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Maintaining good oral hygiene is the first step to having a life free of dental issues. Go for a regular dental check-up, brush and floss regularly, take a healthy diet and avoid improper use of teeth, and good oral health will be a guarantee.

Dental Rubber Tip Stimulator

Maintaining good oral hygiene is the first step to having a life with the reduction of dental issues. Go for regular dental check up, brush and floss regularly, take a healthy diet and avoid improper use of teeth, and a good oral health will be a guarantee. One of the leading cause of tooth loss is periodontal disease (gum disease & Periodontitis), which is caused by poor oral hygiene. Periodontal disease or better known as gum disease is the infection of all the tissues that firmly holds the teeth in the jawbone. If you allow plaque to build-up on the teeth or gum, then you are at risk of having a gum infection.

You don’t have to lose your teeth over something you can fix. Regular self-cleaning and professional cleaning twice a year and help in reducing the percentage of plaque and bacteria in the mouth. In addition, you have to take care of your teeth to achieve that pretty smile. Among the several dental health routines is use of a dental rubber tip stimulator.

What is dental rubber tip stimulator? This is a special tool for removing plaque and bacteria around the gum line. In addition, the rubber tip stimulator can be used to stimulate blood flow. You should use this device to gently trace along the inner and outer gum line once per day.  Use tap water to rinse any plague on the tip. In case the tip looks worn out, replace it. The stimulator should always be store in a cool, dry place. This rubber stimulator will improve your gum healthy, prevent gum disease, and make the gums firm.

Why do you need a dental rubber tip stimulator?

Most people think it is normal for the gums to bleed when brushing or flossing. Not it isn’t normal. Bleeding or swollen gums are early signs of gum infection. If you don’t seek dentist attention as soon as possible, this might cause complications in the future. Your teeth will lack support, if the infection affects your jawbone. Eventually, it can cause teeth to loosen due to bone loss.

There so many causes of periodontal disease, but according to research, the main cause of this disease is the bacteria found in the dental plaque. Periodontal diseases affect structures around the teeth, and can be severe if not treated on time. However, in the early stage, only the gum is affected, but if the infection is not treated, all the supporting tissues will be affected. In case the gum disease has strike, make sure to visit your dentist near me! The sooner you visit your dentist, the better because if you delay in giving your dentist a visit, you might have worse complications and have the tooth extracted.

Prevention is better than cure. You definitely don’t want to have such dental issues, and highly recommended way to avoid these complications is through the removal of plaque and bacteria from the gum line using a dental rubber tip stimulator. You need the dental rubber tip stimulator for great overall health. You need it to remove the plaque, keep your mouth clean and fresh. You will be free of bad breath if you make removing plaque from the gum line a habit.

Who is more susceptible to needing dental rubber tip stimulator?

Like discussed above, gum disease is the main cause of tooth loss. Usually, gum disease is painless, thus it might be hard to realize you have the infection. Plaque is the main cause of this disease. Thus, if you have a poor oral hygiene, expect this disease might strike any time. Who is more susceptible to needing rubber tip stimulator?

If plaque has build-up on your gum line, you definitely need rubber tip stimulator to remove it; In fact, everybody needs this tool to keep his or her gums free of plague. However, some people need it more. The plaque build-up when carbs and sugars are left on the teeth or gum. The bacteria found in the mouth will feed on this plaque and produce acid. Over the time, the acid will attack the tooth structure from the hard tissue to the gum and roots. Thus, if you have a habit of eating and drinking carbs and sugars, then you are more susceptible to needing rubber tip stimulator. Use the dental rubber tip stimulator to remove the plaque, and you will never have to visit a dentist due to gum disease. Also, brush and floss regular to maintain good dental health. Prevent the plaque from spoiling you beautiful smile by having a dental rubber tip stimulator and using it as instructed by your dentist.

How do you treat a patient using dental rubber tip stimulator?

The gum stimulator is a long metal or plastic device that features a soft rubber tip on the end that is used to remove the plague .You don’t have to visit your dentist to keep your gum free of plaque. All you need is a rubber tip stimulator and you can remove the plaque at the comfort of your home. . The way the rubber tip sticks out, allows you to keep your gums clean and exercising. Use this device at a 45-degree angle and make sure you have cleaned all the areas of your gum by working in a systematic routine.

Once the stimulator is pointed towards the gums, run the tip on each tooth in a circle for at least 10 seconds each tooth. Remove the plaque along the gum-line as well as on the teeth. You can make the gum firm by working the tip back and forth along the gum line. Finally, rinse the mouth thoroughly.

What are the symptoms of someone who needs dental rubber tip stimulator?

Our mouth contains bacteria and other biofilms. The only way these bacteria can thrive is only if there is plaque on the teeth or gum. When the plaque isn’t removed on time, one can get gum infection. During the early stage of gum disease one can see signs such as swollen or bleeding gum. But as the infection progresses the symptoms become more complicated and you can see symptoms such as loose teeth, increased sensitivity, bad breath, and painful chewing. The reason you need rubber tip stimulator is to remove plaque and the symptoms of plaque presence includes:

  • Yellowish substance on the teeth surfaces
  • Bleeding gums
  • Teeth stains or discolored teeth
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Bad breath
  • Swelling of the gums
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