Dental emergencies are troublesome, as they happen suddenly and leave serious consequences, making you wonder “what just happened?”  You may experience severe pain, or go through an accident which may compromise your oral health. You may panic upon experiencing bleeding, and swelling in the mouth region.

Even though they are not as threatening as medical emergencies, they are still very serious and require immediate emergency dental care. Emergency dentists in the emergency dental office, are the ones that can provide urgent dental according to your dental emergency.

There are a number of dental emergency situations that can arise. In this article, we will look at situations that necessitate emergency tooth extraction, along with what tooth extraction is and how it is performed. So read on to learn all about urgent care tooth extraction and also how to find an emergency dentist.

What Is Urgent Care Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is a dental procedure in which a tooth is removed from the gum socket. It can be done by a general dentist, an oral surgeon, or a periodontist. The procedures take place at a dental office.

One or more teeth are removed according to the requirement of the patient. Before the procedure starts, you might be requested to take an antibiotic. The emergency dentist then numbs the area around the tooth using local anesthesia.
The emergency dentist then loosens the tooth in the gum by using an elevator which is a tooth removal instrument. He or she then places forceps around the tooth and pulls the tooth out from the gum.

If the condition of your teeth and mouth require a more complex tooth extraction, then you might be given sedation to make you fall asleep and feel relaxed, along with an anesthetic so that you do not feel the pain. The surgeon will then remove the teeth using the above-mentioned methods.

In case of an impacted tooth, the surgeon might cut a flap of gum tissue and remove some tissue surrounding the bone. He will use forceps to remove the tooth. If it is difficult to remove, the emergency dentist might break it into pieces.
Once the emergency dentist has removed the tooth, he will clean the gum area and socket and smoothen the bone that is left. The gum might require a few stitches in order to be closed. You will be asked to bite on a damp piece of gauze to stop the bleeding.

Who Needs An Urgent Care Tooth Extraction

So who should undergo the procedure of emergency tooth extraction? Individuals with the following situations need an urgent care tooth extraction.

Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Most people are able to keep their wisdom teeth, but some do not have enough space to accommodate them. When this occurs, wisdom teeth get stuck underneath the gums or start pushing on the other surrounding teeth. If you experience tooth pain, it is recommended that you rush to your emergency dentist. Depending on the condition of your teeth, the emergency dentist may recommend wisdom teeth removal.

Cracked Tooth

You use your teeth to chew food so that it is easier to swallow and digest. So during this process, your teeth take a lot of impacts. However, sometimes your teeth do not fit when you chew on food, and this can put extra force on your teeth leading to cracked teeth. So if this crack is under the gum line, then you will require emergency tooth extraction.

Extremely Decayed Tooth

A tooth can decay due to unhealthy oral hygiene practices and not visiting your dentist regularly. So a tooth that has just started to decay can be saved without having to extract it. However, if your tooth has decayed beyond repair, you will require immediate emergency tooth extraction.

Periodontal Disease

Without good oral hygiene and routine dental cleanings, your teeth and gums are prone to infections and diseases. Diseases like gum disease can be scary if it progresses into advanced stages.  This disease affects the gums which hold the teeth in place. So receding gums can cause teeth to become loose and fall, or require tooth extraction.

Crowded Teeth

If your jaw does not have enough space for fitting all the teeth, then it can lead to crowded teeth. So you will require tooth extraction to avoid this situation. In this way, you will get straight and aligned teeth.

Emergency Dentist Appointment Prices

If you need urgent dental care for your dental emergency, then book a dentist appointment at an emergency dental clinic. The cost of an emergency dentist appointment varies according to your emergency condition. So contact the nearest dentist to know more about the prices that they are offering.

How To Find The Nearest Emergency Dental Office Near Me

The first thing to do when you are experiencing an emergency is to contact the nearest emergency dentist. If it is within working hours, you can visit the dental office and receive emergency dental service. Emergency dentists will look into your situation as soon as possible.

After Hours Appointments Of Emergency Dentists

When you experience a dental emergency during the weekend or after the working hours of the dental office, you will need to call the dentist or schedule an appointment. Usually, it is difficult to find after hour emergency dentists. However, URBN Dental emergency dental office offers their emergency dental services even after hours.

Faqs About Emergency Dental Office

How To Find Emergency Dental Treatment Center?

You can find an emergency dental treatment center by contacting your dentists and seeking their help. They will surely recommend you good emergency dental clinics. URBN Dental is one such emergency dental office, which offers immediate emergency dental care to whoever needs it. They will facilitate you even if you just come up to their dental office.

How To See A Dentist In An Emergency?”

A dental emergency can occur at any time, leading to compromised oral health. These serious conditions need to be addressed as soon as possible. So if you experience a dental emergency call your dentist, schedule an appointment online, or visit the emergency dental office.

Schedule Dentist Appointment At Urbn Dental Emergency Dental Office

So now most of your questions would have been answered regarding emergency tooth extraction and how to find an emergency dentist. But if you still have any query, then you can contact our URBN Dental Office.

Our professionals will handle your dental emergency with skill, providing you with a safe and efficient tooth extraction. We will ensure that your oral health does not deteriorate further and you get to keep your teeth. To schedule a dentist appointment now.


Experiencing severe pain? Or experienced a sudden traumatic accident that compromised your oral health causing damage to teeth or their surrounding tissues? Then seek immediate Emergency Dental Office. Contact an emergency dentist. Because this is considered a dental emergency. There are many kinds of dental emergencies and various urgent dental care options for treating them. One such treatment option is emergency tooth extraction. Urgent care tooth extraction is a dental procedure that involved the removal of the tooth from the gum socket. There are many reasons why one must get a tooth extraction, and these include impacted wisdom teeth in which there Is no space in the mouth to accommodate the newly emerging wisdom teeth.

If your tooth is cracked from underneath the gum line, you might have to rush to an emergency dentist. Our teeth may decay over time if we indulge in unhealthy practices, but that can be treated without the need of pulling it out. However, if the tooth has decayed beyond repair, then it requires emergency tooth extraction. If you are a victim of gum disease or crowded teeth, then you will also require tooth extraction.

The cost of an emergency dentist appointment depends upon your emergency condition. A dental emergency can arise anytime. If it occurs, one must contact the nearest dentist. If the dental emergency occurs within working hours, then you can visit the dental office. However, if it occurs during off-hours, then you will need to call the dentist or schedule an appointment. Usually, it is difficult to find after hour emergency dentists. However, URBN Dental emergency dental office offers their emergency dental services even after hours.

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