At some point in your life, your dentist may recommend getting cosmetic fillings in in Houston. Find out why you may need cosmetic teeth filing and also the processes involved in receiving tooth filling.


What Are Cosmetic Teeth Filing? 

Cosmetic teeth filing is a type of cosmetic dentistry in which a dental material like composite resin or amalgam is used to restore or fill a tooth that has been broken, cracked, or damaged. A tooth filling is different from a dental crown in that it is only used on the small part of the tooth and does not cover the entire tooth. 

When You Should Get A Cosmetic Teeth Filing? 

Once your dentist detects that there is a cavity or tooth decay in any of your teeth, he or she would recommend that you get a cosmetic fillings teeth Houston. The tooth filling prevents further tooth damages or the spread of the tooth decay.  It also fixes any damages that the tooth decay has already done to the tooth. When you notice the following signs, you may need a cosmetic dental filling: 

A toothache; a broken or lost filling; a rough, chipped or broken tooth; a hole that you can feel or see in your teeth; dark spots on your teeth; dental cavities; tooth wear. 

You also need a cosmetic filling if craze-lines appear on your teeth enamel. Craze lines are vertical cracks caused by excessive stress on the tooth, such as long-term chewing, biting fingernails, teeth grinding, teeth clenching, and TMJ. 

If you need tooth filling as a result of teeth grinding or clenching, you may need a mouth guard at night to prevent further damage to the teeth. 

Procedure for Cosmetic Teeth Filling

 In the case of tooth decay, the first step involves treating and removing dental decay. This process normally brings discomfort so it is usually performed under local anesthesia in order to eliminate the discomfort. The dental decay is removed from the tooth by the dentist using a drill.

 Once the dental decay has been removed and the tooth cleaned, your emergency dentist will begin to apply the tooth filling, which can either be composite fillings, ceramic tooth filling, or Silver amalgam. Composite resin fillings are applied in layers as they harden. After hardening, the dentist would give the tooth filling a good polish to make it look similar to the rest of the tooth. However, Silver amalgam tooth filling, which is the most common type of filling, does not need to be applied in layers, it is only packed into the tooth area that needs to be filled. More so, Silver amalgam tooth filling doesn’t need to be polished as it is mostly used for the back teeth like the molars or wisdom teeth. 

Most patients that require cosmetic teeth filling opt-in for composite tooth filling. This is because composite resin tooth filling has a similar color as the natural tooth and can also be shaded to match the natural teeth, which makes it more natural, realistic, and ideal for your natural smile. It is commonly used in front teeth 

However, silver amalgam tooth filling is more durable and less expensive than composite tooth fillings.

Sometimes, glass ionomer materials may be used together with the composite tooth filling depending on the patient’s specific needs. 

The ceramic filling also looks like a natural tooth and can also be used in several dental restorations like veneers, dental crowns, etc. 

Once the filling has been added to the spot, the dentist would use a special blue light to harden the tooth filling in place. 

How Long Would Cosmetic Teeth Filing Last?

Cosmetic teeth filling is very durable and can last for more than 10 years under normal circumstances. Although tooth filling may need to be replaced after ten years, the replacement may not involve the entire teeth set but on a tooth by tooth basis. 

Benefits of Cosmetic Teeth Filing 

Cosmetic teeth filling will be appreciated when a comparison is made before and after teeth filling. The benefits of cosmetic teeth filing include the following: 

It restores the pleasing appearance of the teeth: Once the cosmetic teeth filing is done, it will completely restore the natural and pleasing appearance of the teeth. More so, it is unnoticeable when you smile or speak. 

It requires minimal preparation: Generally, tooth filling is only cosmetic dentistry with the quickest procedure. Though it requires drilling to remove the dental decay, it usually requires the removal of a less healthy tooth structures. 

It prevents decay: Aside from the fact that the dental decal has been drilled out, the glass ionomer added to the composite filling releases a little amount of fluoride for additional protection. This is beneficial for patients with a high risk of dental decay. 

It maintains tooth health: Aside from preventing dental decay, cosmetic dental filling also helps to prevent further fracture by blocking small and medium-sized dental cavities. Thus, it preserves the healthy tooth structure. The dental materials used for tooth filling can hold the tooth structure together tightly to prevent further fracture. 

It builds up tooth structure: The composite tooth filling material also functions as bonding, which fills in worn-out areas, chips, or minor gaps, in the teeth. This gives the teeth a better appearance and function. 

Maintenance of Cosmetic Teeth Filling 

One of the appealing features of cosmetic teeth filling is that it can be easily maintained. Maintaining the cosmetic teeth filling does not require any special cleaning solutions or instruments. You can maintain it like your natural tooth by following your normal oral hygiene practices like flossing and brushing with your toothpaste, toothbrush, and mouth rinse. 

In case you notice any crack or chip in your cosmetic teeth filling, kindly visit your dentist near me for dental assistance as soon as possible. Your dentist would either repair the dental filling or replace it totally as the case may be to prevent further tooth pain or tooth decay. 

If you have a cracked, chipped or damaged tooth or you are experiencing any symptoms of dental decay and you feel that cosmetic dental filling is ideal for you, kindly contact URBN Dental.

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