN Dental Clinic.

Generally, there are two types of extractions; Simple and Surgical extractions.

Simple Dental Extraction:

Simple dental extractions involve the extraction of visible teeth in the mouth. Our dentists perform 24-hour emergency dental extraction using a local anesthetic to relieve the pain during extractions.

Surgical Dental Extraction:

Surgical dental extractions near me include the removal of teeth that are difficult to access inside the mouth. It is so because they must have erupted from the wrong angle or been broken under the gum line.

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