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There are many dental best in office teeth whitening that can be used to boost your smile in today’s world. The advancement in technology has made the procedures to be more effective thereby leading to whiter and healthier teeth. You can consider any of the procedures below if you really want to enhance your smile (Houston dental surgery).

Best In-Office Professional Teeth Whitening

Your teeth go through serious work every day and they can be discolored or stained through activities such as smoking, taking foods and beverages like tea and coffee, using specific medications, and so on. You can get your best in-office professional teeth whitening  will use certain chemicals to bleach your teeth so that they can appear brighter. The bleaching can be carried out in the office of your dentist. And he may give you a system that will be used at home.

In-office professional teeth whitening is more effective and faster than home whitening, which may take about 4 weeks or more before you start seeing the results. Within 1 to 2 hours, you will start seeing the results of in-office bleaching. It is very important for you to note that you can get your teeth discolored afresh if you continue to expose them to substances that initially got them stained. Since the production of the whitening product is not meant for regular professional teeth whitening. Consequently, you should stick to your daily oral hygiene so that many dental issues will be prevented (Houston dental surgery).


If there are too many spaces between your teeth or they are broken, cracked, stained, or chipped, bonding can be used to enhance their look. in addition, bonding materials can be used for filling little cavities or for the protection of exposed tooth roots. The procedure is a simple one that can be carried out in one visit. Bonding can last for many years but can wear down, chip, or become discolored just like every other restoration (Houston dental surgery).


Veneers are custom shells, usually produced with porcelain, and they are used to mask the front part of the teeth so that their shape and color will be changed. They are more durable than bonding and produce a better appearance. They can be used to enhance spaced, worn, chipped, permanently stain, slightly crooked, or poorly shaped teeth.

Before the insertion of the veneers, your emergency dentist will take your tooth’s impression. Your tooth will then be polished before the veneer is fixed with the aid of dental cement. The cement is hardened with a beam of light and this will ensure that the veneer is properly secured to place. The treatment may require two visits because the porcelain veneers will be produced in the laboratory in accordance with the impression of your tooth (Houston dental surgery).


Crowns can also be called caps and they are majorly used to mask a tooth. So that a normal appearance and shape can be restored. A crown may be needed if you have a discolored, chipped, weak, broken, or worn tooth. It can also mask a tooth with a large filling or dental implant. If you have gone for a root canal process. A crown can also be used to mask your tooth.

Crowns can be produced from resin, porcelain fused to metal, metal, or ceramic materials. They can be costly and that is why many dentists recommend them after other procedures have not been able to produce the desired result. You can get a temporary crown on the same day you visit the dentist’s office near me. However, in order to get a permanent crown, you will need more than one visit. Because permanent crowns are usually produced in the dental laboratory after the impression of your teeth is taken. Permanent crowns are very durable if maintained properly.

Enamel Shaping and Contouring

This is a dental procedure involving the removal or contouring of your enamel. So that the appearance of your teeth can be improved. It may be combined with bonding. So that highly recommended result will be realized. It is majorly used for the purpose of altering the position, shape, or length of your teeth. The procedure can be used to fix overlapping, crooked, chipped, or irregular teeth. You can be an ideal candidate for this procedure if you have robust health with enough bone in-between your teeth to provide support for them.


Braces are helping people of all ages in today’s world to boost their look. They are used to fix crooked or crowded teeth. And can also be used to correct jaw positioning, irregular bite as well as disorders of the jaw joint. You can wear braces to put pressure on your teeth. So that they can be repositioned. This can be done for many months if the case is severe. And this will ensure that ideal straightness is achieved.

There are slight risks associated with braces. If you are allergic to latex or metal or you have periodontal disease, you may be exposed to complications during treatment. You may be advised to consider alternatives like invisible braces and aligners. The unfortunate thing about aligners is that they can come off when you are eating, flossing, or brushing.


Bridges are also referred to as fixed partial dentures. They are majorly used to take the place of missing teeth. Bridges are produced with porcelain, alloys, gold, or a combination. They are anchored to the nearby teeth after they are prepared for the crowns.

A false tooth is then joined to the crown. While the bridge is fixed to the teeth that have been prepared already. Bridges can only be removed by dentists. And their success is largely dependent on the foundation given to them. You should also take note that oral hygiene is very vital for you when you are wearing a bridge.

Bottom Line

Boosting your smile will go a long way in enhancing your self-confidence. As a result of this, you should book an appointment with a reliable dentist near me so that a perfect treatment plan will be produced for you. (Houston dental surgery).

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