How can I get affordable dental care for seniors?

Oral health plays a major role in your overall health at every stage in your life. Poor oral health doesn’t just impact your teeth; it can also increase the risk of heart attacks, strokes, respiratory problems, diabetes, and much more. As such, you must always ensure optimal dental health and seek regular dental care from the closest dentist near me. Unfortunately, a major concern for older adults is how they can access affordable dental care for seniors, especially if they’re retired or don’t have dental insurance from their employers. If you need to find a dentist for affordable dental care for seniors, you’ve come to the right place.

#1. Ask your dental clinics for senior discounts and cash pay

You can find a private dentist near me offering discounts and incentives for senior citizens. Lots of dentists and dental clinics offer complimentary senior discounts for those without dental insurance. However, most dental clinics don’t actively advertise their discounts, so you may have to ask the receptionist or front desk staff about it. Some dental clinics also offer a small discount for those willing to pay for the entire treatment upfront in cash. Please ask about these options to save up on your dental costs.

#2. Look for affordable dental clinics with in-house memberships

Lots of dental clinics provide affordable in-house membership plans that allow you to save considerably in dental costs throughout the year. You can ask your dental clinic about their in-house membership. In most cases, an in-house membership plan can give you access to two complimentary dental cleanings and dental checkups per year, plus a 5% to 10% discount on some dental treatments and products. As such, this allows you to seek regular affordable dental care for seniors.

#3. Purchase a dental insurance plan for yourself

If you’re looking for affordable dental care for seniors, it’s possible you don’t have independent insurance coverage. Perhaps you had insurance coverage under your employer, but not anymore in your retirement. However, if you’re concerned about needing regular dental treatments, it might be worth exploring your insurance options. You can look for different tiers of dental insurance — insurances with more coverage come with expensive premiums, whereas those with limited premiums may only cover basic checkups. Please explore your options to find the ideal dental insurance policy for yourself.

#4. Find a PPO dentist near me that accepts your insurance

If you have an insurance policy, you should ideally find a PPO dentist near me that accepts your insurance plan. PPO dentists are obligated to provide all dental treatments at a pre-approved rate, so they’re not allowed to charge exorbitant rates. Furthermore, with PPO dentists, you can be sure of the overall cost of your treatment, with insurance coverage, in advance. That’s because PPO dentists in Houston bill you at a reduced rate after accounting for your insurance. As such, there’s no hassle of filing for insurance after you’ve already paid.

#5. Always go for regular dental cleanings and checkups

The best way to minimize the cost of your dental care is to avoid needing expensive dental treatments. And that’s completely possible. If you maintain optimal oral health and go for regular dental cleanings, you can avoid needing expensive treatments. Optimal oral health includes brushing twice a day, flossing every day, and rinsing your mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash. You should also go for dental cleanings every 3, 6, or 12 months, depending on your needs, to remove all the accumulated plaque and tartar. Furthermore, in most cases, dental cleanings are covered by insurance and in-house membership plans.

#6. Don’t delay your dental treatments

Most dental problems are chronic, i.e., they worsen with time if left untreated. If you don’t get your cavity taken care of, it will eventually dig deeper into your tooth until you need a root canal or a tooth extraction. If you don’t seek regular dental cleaning, you may eventually develop gingivitis or periodontitis, necessitating surgery. The longer you delay your dental treatments, the more expensive your next set of treatments becomes. As such, you should always address your dental problems when they’re identified.

How do I get affordable, straight teeth?

Braces are one of the best means of achieving affordable, straight teeth. Traditional braces consist of wires and brackets that apply pressure on your teeth to move them in the desired direction. You have to visit the dentist near me open today regularly — they tighten the wires to apply more pressure, ensuring your teeth continue moving. If you want a more discreet means of straightening your teeth, you can also consider Invisalign aligners, i.e., transparent thermoplastic aligners that are barely visible on your teeth.

What can I do to help protect my teeth?

  • Brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste
  • Floss your teeth at least once a day
  • Rinse your mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash at least once a day
  • Wear a nightguard while sleeping if you have bruxism
  • Wear a mouthguard while playing sports to prevent dental injuries
  • Don’t bite or chew hard objects, like pen nibs or ice cubes
  • Don’t use your teeth to open bottle caps
  • Go for regular dental cleanings at least twice a year

Will I see a different dentist every time I visit?

URBN Dental’s offices in Uptown and Midtown Houston are led by a team of extremely talented dentists. However, if you’re concerned about seeing a different dentist every time, you can call ahead to ensure you always consult the same dental specialist near me.

Where can I find an affordable dentist near me?

URBN Dental is one of the most reliable dental clinics for an affordable dentist near me in Houston. We have PPO dentists near me open now who specialize in the latest and safest dental treatments. If you’re looking for affordable dental care, please contact our dentists in Midtown Houston or Uptown Houston, TX.

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