Oral health can become compromised due to poor oral hygiene routine and not visiting the dental clinics regularly. Various dental problems can arise, which require immediate emergency dental care. Emergency dental clinics are equipped with the necessary facilities for providing emergency dental services on time. So never delay a dental situation, as it can become serious in no time. A dental abscess is one such situation that arises with dental pain and worsens over time if left untreated. This makes timely care necessary. To learn more about this situation, continue reading below.

What Is An Abscessed Tooth?

An abscessed tooth also is known as a dental Abscess, is a pocket of pus that is the result of a dental infection caused by a bacteria. It can occur in different areas of your tooth. Abscessed tooth causes moderate to severe dental pain. This dental pain starts from your teeth and can radiate towards your ear and neck. That is why dental abscess can cause discomfort along with nagging dental pain. If not given emergency dental care on time, an abscessed tooth can become a serious and life-threatening situation.

Continue reading to find out about the various types of abscessed teeth and how they are treated by emergency dentists.

What are the Symptoms of an Abscess Tooth Abscessed Tooth Treated At Emergency Dentist Near Me?

The types of an abscessed tooth are classified according to their location. The three most common kinds of dental abscesses treated by an emergency dentist near me are:

  1. Gingival Abscess – as the name suggests, this Abscess occurs in the gums.
  2. Periodontal Abscess – this Abscess is located on the gums near the tooth’s root. There is a risk that it can spread to the surrounding bone structure and tissues.
  3. Periapical Abscess – this is located at the tip of the root of the tooth.

Symptoms of Abscessed Tooth – Find Me a Dentist

The most common and major symptom that accompanies an abscessed tooth is the sudden throbbing dental pain. This dental pain typically worsens over time. Other symptoms that can occur include:

  • Swollen gums
  • Red gums
  • Facial swelling
  • Dental pain – when chewing, biting, or laying down, and that which radiates to the neck and ear
  • Fever
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Bad breath
  • Unpleasant taste

It’s Causes- Emergency Dentist near Me Open Today

The main cause is that bacteria enters your gums and teeth, and thus infects the tooth. But, the way it happens usually depends on the kind of dental Abscess.
For gingival Abscess, the culprit is a foreign body that gets inserted into your gums. In periodontal Abscess, an injury or a gum disease causes the bacteria to enter the gums, and in a periapical abscess, bacteria enter the tooth pulp through a cavity and thus infects the tooth.

How Is It Treated By Emergency Dentist Near Me?

The emergency dental services provided by an emergency dental clinic near me depends on the type of dental Abscess. The main focus of emergency dental care is to relieve your dental pain and clear the infection from your oral cavity. Your emergency dentist will check your abscessed tooth and the surrounding areas. An emergency dentist may even take x-ray exams of the area. The treatment options may include:

Cleaning Up the Abscess

First, your emergency dentist will make a small incision in your dental Abscess to drain the pus. After which they will use a saline solution to clean the area.

Root Canal Treatment

In this procedure, your emergency dentist will drill the abscessed tooth to drain the pus and to take out the infected pulp. Then they will fill the area to seal the empty area. A dental crown may also be used to cover the affected tooth for further strength and support.

Tooth Extraction

If your tooth is beyond repair and it cannot be saved, then your emergency dentist will perform an emergency tooth extraction to remove your tooth before draining out the pus. That is why it is crucial that you get emergency dental care on time.


When the infection has spread and is not limited to the abscessed tooth, then your dentist will prescribe antibiotics that will assist in clearing the infection out of your body.

Foreign Object Removal

If your Abscess is a gingival abscess, caused by a foreign object stuck on your gums, then your dentist will remove this object first. And then perform the rest of the procedure.

Follow Up With the Dentist Close To Me

Your dental Abscess will clear up in a few days after the emergency dental care. Even though this will occur on its own, it is important that you follow up with the emergency dental care near me. Your emergency dentist can ensure after a checkup that the infection is clearing and that it will not spread. To minimize the risk of developing a dental abscess, follow a good oral hygiene routine, and visit your dentist at the dental clinics for regular checkups.


How to find an emergency dental treatment center?

Dental emergencies require timely emergency dental care. So it is important to find an emergency dental treatment center as soon as you can. To find an emergency center, contact your dentist for help. You can even search online regarding the nearest emergency dental treatment center so that you can receive immediate care.

How to find a highly recommended dentist?

You can find a highly recommended dentist by consulting your dentist for advice. You should also ask your family, friends, and colleagues for help. Also, search up online to locate highly-recommended dentists near you. You could also visit the URBN Dental clinic, which is known for having a team of highly recommended dentists in town.

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Are you feeling sudden severe dental pain? Is the pain radiating towards your ears and neck? Are your gums swollen and red? Then you likely have an abscessed tooth, which requires immediate emergency dental care. An abscessed tooth is a pocket of pus that is caused by a bacterial infection. The three main types of abscesses include gingival Abscess that is caused by a foreign body that gets stuck on the gums, periodontal Abscess that is caused by gum disease or an injury and is located near the tooth’s root, and the third type is the periapical Abscess located at the tip of the root caused when bacteria enter the pulp through a cavity. These serious situations should not be overlooked. Looking for an “emergency dentist near me”? Then look no further. URBN Dental is the best emergency dental clinic that provides walk-in emergency dental services. Highly experienced emergency dentists take care of your problem.

You can visit the dental clinic or schedule a dentist appointment online. Either way, we will be happy to assist you. There are various ways in which emergency dentists treat your Dental Abscess. The type of emergency dental care mostly depends on your condition. A small incision can be made to drain your Abscess, or a root canal treatment can be performed. You can be given antibiotics if the infection has spread. If there are foreign objects, then your dentist will remove this first. In case your tooth is beyond repair, your dentist will extract it and then treat the Abscess. So always seek emergency dental care on time!

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