Find Out Everything About Cosmetic Fillings

There several types of dental fillings for restoring damaged teeth, but often people restore and improve their teeth using composite resin. The reason most people go for composite is because it is unnoticeable.

Find out everything about cosmetic fillings

There several types of dental fillings for restoring damaged teeth, but often people restore and improve their teeth using composite resin. The reason most people go for composite is because it is unnoticeable. Minor tooth cracks, breaks or chip doesn’t require crowns or veneers, but just a simple white composite material to fill the space. The dental filling is a common procedure for fixing minor dental fractures. One can use dental fillings to restore a cracked, fractured or decayed tooth.

What are cosmetic fillings? Unlike traditional dental fillings, cosmetic fillings are colored. They are natural-looking, thus it is hard to notice them. Here at URBN Dental, we choose BPA-free safe white dental fillings. The last thing you want when repairing damaged teeth is to ruin the appearance of your smile. Most people don’t like dental fillings, especially traditional amalgam because their dental appearance might be ruined. However, cosmetic fillings here at URBN Dental Midtown and Uptown are quite different. In fact, they are known as one of highly recommended procedures for enhancing a smile.

Cosmetic fillings also known as tooth-colored fillings are used to restore the structure of the tooth. Traditionally, amalgam fillings were used to retain the structure of a damaged tooth, but nowadays dentist and patients prefer cosmetic fillings because not only will they restore the tooth structure and functions, but also because they come in the same shade as natural teeth. Also, amalgam tends to corrode and leak over time. Cosmetic dental fillings at 77002 and 77027 are made of composite plastic resin, and they are more expensive than traditional amalgam fillings.

Why do you need cosmetic fillings?

Even though traditional amalgam fillings have been around for decades, people can’t seem to like them. Amalgam fillings get the work done and are quite inexpensive, but the drawbacks they come with can’t be ignored. The main drawback is that they are much darker in color, thus they will stand in the way of your pretty smile. However, cosmetic fillings won’t stand in the way of your pretty smile, instead they will enhance it. This is the main reason people go for cosmetic fillings because they feel and look natural. There are several things that can make you a good candidate for cosmetic fillings, for instance, if your tooth has minor fracture or a small cavity, cosmetic filling can be a great solution.

There are several reasons you need cosmetic fillings? Do you have gapped teeth? Is your tooth cracked, broken or a chipped tooth?  Do you have worn out tooth or small tooth cavity? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you will need cosmetic fillings to rectify such a problem.

Who is more susceptible to needing cosmetic fillings?

Your teeth may look durable, strong and tough, but you should know they crack or fracture due to any kind of stress or trauma such as, a blow to the face, a fall or an impact. Tooth fracture can be a serious or minor problem. While some cracks can be noticed right away, others are very tiny and unnoticeable. Some symptoms like discomfort, sharp pain and sensitivity may signify the presences of cracks on your tooth hard tissues.

It may seem hard to prevent your teeth from cracking. However, there are some preventive measures you can follow to ensure you are less susceptible to cracks and other fractures; you should avoid chewing hard objects like unpopped popcorn, ice, pens among others. If you like, playing contact games or you have a habit of grinding your teeth, make sure to wear a mouth guard when playing or sleeping. If you don’t take such steps you may end up with cracked teeth, making you more susceptible to needing cosmetic fillings.

Another common teeth problem is cavity or tooth decay.  Plaque attacks are the main cause of tooth cavity. If you don’t maintain good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing your teeth regularly, you may end up with decayed teeth. People who don’t care about their oral hygiene are more susceptible to needing cosmetic fillings. You should avoid sugary teeth, dark drinks, tobacco, alcohol, and snacks, if you don’t want to visit your dentist near me to get a tooth cavity treated. Which is highly recommended way to treat minor cavity other than cosmetic fillings?

How do you treat a patient using cosmetic fillings?

The first step to placing cosmetic fillings is preparing the tooth. In case of decay, the dentist will have to remove it. Sometimes the decay may be extensive such that it has touched the other parts of the tooth like dentin and cementum, and to remove such a decay the dentist will have to numb the tooth. With cosmetic fillings, less drilling is required. The dentist will then clean the tooth, apply a primer to open the enamel and dentin pores, and the last part of preparation is applying a bonding agent to support the cosmetic filling material.

The second procedure is placing the fillings. The dentist at URBN Dental Midtown and Uptown will place the filling material and shape the tooth to look like a natural tooth. The dentist will use a strong curing light to harden the white composite resins. The dentist will have to check your bite to ensure it is perfect. In case of imperfections, he will make the necessary adjustment.

Finally, the dentist 77002 and 77027 will smooth and polish the already fixed cosmetic filling to make them look and feel like natural teeth. You deserve a pretty smile. Something cosmetic fillings are here to fulfill. In the process of treating decay and fractures, the fillings will also enhance your smile. You do not have to tolerate the unattractive amalgam fillings anymore.

What are the symptoms of someone who needs cosmetic fillings?

Cosmetic dental fillings at URBN Dental are great for fixing small cavities, and they tend to bond to the existing teeth. However, not everyone is a good candidate for cosmetic fillings. For instance, extensive cavities need dental crowns not fillings. What makes you a good candidate for cosmetic fillings? What are some of the symptoms you should look for? The symptoms of someone who needs cosmetic fillings include:

  • Minor tooth fractures (chipped, cracked or broken teeth)
  • Gapped teeth
  • Minor tooth decay
  • Worn out teeth
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