9 Things You Need To Know Before Teeth Whitening or Teeth Polishing Houston

Teeth whitening has become more popular in today’s world, either in the dental office or through home whitening. A lot of people are willing to go through the procedure in order to boost their smiles. If you want to have a successful whitening treatment or teeth polishing in Houston, there are 9 things you need to know and they are discussed below.

#1. It’s a simple procedure

Teeth whitening which involves teeth polishing Houston is a simple process that involves the bleaching of your teeth in order to make them shinier. You will get several shades of color lighting which will brighten your smile. The suitability of your teeth for the process will be ascertained by your emergency dentist. If they are healthy enough, their impression will be taken so that customized whitening trays can be produced for you. Your teeth’s shade will also be taken before the treatment so that there will be a basis for comparison after the procedure.

#2. Teeth whitening will ONLY whiten real teeth

Your real teeth will only have the opportunity of being whitened and not your dentures, veneers, fillings, or crowns. If you are wearing these artificial teeth before your whitening, you may need to change them so that they can match the new color of your teeth. Usually, those in the front will require changing because they are the only conspicuous ones. They will be easily seen when you smile but those in the corner of your mouth may not need changing (teeth polishing Houston).

#3. You may be left with sensitivity

Not minding the whitening method you use, there is every possibility for your teeth and gums to experience sensitivity. This is very common with those who have suffered from sensitivity before. If you find yourself in this type of situation, your local dentist will prescribe the right toothpaste for your condition. Sensitivity does not usually continue after the treatment but if it persists, you should not hesitate to see your dentist.

#4. Teeth whitening isn’t permanent

No, it isn’t and it is important for you to know that. The result is not permanent but can last for up to three years depending on the way you handle your oral care. If you take red wine, coffee, tea or smoke, your whitening result may not be as lasting as expected. You should endeavor to keep your mouth guards properly because you may need it in the future to top up your treatment (teeth polishing Houston).

#5. It has to be done by a dentist

Whitening can only be carried out by competent dental professionals like dentists, dental assistants, or hygienists. Dentists are majorly responsible for all dental care but they can refer treatments, like whitening, to dental therapists and hygienists. Since whitening gels are very risky as regards handling, you should consult a competent Houston dentist so that you will be able to achieve a brighter smile. If you buy a cleaning kit online, it may not be safe because you may not handle it properly.

#6. Whitening can take effect as quickly as within an hour

You can get instant whitening change at your dentist’s office within one hour. In addition, you will be given kits that you will take home which will assist you in managing the results. You will also have access to other in-office procedures like teeth polishing and scaling which will further enhance the whitening result.

#7. DIY home teeth whitening kits aren’t always as effective

Home whitening kits may not be ideal for your teeth because most of them are not regulated. The concentration of hydrogen peroxide (a bleaching agent) in many of them may be too high which can be very dangerous to your teeth and gums. You need a close-fitting whitening tray in order to achieve the highly recommended whitening result and you can only get this from a dentist. If the highly concentrated whitening gel gets in contact with your gums, it may cause great damage. If you are going to use home whitening kits, you should ensure that they are recommended by your dentist near me.

#8. It’s important to ask some questions before going ahead with the treatment

You need enough information before going for a whitening treatment. Hence, you should not hesitate to ask all the relevant questions that will assist you in making highly recommended decision. You need to know the number of sessions required before your expected result can be achieved. In addition, you should make an inquiry about the cost so that you will be able to prepare adequately. You should also find out if you will need to replace your exposed crowns or fillings after the treatment. You can also ask questions about sensitivity so that you will know what to do when such a situation arises.

#9. If you’re unhappy with the results, speak up

A competent dentist will ensure that the shade of your teeth is lightened with the aid of the right whitening gel. The concentration of the gel is very important since it will determine the level of success that will be achieved. Side effects are not common if you engage the right dentist for the procedure. If you are not happy with the outcome of your treatment, you should speak with your dentist so that your complaint can be addressed. If your complaint is not properly addressed, you can get in touch with the dental board in your state.

On A Final Note

Teeth whitening involving teeth polishing Houston TX will give you that brighter smile you have always desired. You must ensure that you adhere to your dentist’s instructions. So that your results will be long-lasting. You can stay away from foods that can stain your teeth. Such as red wine, black coffee, black tea, tobacco products and so on. You should try as much as possible to take organic foods. And your dental hygiene, like brushing and flossing, should not be compromised at all times. Your dentist is always there to help you achieve the brightest smile your desire.

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