Laser teeth whitening Houston is a form of whitening procedure that has the capacity of brightening your smile. It is an effective procedure but may not be perfect for everybody. As a result of this, you should be properly checked by your emergency dentist in order to prevent avoidable complications. Also, the level of your tooth discoloration and the cause will go a long way in determining the highly recommended method that will be used for you.

The Procedure

Laser teeth whitening in Houston is strictly carried out in your dentist’s office. A bleaching gel is administered on each tooth before a laser-generated heat is used to boost the effectiveness of the teeth whitening procedure. And speed up the whole process. A strong whitening gel is used so that a much-desired result can be achieved. Usually, the bleach should contain about 35% hydrogen peroxide for dramatic results. But this level of concentration can only be handled by a competent dental professional. This is because such a high concentration of bleaching solution requires adequate precautionary steps that will ensure that the soft tissues of your mouth are protected and tooth sensitivity is reduced. Your dentist can use cheek retractors, rubber dams, and desensitizing pastes to protect the soft tissues of your mouth like gums and cheeks.

The Alternatives

The major whitening methods include professional whitening system and over-the-counter (OTC) whitening. Professional whitening can be approached through office or home methods or both, depending on the severity of your case and expected results. Professional applications are more successful. Because a high concentration of bleaching agent is used. And the application method is extremely supervised in order to reduce your exposure to complications.
OTC whitening systems can be found in your local supermarket or store. But the percentage of the systems are usually low. And this limits their efficacy in a bid to whiten your teeth. OTC products are available in various forms. Including paint-on gel, strips, toothpastes, chewing gum and so on. It is advisable for you to seek the advice of your dentist before going for OTC products so that your safety will not be jeopardized.

More Facts

It is important for you to note that laser teeth whitening Houston appointment usually lasts for about one hour. And the cost is influenced by the number of sessions required. In most cases, you may need to go through more than one session before achieving the results of your desire. You should also note that the procedure is strictly cosmetic. Hence, it may not be under any insurance coverage.

Pros And Cons of Laser Teeth Whitening

In order to have successful laser teeth whitening in Houston, it is very essential for you to know the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure. So that you will be better prepared. The disadvantages will be treated first before the advantages.

Disadvantages of Laser Whitening


Laser teeth whitening in Houston can be very costly. Even though its demand is on the high side in today’s world. The cost is directly correctly to your specific smile and case. Please ask your emergency dentist near me today to learn more. And one session should be enough for you. However, if your case requires additional sessions, you may need to go through them. Especially if you are targeting a particular shade. This will increase your expenses. But it is better to get highly recommended results than worrying about cost.

Teeth Sensitivity

Teeth sensitivity is possible especially if an incompetent dentist handles your treatment. Sensitivity is usually experienced when you are taking hot or cold food and drinks. And the pain can be very agonizing. As a result of this, it is very important for you to allow a proficient dentist to carry out your whitening in Houston TX. Teeth sensitivity is very uncommon. But if you are experiencing it before your treatment, you may feel it but just for a while. In a matter of days, you will not feel it again.

Gum Irritation

This is usually caused by the reaction of the bleaching gel with the light of the laser. In some cases, the warmth discharged by the light can make your gums mildly swell on occasion. But this will usually subside after some days.

Triggers Allergic Reaction

The combination of laser light and hydrogen peroxide may give rise to an allergic reaction. Which can lead to the redness of your mouth or puffiness of your gums?

Chances of Getting Skin Cancer

If not properly handled by an expert, the ultraviolet light in the laser can get your gums exposed. The providers used highly recommended in safety protocols to be sure all is taken care of and be sure you are safe and sound. It is the goal of your best dentist to give you the highly recommended results you want and deserve.

Advantages of Laser Whitening

Fast and Efficient

The laser whitening procedure is very fast as everything is done within one hour. It is also efficient and may not require several sessions like other whitening methods.

Pain-Free and Long Lasting

Since only the laser light and bleaching gels are used. You won’t feel any pain during the procedure. The result can last for up to a year provided you maintain it properly.

Safe With Little or No Side Effects

In as much as the procedure is carried out in your dentist’s office. It is usually safer compared to OTC whitening. Your exposure to side effects is also reduced drastically. Since the treatment is carried out in a controlled environment.

Highly Effective

Laser whitening has proved effective for eliminating stubborn stains on your teeth. Smokers will particularly notice major improvement after going through the procedure.

Provides No Damage

No damage to your teeth or gums will be recorded during and after the procedure. Because the bleaching agent is professionally applied. And the process is properly supervised.

Time Efficient

Since we live in a very busy world, laser whitening can be what you need if time is not your friend. Within 60 minutes, the process is over and you can get back to work. In most cases, a session is enough to get your desired result.


If you consider the fact you can get your desired result with just a session of treatment. Laser teeth whitening in Houston may be the cost-effective option for you. Other tooth whitening options may be cheaper. But you may need so many sessions before achieving the highly recommended results.

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