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Having crooked, damage, or misaligned tooth is no one dreams. When you have a missing tooth, a discolored tooth or a tooth with a hole you feel embarrassed opening your mouth because you do not want anyone to notice the unpleasant nature of your teeth.

Implant esthetics dental crown restoration

Having crooked, damage, or the misaligned tooth can happen and there are options to correct these situations. When you have a missing tooth, a discolored tooth or a tooth with a hole you feel embarrassed opening your mouth because some may notice the unpleasant nature of teeth. Fortunately, there is several options available to restore your tooth, dental implant and dental implant crown combined can be one of them.

Implant aesthetics is all about having implants that look and feel like your natural teeth. The implants are aesthetic in nature. As long as they are placed perfectly, you will definitely feel like they are your own teeth.

Why do you need to implant dental crown esthetics?

Even though the main reasons we go for dental implants is to help restore and replace a missing tooth, we also want the implant to look and feel like a natural tooth. In fact, no one would like people to know they have teeth replacement. When you smile, you would want people to think all those beautiful teeth are natural, even when there are dental implants placed in your jawbone.

You need implant esthetics to smile, speak, and even chew. Implants are the next big thing to your natural and healthy teeth. Not only is an implant stable, but also strong so that it can feel, look, and function like your tooth once placed. Unlike bridges, dental implants can last for a lifetime as they are built to last. This makes them the most cost effective orthodontic treatment. If the dentist has properly placed the implants and you know how to care and maintain them, the chances of having the implants repaired or replaced are minimal.

With dental implants, they are stable and will not fall or loosen like removable dentures near me. You can play your favorite sport without worrying that your teeth may fall off. The implants also restore your pretty smile. Just like teeth, implants helps to protect your jawbone. An exposed jawbone can be packed with debris and food particles, which can lead to infections and diseases.

Who is more susceptible to needing dental implant esthetics?

Some people claim that if you have a missing tooth, dental implants is the solution to having your tooth back. Accidents and decay are the main reasons your teeth might go missing. Even if you do all your best to protect your natural teeth, accidents may happen and you might find yourself with no teeth. There are cheaper ways to restore your missing teeth, for example, use of crowns, dental filling, and dentures, but if you want the teeth to look and feel real, then what you need is dental implant aesthetics.

Who is more susceptible to needing dental implant esthetics? As long as you have missing teeth you are more susceptible to needing implant esthetics. Everyone would like to replace his or her missing teeth with something that looks natural. This is where dental implants come in. When you don’t brush your teeth and floss them regularly, you are likely to have cavities due to acids attack. Also if you are a contact sport player, you need to wear mouth guard, otherwise you teeth might get knocked out in the process, making you more susceptible to needing implant esthetics..

How do you treat a patient using dental implant esthetics?

There is different types, heights, and sizes of implants. Your dentist will help you in selecting a highly recommended dental implant for you. In fact, determining the right type of implant is the first step to implant esthetics. The main types of implants are endosteal and subperiosteal. Endosteal are the most common ones and they are fixed in the jawbone, while subperiosteal are fixed beneath the gum, but above or on the jawbone. Subperiosteal are usually used to treat a patient with the unhealthy jawbone and aren’t willing or cannot restore it through bone augmentation treatment.

But how do ensure implant esthetics? How do you ensure the implant looks natural? To start with, you should build an unhealthy jawbone so that it can provide the strength needed to support the implant. There are a number of techniques that can be used to restore your natural jawline and rebuild the jawbone such as bone augmentation, sinus lift, and ridge expansion.

Bone augmentation is all about regenerating your jawbone. This process involves bone grafting, whereby the dentist places bone graft material on the remaining healthy jawbone, and a new bone will grow to replace the bone graft material. Sometimes your jaw might not be wide enough to provide the necessary support for dental implant procedure. In such a case, your dentist will carry out a procedure known as ridge expansion, whereby he will place bone graft material to the small ridge. The other procedure is sinus lift. Here the dentist adds bone below the sinus. This process is usually done when a missing upper back tooth causes the jawbone to deteriorate.

Another technique for implant aesthetics is 3D imaging and treatment planning. Nothing has made dental implant procedure so simple, faster and accurate like this software.  With it, the procedure is highly predictable. Your dentist can use this software for diagnosis, analysis, planning, and assessing the treatment progress and outcome. This helps simplify the process, shorten recovery time as well as save time and money.

With the above techniques, it will be easy to achieve implants aesthetics. Other techniques include immediate load dental implants, mini dental implants and all-on-4. These are alternative options for perfectly placing the dental implants. If you have a natural and healthy jawbone, immediate load dental implants technique will work for you. The process involves placing temporary teeth during the dental implant placement day. The mini dental implants technique is mainly used to stabilize the lower denture. The all-on-4 technique comes in handy when the dentist is placing bottom or top set of replacement teeth. This helps to avoid the need of bone grafting, as four dental implants can be placed in the jawbone available. Set up an appointment or consult today to see what is highly recommended dental option for you!

What are the symptoms of someone who needs dental implant esthetics?

Watch out for the following symptoms:

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