What Parents Need to Know: Child Emergency Dentist Near Me

Kids may need emergency dental care after an injury. Even when you are careful, kids can have accidents. They are simply more active and curious. Little kids might get hurt on the playground, while older kids often have sports injuries. Kids ride bikes, run around with siblings, and play rough. Parents need to know how to recognize a child emergency dentist.

Kids and Injuries: Child Emergency Dentist Near Me

Injuries happen a lot as kids learn to play and do new things. Some kids are naturally more active than others. Most parents of young children spend their days trying to keep them safe as they run, ride bikes, and roller skate. URBN Dental can handle many types of child emergency.  Injuries that involve the face can also cause problems with teeth. If your child’s tooth breaks or falls out, call an child emergency dentist near me immediately.

How to see a dentist in an emergency?

Call your pediatric or family dentist to find out what to do. If your dentist does not offer emergency care, call an child emergency dentist. Your dentist may ask you to come to the office immediately. Even after hours, some dentists meet patients for emergencies. if your dentist does not have an emergency protocol for after-hours, look online for an emergency dentist.

Caring for Kids with a Family Dentist Near Me

It can be helpful to have a dentist that has experience working with kids. These dentists are usually more patient with scared or uncooperative kids.  Be sure to look for a pediatric dentist or family dentist. A dental spa in River Oaks can offer some great amenities. It also helps to have a dentist open on Saturday. Kids play sports and meet up with friends on the weekend, making injuries more likely. 

Avoid Urgent Care: A Dentist Open Near Me

You may be able to visit your regular dentist for an emergency if they are still open. It can cost less to go to your regular dentist. Emergency dental care near me may be available at an office with extended hours. You can also call the dentist and explain the situation. Sometimes a nurse can help you determine if you need emergency dental treatment or not.

I Need an Emergency Dentist Now to Save My Child’s Tooth

It is common for children to lose teeth when they have an injury to the face. It is important to know what to do if your child’s tooth falls out. If a baby tooth falls out, the dentist probably won’t try to save it. It is important, however, to have the damage evaluated. There may be more damage to the mouth than you can see. The professionals at URBN Dental can give you a thorough exam.

If your child knocks out a permanent tooth, you need to recover the tooth and take it with you to the emergency dental clinic. Talk to a dentist near me to find out how to handle the situation. Place the tooth back in the socket if your child can tolerate it. You must hold it in place until you get emergency dental care near me. If your child is very young or too upset, this can be a choking hazard, however. Place the tooth in a glass of mill or saline solution as an alternative. Seek emergency dental care near me, immediately.

Is a broken tooth a dental emergency?

You should see a dentist immediately for a broken tooth. If pieces of the tooth are missing, you may have sharp edges, or the piece may fall off and become a choking hazard. A broken tooth also leaves you susceptible to infection.

Need to Find a Dentist for a Frightened Child

It takes time for a child to feel comfortable at the dentist. It is best to start regular dental treatment when they are babies or toddlers. If your child is fearful of the dentist, look for one that is very experienced with children. Look online for a dentist near me that accepts pediatric patients. You can also visit the office before the day of the dentist appointment to ease your child’s fears. Let them look around the waiting room and meet some of the office staff. There are a few things to look for when choosing a dentist for a child.

  •         Engaging in activities in the waiting room
  •         Television with movies playing in the waiting room and in the treatment area
  •         Allows kids to hold a favorite toy
  •         Allows kids to listen to music with earbuds
  •          The dentist takes time during appointments and explains procedures to kids

Child Having Pain After Dental Procedure: Emergency Dentist Open Today

Even regular dental procedures can be difficult for kids to handle. Talk to your dentist about what to expect when you take your child home after a cleaning, filling, or tooth extraction. Tooth pain usually resolves after the dentist fixes the problem. If your child is having pain after returning home, you may need emergency dental care. There are a few complications that can happen after a dental procedure.

  •         Dry socket
  •         Infection
  •         Excessive bleeding

When a Dentist Can’t Save a Tooth: Urgent Care Tooth Extraction

Sometimes the dentist cannot save a tooth. You can lose teeth from severe decay or shattered from an injury. Go to the nearest dentist to find out what the dentist can do. An emergency tooth extraction may be necessary to remove broken pieces or to prevent infection.

Diagnosing Tooth Pain in a Child: Schedule a Dentist Appointment

Tooth pain is a common complaint, however, there are many causes for this. Sometimes kids are sensitive to teeth that are loose or new teeth coming in. Cavities are the most common cause for tooth pain. Infections can also cause pain, however. You may need to address severe tooth pain immediately at an emergency dentist. Schedule an appointment immediately if your child is complaining. Many dentists can get you in the same day to make sure everything is okay.

Accidents Happen: Dentist Open on Saturday in Houston

Kids love to play. They run, jump, and ride bikes. Injuries are also a common part of involvement in sports. A dentist who opens on Saturday near me can help with weekend emergencies. When you are looking for a new dentist, be sure to check for extended hours.

What are some common dental problems?

Decay and gum disease are common dental problems. Your dentist usually deals with these during your routine exams.

What are some serious dental problems?

Injuries to the face can cause serious dental problems. Broken teeth, missing teeth, and infections can be serious. Severe decay and gum disease can also cause big problems.


Where can I find reliable dentists for my dental treatment?

It is important to check the credentials of any dentist you choose. Check online or call your insurance company to get a dentist near you.

How do I keep my child calm during a dental emergency?

Parents should try to stay calm during an emergency. This gives kids confidence that everything is going to be okay. You can also get help fast when you know who to call or where to go. Talk with your dentist to find out what to do if you have an emergency. 

I have a dental emergency. What should I do?

Call your dentist first, especially if your emergency happens during business hours. After-hours, you may be directed to meet at the office or go to a different dentist.

How to find an emergency dental treatment center?

You can check online for emergency dental centers in your area. Many dentists offer emergency services. Your regular dentist may be able to help, as well.

Where do I get emergency dental care services?

Your dentist probably has a plan for emergencies. You can usually go to your dentist’s office immediately during office hours. Most dentists make time to deal with emergencies when they are open. After-hours, you may need to call a special phone number or go to a different clinic. 

An emergency dentist can give you peace of mind when your child gets injured. It is best to check with your regular dentist to find out what to do in an emergency. This way you are prepared if something happens suddenly. Keep the emergency phone number in your phone or post in your home. Call URBN Dental today to get treatment for your child.


Take time to look for an emergency dentist near me. It is difficult to look for an emergency dentist when your child sustains an injury. You may be nervous, and your child may be hurting. If you already know where to go, the situation is much easier to handle. Kids love to run and play. They are very active and sometimes a bit clumsy. You may also have kids that play sports. Even with the proper athletic equipment, an injury can happen. Your child may lose a tooth from an injury to the face. You must get to the dentist quickly to save the tooth.

Talk to your dentist about what to do if your child loses a tooth. Most of the time you do not save baby teeth. You need to bring permanent teeth to the emergency dental clinic with you. Your child may also experience tooth pain after a dental procedure. Call the dentist to see if an emergency follow-up appointment is necessary. Your child may also be frightened when you go to the dentist. Dental treatment can be much easier if you have a pediatric or family dentist. Emergency dental care is manageable when you are prepared. Parents should know where to go for common health emergencies and dental emergencies.

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