The most frequent question we get is, “where can I get dental implants near me?”. Dental implants can help you with the health of your gums and teeth. Dental implants can replace your missing teeth, restore optimal dental health, and help you eat comfortably. When looking for “dental implants near me,” you need to find a dental implants dentist capable of offering the latest and most effective teeth implants, such as full mouth dental implants, mini dental implants, single tooth implants, and same day implants.

URBN Dental is a state-of-the-art dental center led by a highly-skilled dental implant dentist. We offer affordable dental implants based on your unique needs and goals, ensuring safe results. If you want affordable dental implants near me, we encourage you to schedule your free dental implant consultation in Houston. We have dental implant dentists in Uptown Houston, Midtown Houston, and Montrose, making the dental implant procedure accessible to everyone in and around Houston.

During the free dental implant consultation, our implant dentist will curate a personalized dental implant process and offer a quote for the dental implant cost. Please continue reading to learn more about the best dental implants in Houston.

How Much Does A Dental Implant Cost?

A dental implant is a metal post surgically placed in your jawbone under your gums. It acts as a replacement for the root of a tooth. Once the implant is in place, a small connector, called an abutment, is placed on top of the implant. The abutment is then used to support a dental crown. Dental implants are considered to be a safe and effective way to replace missing teeth. They are also a popular choice because they look and feel like natural teeth.

The cost of a dental implant can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the type of implant, the number of implants, the location of the implants, and the complexity of the procedure. The average cost of a single dental implant varies on numerous factors, so it’s hard to summarize. If you are missing multiple teeth, the cost of dental implants can add up.

What Are The Benefits Of Teeth Implants?

Dental implants are a popular and effective tooth replacement option. They are strong, durable and look just like natural teeth. Implants are also easy to care for – you brush and floss them just like your normal teeth. There are many benefits of dental implants, which is why they are such a popular choice for patients seeking to replace one or more missing teeth. Here are just a few of the advantages:

1. Implants Look And Feel Like Natural Teeth

Because dental implants are securely anchored in your jawbone, they look and feel just like your natural teeth. No one will be able to tell that you have implants, and you can smile, eat and speak with confidence.

2. Dental Implants Are Strong And Durable

Dental implants are made to last. With proper care, they can last a lifetime. Unlike other tooth replacement options, such as dentures, you don’t have to worry about your implants slipping or moving around in your mouth.

3. Dental Implants Are Easy To Care For

Brushing and flossing your teeth is essential for good oral health, and it’s just as easy to care for dental implants as it is for your natural teeth. There is no special cleaning required – just brush and floss as you normally would.

4. Dental Implants Preserve Your Jawbone

When you lose a tooth, the bone that supported that tooth begins to deteriorate. Over time, this can cause your face to change shape and can make you look older. Dental implants help to preserve your jawbone and prevent these changes.

5. Dental Implants Can Improve Your Oral Health

Because dental implants are securely anchored in your jawbone, they can actually help to improve your oral health. They can make it easier to brush and floss your teeth and can help to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

If you are considering dental implants to replace one or more missing teeth, talk to your dental implants dentist to see if they are right for you.

Full-Mouth Vs. Single Implants

Full-mouth implants are typically recommended for patients who are missing all of their teeth in either the upper or lower arch. This treatment option can give you a brand-new smile, and it can also provide a significant improvement in the function of your teeth. One of the main benefits of full-mouth implants is that they can help to preserve your facial structure by preventing the bone loss that often occurs when you lose your teeth.

Single implants, on the other hand, are typically recommended for patients who are only missing one tooth. While this option won’t give you a brand-new smile, it can still provide a significant improvement in the function and appearance of your teeth. One of the main benefits of single implants is that they can help to prevent your other teeth from shifting out of place. The ideal solution will depend on your unique goals and requirements.

How Painful Is Getting A Dental Implant?

Most people report that getting dental implants is not a painful experience. The procedure is usually done under local anesthesia, which numbs the area around the implant. You may feel some pressure during the procedure, but this is usually not painful.

After the procedure, you may have some soreness in your jaw and gums. This is usually mild and can be alleviated with over-the-counter pain medication. Some people also experience temporary numbness in the lips, tongue, or chin. This is due to the local anesthesia and should go away within a few hours.

Where Is The Best Place To Have Teeth Implants?

URBN Dental is one of the best dental clinics for dental implants in Houston. We have state-of-the-art offices led by a highly-skilled and talented dental implant dentist in Uptown Houston, Midtown Houston, and Montrose. Please schedule a free dental implant consultation with our implant dentist to explore your best dental implants today.

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