A Comprehensive Guide About A Full Gold Crown

There are times when a dentist can treat a tooth before there is too much damage done to it. There are also times when that is not possible and a dentist must add something to the tooth to make it look the way you want it.

A comprehensive guide about a full gold crown

There are times when a dentist can treat a tooth before there is too much damage done to it. There are also times when that is not possible and a dentist must add something to the tooth to make it look the way you want it. A filling would be the first choice, of course, but sometimes even that is not enough and another item has to be found. The item that is mainly used is called a dental crown and it is made of a few materials, including porcelain or gold.   There is the option to have other metals included with the gold and this is going to help to keep the cost down.

What is a full gold crown?

Gold crowns have not been in use for as long as some types, but they are becoming more popular and you will see a fair amount of gold in peoples mouths now. There is a choice of gold crown and the difference is in the make up of the gold. One has a lot of porcelain in it and the gold is fused to it. This type is known as PFM. The other type is just gold and can be gold alloy. The American Dental Association has a say in the make up of the gold and they have specified three different forms of alloy that it is permissible to use. The first is a high noble alloy which is a precious metal.

This one must be made from at least 60% of the high noble alloy. The items that are in this one will be palladium, gold or platinum. There must be at least 40% gold and the rest can be made up from the other metals. The next type is a noble alloy, and this is a semi-precious metal. And in this case, there must be 25% of the precious metal. With the third one there is less than 25% of the precious metal and this is known as a non-noble alloy. Usually there will be gold used, but it could also be chromium or nickel.

Why is having a gold dental crown an option?

When eating teeth rub together and often when it is enamel on enamel, they get damaged. Gold is not going to do this and will be ideal for people who grind their teeth. They will last a long time and not need to be repaired or replace often.  If there is an allergy to certain metals, it is important that there is a high gold content as this will not lead to any reactions.

Why a full gold dental crown?

There are a few benefits to full gold crowns and when your dentist recommends one there will be a good reason for it. One of the most important ones will be their durability. When chewing it is important that the tooth can withstand the pressure put on it. If your teeth show that you chew more emphatically than other people, your dentist will suggest one. Once in place they will not break or become damaged in any way and will not need to be changed regularly, ensuring that there do not have to be a lot of visits made to the dentist just about the one tooth. The time they may have to be changed is when there is further damage inflicted on the tooth underneath. Just because they are strong, that does not mean that you can return to the bad eating habits that will cause more damage to the tooth.

A tooth that is repaired with a gold dental crown does not have to have as much of the original size taken away. Infection if it is there will still have to be removed, but this will not take long. The gold crown will be easier on the surrounding area. There are reports of a lot less bleeding and there is very really any damage to the nerves reported. The full gold crown will feel a lot better in the mouth as it is smooth. It is not going to damage the tongue or any other soft tissue in the mouth.  When being manufactured, it is easier to fit the full gold crown over the remainder of the tooth. They are less likely to become smaller in the same way that a porcelain one can. For some people it is simply the fact that they can last a long time.

Where is a gold dental crown an option for my tooth?

The location of gold teeth can be a choice, as they can be placed anywhere in the mouth. It will normally be teeth towards the back of the mouth as it is here that a lot of chewing and biting takes place. Pre-molars and molars are ideal candidates although some people choose to have front teeth made of gold. The gold dental crown is useful in cases where the dentist chooses to need a more conservative treatment and sometimes a patient chooses for the look. Generally, the gold alloy is a phenomenal metal that is gentle in the mouth and adapts to all forces well.

Even when there is white gold used, it will be possible to see that there is something attached to the teeth. It is your choice as to whether or not you choose to have fillings or replacement crowns that are gold but it you want your smile to be a perfect white then this is not highly recommended option. If you want a good look that is combined with strength and originality, then gold are the crowns that you should look to.

Signs to see to know you need gold dental crowns and how they are fitted?

This dental crown is needed when you want to preserve your natural teeth by capping them. As well, a crown is recommended to those who have had a root canal therapy done or those who have a large dental filling. It will not be possible to have a full gold crown fitted in a single visit to the dentist, though, as there is background work that has to be carried out. An dental impression will have to be made and this will be turned into the crown. Beforehand a temporary crown will be fitted, although this will not be gold as it is not going to be permanent. Finally, the crown will be attached and once in place should last for a long time, with many people reporting that 20 years is normal and there are cases when they have lasted for 40 years.

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