BPA-FREE Dental Fillings Houston

At URBN Dental, we’re proud to be the only dental office in the area placing BPA-free fillings. We’ve done our research and know that using BPA in our fillings can be detrimental to our patients’ health. Since our number one priority is the health – both dental and overall – of our patients, we’ve made the decision to never use BPA in our dental fillings.

BPA Free Fillings

Are you looking for a safe clinic near you that offers BPA-free fillings in Houston? We at URBN Dental care deeply about our clients and try our best to provide them with the safety that they need and deserve from any toxins.

For this reason, we can proudly say that we are the only dental office near you in Houston that provides patients with BPA-free fillings Houston. Before procuring any substance that goes in contact with our patients, we thoroughly research to avoid BPA toxins often used in fillings that are harmful to our patients’ health.

As a leading dental clinic near you, our number one priority is your health, dental, and overall, which is why we’ve decided on shifting to BPA-free fillings.

So if you’re looking for BPA-free fillings in Houston, you know of one great dental clinic that provides you with highly recommended service, the highest quality, and toxic-free safe BPA-free fillings.

Why Are Fillings Needed?

A proper oral hygiene routine involves regular brushing and flossing, as well as regular visits to the dentist. However, failing to visit the dentist regularly like most patients, whether from fear or commute inconvenience, is harmful.

Without a regular dental visit, food particles stick in your teeth and above and below the gum line. As this progresses, not even brushing or flossing successfully removes all of the food particles or plaque left behind. The resulting hardened plaque is known as tartar.

Both plaque and tartar attract bacteria which may lead to tooth decay. Accumulation of plaque and tartar erodes and rots the teeth’s structure. Moreover, the bacteria in your mouth produce an acid which erodes the teeth. Left unchecked, it begins to affect the roots of the teeth for an eventual tooth extraction.

Come in for a regular dental checkup at URBN Dental. Our dentists will thoroughly examine your mouth and teeth for any such signs of tooth decay or gum infection or any periodontal disease. If the dentists see signs of any tooth decay, then they will work to remove it and then to place a filling instead so that the tooth does not decay any further.

Many dental clinics fail to use safe fillings, using BPA filled ones that are harmful to patients instead. This is why we choose BPA free fillings as a BPA free fillings Houston clinic. Our fillings are not only safe and free of any toxins, but they are tooth-colored to look more aesthetic as they seamlessly blend in with your natural teeth.

Why Are BPA Fillings Harmful?

BPA stands for bisphenol A and is a non-biodegradable plastic that has been linked to many controversies regarding its lack of safety. It’s commonly understood that all kinds of plastic are bad, but concerns are growing about the harmful effects that BPA exposure can have.

Exposure to BPA, which is a known endocrine disruptor, can cause many physical and neurological problems, especially during developmental ages. BPA fillings are harmful in adults but particularly dangerous for children with the potential to affect their cognitive development. The plastic substance is also theoretically considered to be a carcinogen. Not only do BPA fillings affect development, but they can also harm reproductive systems and normal thyroid functioning.


Ultimately, there’s insufficient conclusive evidence and research on this matter. Nevertheless, the general consensus holds that BPA fillings are harmful. Which is why our dentists feel that it is better to be safe than sorry, and therefore use only BPA free fillings for a safe and trustworthy treatment and experience.

If you’re concerned about having harmful toxins put in your teeth, join us at URBN Dental instead for BPA-free fillings in Houston.

Do BPA Free Fillings Hurt?

Most patients are scared of the pain from any procedure, which is why they rarely visit the dentist. But at URBN Dental, there’s no need for this concern.

Getting BPA free fillings Houston does not hurt because our dentists are trained to use anesthesia or numbing gel where appropriate to counter pain and discomfort. In the off chance that you feel even the tiniest discomfort, inform your dentist so that he or she can address it immediately.

After getting your BPA free fillings done at URBN Dental, you won’t be afraid of dentists or painful dental procedures anymore. You’ll leave us with a beautiful smile and a memorable experience.

How Much Do BPA Free Fillings Cost?

At URBN Dental, we link with Delta Dental PPO insurances to provide you with more affordable financing options. Amongst the different procedures that are covered by the PPO insurance, BPA free fillings Houston that are specially procured by VOCO, is one of them.

A BPA free filling costs around $135 to $240 on average per tooth. The cost varies greatly for different patients depending on the number of teeth that need BPA free fillings.

Because we are Delta Dental PPO dentists, however, subscribed patients enjoy lower costs, while still receiving the highest quality of service and comfort. So whenever you need BPA-free fillings Houston at an affordable rate, we’re the ones to visit!

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