Different Options available to Replace Missing Teeth

When a person fails to wash his teeth well, they may go away. The tooth loss happens with the baby teeth and as a person grows up, the tooth will become loose and it will end up falling off. Afterward, it gets replaced by the adult tooth.

Different Options Available to Replace Missing Teeth

When a person fails to take care of their oral hygiene, they may not last. The tooth loss happens with the baby teeth and as a person grows up, the tooth will become loose and it will end up falling out. Afterwards, it gets replaced by the adult tooth. When the teeth of an adult person get lost, then this will not be favorable. The cause of tooth loss can be periodontal disease and tooth decay.

Before, it was something normal for someone to lose his teeth while growing old. However, when there are some teeth that are missing, then there is no possibility of chewing on the food and to be healthy. There are now different methods used to deal with missing tooth or there are methods that can be used in order to care for the tooth to ensure that the teeth are kept for a long period.

There are different reasons why people lose teeth

Poor hygiene: if you do not floss or brush on daily basis, then gum disease or cavities may take place and this will lead to tooth loss even in the future. The dentist does recommend brushing the teeth twice everyday and to floss once each day. It is advisable to go to a dentist after six months for cleaning and checkups.

Poor nutrition: if the food contains too many acids, carbohydrates and sugar, it may damage the gums and teeth.

Poor habits: tooth grinding makes the teeth shorter after sometime.  People who suffer strong grind, they will fracture the teeth. Chewing tobacco and smoking may aggravate also the tooth loss.

Contact sports: young adults, teenagers and kids who like to play contact sports, like martial arts, basketball, hockey and football, they have to avoid trauma by wearing mouth guards.

Fear: people who are afraid of the dentist, they may not consult one and their condition may worsen.

Who can Lose a Tooth?

Everyone can lose his tooth, especially with sports or accidents, regardless of the age of that person since the reason of losing the tooth is different and it can occur to everyone.

In case a person loses his tooth, he will be having many options if he wants to replace it. The following are some of these options.

Removable Partial Denture

Sometimes it is embarrassing to have a missing tooth, especially in the front. The removable partial denture is worn during the day and will replace more than one missing tooth. Sometimes, the partial denture requires metal clasps that can attach it to the mouth.   However, such metal clasps can be visible if someone is smiling or speaking. The other disadvantage is that it can move when the person is eating or speaking, and it will not be comfortable. Taking them out during the night is recommended, and they can be soaked in the cleaning solution. With the removable partial denture, there will be no need to file down the teeth, and it is the option that is most economical over others. The full denture will replace an entire set of missing teeth.

Temporary Denture

This is a short term solution to the missing teeth. It is called dental flipper since it flips in or out easily. This can be used if the tooth will need an implant or a bridge in the future but the site should heal first. The denture works as a removable partial denture; however it is not that bulky, it is less sturdy and it is not that expensive.  There is no need of altering the surrounding teeth when this denture is being installed.

Dental Bridge

The Dental bridge can be used if there are some teeth at each side of a missing tooth.  The bridge works as the fixed solution and it is cemented on the jaw which means that it cannot come out. The method requires cutting down of the tooth near the missing tooth so that they may be connected to one another. It is recommended to floss within the threaders found under a bridge so that there may be clean. The problem with the Dental bridge is that there is a need of cutting down teeth which can be otherwise healthy. The bridges at the lower jaw may not last too long because the jaw may flex so the unbendable bridge may spring at any side of the teeth. It may also allow bacteria or decay to enter into the place. If the teeth near the gap require a crown or a filling, then the method can be used in killing two birds using just one stone. The bridge may replace one or even more missing teeth and it can even replace more when there is support.

Dental implant

The dental implant is highly recommended way of replacing the missing tooth. It is the solution which makes the tooth to act or to feel natural while smiling, brushing or chewing. An implant may replace the tooth with its root and it heals within the bone for some months. There is an abutment which is then put on the crown and it is cemented in it. The benefit of this method is that the method does not have to change the nearby tooth. The implant is highly recommended way of replacing the missing teeth. If someone talks or smiles, none can know the difference of natural tooth and implants.

The person with a missing tooth may decide of not replacing it. If the tooth is lost, the bone will melt away and nearby teeth will come to this area to fill out the gap. This makes it hard to clean the tooth and it may lead to tooth decay or bone loss on the existing teeth.

When there is a missing tooth, it will not be easy when it comes to stress out the jaw bone. This will lead to the loss of bone density in this area. According to the type of tooth that had been lost, a person can lose the ability of using one side of a mouth while chewing.

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