How Dental Bonding Alters the Look of Your Teeth?

Dental Bonding Houston is a type of cosmetic dentistry in Houston that can be used to fix stained teeth, chipped or broken teeth, and other minor dental issues. Dental bonding is cost-effective and a quick way to restore the natural look of your smile. Do you have a broken or chipped tooth and you are considering a dental bonding? Here are nine things you need to know about dental bonding near me

What Exactly Is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding Houston is a cosmetic process whereby a composite material with similar color as the natural tooth is bonded to a broken or chipped tooth to fix it. The composite material hardens to the tooth and can be chiseled into the right shape and polished. The bonding of the composite material to the tooth gives the procedure its name. Dental bonding is a minor cosmetic dentistry procedure for fixing chipped or broken tooth, closing teeth gap filling Houston, TX, and putting the teeth in proper shape. teeth bonding near me can also be used to fix small dental cavities because of its appealing nature

What Does Dental Bonding Houston Involve?

Dental bonding Houston involves the application of a mild phosphoric acid to the enamel of the affected tooth. This will make it possible for the affected tooth to be carved and hardened easily so that the composite material can adequately bond. The dental bonding procedure does not cause pain in any way. Once the composite material has been applied to the surface of the teeth, the dentist would then shape and chip the composite material to make it look natural before hardening it with a special light. Once the material is hardened, your dentist would polish it to make it glossy

Advantages of Houston Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a very cost-effective dental treatment procedure. In fact, it is the cheapest cosmetic dentistry procedure. Also, the dental bonding procedure doesn’t take so long to be completed – dental bonding for a single tooth takes only about 60 minutes. Patients only need to make a single visit to their emergency dentist. More so, dental bonding procedure does not require administering anesthesia unless if the dental bonding is carried out to fill a rotten tooth. Finally, dental bonding is a less invasive procedure. It requires the removal of a minimal amount of enamel

Disadvantages of Houston Dental Bonding

A major disadvantage of dental bonding is that the bonding material can get stained over time compared to dental crown and porcelain veneers. So patients with dental bonding are advised to stay away from tea, coffee, or cigarette smoking for about 48 hours after the dental bonding procedure. More so, dental bonding may get porous over time and this would make the bonding looks yellowish when it is exposed to cigarette smoke. Also, dental bonding is not as strong and durable as dental veneers and dental crowns and can be easily chiseled out. However, dental bonding can last for more than seven years if it is properly cared for

When is Dental Bonding Houston a Good Choice?

Dental bonding Houston is a good choice if you have a cracked or broken tooth, unnecessary gaps in-between your teeth, or silver fillings that show up when you smile. Cosmetic bonding Houston can also be used to reshape your teeth or to fill small dental cavities. Dental bonding is not advisable for big cavities because it may not be long-lasting and may receive too much pressure when chewing

Maintenance of Cosmetic Bonding Houston

Since dental bonding is exposed to staining and chiseling than other types of cosmetic dentistry, you must maintain it properly. You should also reduce your consumption of red wine, tea, and coffee. If you smoke, you can consider quitting since smoking can also aggravate your risk of having oral cancer as well as gum disease. You should avoid biting your nails or chewing hard objects like pencils, ice as well as raw carrots. If you discover any sharp edge or you are having a strange tooth feeling when you bite, you should contact your dentist near me. At times, there may need to retouch the bonding or repair it

Cost of Dental Bonding Procedure

The cost of dental bonding varies depending on the location of the dental office, the particular dental problem to be treated, the severity of the crack, breakage, or gap, and the number of teeth to be treated. Nevertheless, the average dental bonding cost is between $250 and $550 per tooth.

Is My Dental Bonding Covered By Insurance Plan?

Dental bonding is a type of cosmetic dentistry and most insurance plans do not cover cosmetic dentistry procedures. However, the cost of a dental bonding procedure may be covered by an insurance plan if it is done to fill out small dental cavities or for structural purposes. Notwithstanding you should contact your insurance company to find out if your dental bonding is covered by the insurance plan. In case your insurance plan would not cover the dental bonding cost, your dentist may advise you on how you can find a highly recommended financing package for your dental bonding

Dental Bonding Consultation

Only your dentist can ascertain whether dental bonding is the right solution for you. So it is important for you to consult with your dentist before you conclude on undergoing the procedure. Your dentist will carry out a proper examination of your gums and teeth to ascertain if dental bonding is good for your dental condition. Otherwise, your dentist’s office near me would recommend an alternative dental solution that suits your condition

Teeth Bonding Before And After

Teeth bonding before and after the process is an affordable and convenient way to fix damage or decay in your teeth. Before you start the process, though, it’s important to learn about the tooth bonding procedure so you know what to expect throughout your treatment. This will help you get the most out of your new smile! Do you have any questions as regards dental bonding? Talk to our dentist about dental tooth bonding before and after the process.


Dental bonding Houston can enhance your smile and boost your self-esteem. Though dental bonding may not be an appropriate dental treatment for every situation, it is a cheap and fast dental solution to boost your smile. But before you can get the cosmetic treatment, it is essential to know what to expect from cosmetic dental bonding teeth before and after the procedure. 
Dental bonding Houston requires artistic skills in order to achieve highly recommended results. Hence, you should consult an experienced dentist for your dental bonding procedure. Find out all the details about tooth bonding before and after right here!

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