Broken teeth can cause pain and make you more susceptible to infection. It is important to visit the dentist when you have discomfort, as the dentist has the proper tools to give you a diagnosis. A broken tooth does not heal by itself. Your dentist has several methods to deal with fractured teeth, depending on the location and severity of the crack. Front teeth require more cosmetic attention since they are visible every time you open your mouth to smile or talk. Learn to recognize the symptom of a broken tooth and get familiar with treatment options.

Broken Tooth Treatment Options

A filling can repair the tooth if the damage is minor and your dentist plans on saving the tooth. Broken tooth treatment can be very successful if you get to the dentist soon after the incident. A dental clinic in Houston, TX can help you diagnose and treat your repair. Bonding repairs fix front teeth. The dentist matches a composite resin to your tooth enamel. Then he adheres the resin to your tooth and shapes it to match the surrounding teeth. Your doctor at URBN Dental may suggest a crown to reinforce the repair.

If the damage is irreversible; you may need an extraction or root canal. If you wait too long to see a dentist, a deep crack can allow the infection to set in. If this happens, your doctor prescribes an antibiotic and tells you how to get rid of tooth pain. If you have a fever, a headache, or other symptoms of illness, consider it a dental emergency.

How do dentists remove broken teeth?

An extraction for a broken tooth is not much different than a regular extraction. The dentist may remove the pieces one at a time. This may be an unplanned event if you have suffered an injury.

How to fix a broken wisdom tooth?

A repair for wisdom teeth is the same as a repair for other molars. If the wisdom tooth is in good shape and an asset to chewing, the dentist chooses to fill it, give it a crown, or do a root canal. Impacted wisdom teeth can break as they are growing in. These may require surgical removal. If there is a lot of damage, the dentist may remove the wisdom tooth on the premise that many people do not have them, anyway.

How painful is it to have a tooth extraction?

Your tooth usually hurts worse before the extraction. The extraction removes the injured or infected tooth, thus removing the source of pain. The roots of the tooth are come out of the gum line during an extraction. Some people have pain as this empty area heals. You may receive tooth pain medicine before and after the procedure.

Is a Broken Tooth a Dental Emergency?

A fractured tooth is not always an emergency. You should call your dentist if you think you have a fractured tooth, even if it is after hours. They can advise you when you need to have an appointment. If there is severe tooth pain, the dentist may meet you at the office or refer you to an emergency specialist. The dentist works with you on a treatment plan after looking at the tooth. If there are rough edges, an exposed nerve in the tooth, or signs of infection, you may need urgent care.

Understanding your Broken Front Tooth Before and After

A chipped or fractured tooth can make you unhappy with your appearance. The priority, however, is to relieve cracked tooth pain. There may be some swelling from an injury or an infection from a crack you did not know about. Your dentist needs details about your experience to better understand the situation. Tell your doctor everything you can remember.

  • Date when the broken tooth appeared
  • Details about the injury or how you discovered the tooth
  • Pain level

After the diagnosis is complete, your dentist explains the treatment plan. If you are uncomfortable ask your dentist what to do for a toothache. If you need treatment immediately, you should stay at the office until the dentist can fit you in. Otherwise, the receptionist makes an appointment for your repair.

Symptoms and Repair of Broken Tooth Root Exposed

You may experience more pain if you have an exposed root. Your first thought may be how to get rid of toothache pain fast. Your tooth can also be extremely sensitive to heat and cold. If the damage is this deep, you may need a root canal or extraction.

Saving the Tooth: Fractured Tooth Root Canal

A dentist’s main goal is to protect your teeth. A tooth repair may not be able to save the feeling in your tooth. When the damage is deep, your dentist may recommend a root canal. Your tooth is dead after this procedure, yet it remains in your mouth. You can still chew on it and it helps your smile look normal.

Diagnosis: Chipped Tooth Sensitivity

Chipped teeth present with sensitivity, at times. When a tooth is damaged, there may be exposed roots or nerves. You may simply need a filling to remedy the problem. If you have an injury that damages the gums, it may take time to heal. Damaged tooth enamel can also cause sensitivity.

Treating a Broken Tooth Abscess

You may have limited repair options until you recover from the abscess. An abscess occurs when the infection moves deep into the jawbone. You need antibiotics to clear the infection. The dentist delays reconstructive treatment of the tooth so the infection can heal better. This also reduces the risk of it spreading. An extraction is the only procedure that may be carried out.

Repairing a Cracked Tooth After Root Canal

If you have a root canal, your tooth is not alive anymore. If you crack the tooth, it may be harder to repair. Your tooth may not have enough substance to sustain a repair. A complete exam by your dentist can determine the extent of the damage. You may need to have the tooth sealed and filled again. A crown can also help keep it together.

Broken Wisdom Teeth

If your wisdom teeth grow normally, your dentist may attempt a repair. If the tooth is already in an odd position or impacted, an extraction may be best.

How to treat pain caused by a broken wisdom tooth?

You can visit with your dentist and discuss the use of pain-relieving medication. At home, you can also put ice on your face. Once a repair or extraction is complete, pain should end.

Is wisdom teeth filling possible?

Yes, you can get a filling in your wisdom teeth. The dentist analyzes the damage and decides if a filling or root canal is necessary.


What happens if the tooth cavity is bleeding?

If your tooth cavity is bleeding, you may be more susceptible to infection. Call your dentist immediately to get the tooth repaired.

Can this broken tooth be fixed?

Only your dentist can decide if your tooth is repairable. There are many factors he will consider. The dentist looks at the severity of the damage and the health of the remaining part of the tooth.

What is the best treatment for a broken tooth under a crown?

The dentist must assess the fracture and see if the root can remain stable. There is already damage from decay when a tooth has a crown. You may get a new filling and a new crown. There may be more of an effort to save the tooth if the patient is a child or teen.

What are my options in repairing badly chipped front teeth?

Dentists usually use do bonding with composite resin for chipped front teeth. Your doctor may also try to find the source of the problem. People that grind their teeth often wear a night guard when they sleep, for example.

Where do I go to get a broken tooth fixed?

You should make an appointment with your regular dentist when you first notice a broken tooth. Your dentist may refer you to a cosmetic dentist to make your tooth look normal again.

Broken teeth can be painful and can affect the way you look. Call your dentist as soon as you feel you have a broken tooth. You may need an emergency procedure to deal with an infection or to save the tooth. Call URBN Dental to make an urgent appointment for a broken tooth.


There are many times when teeth need repair. Broken tooth treatment,  however, is different from treatment for decay. You may have some symptoms of a broken tooth, but you may not be able to see the crack. Back teeth are difficult to diagnose without a dentist. You can break your front teeth during sports activities or if you have a fall. You can slowly chip away at your teeth when you grind them during sleep, as well. You can crack back teeth if you have a major injury or there can be too much pressure from surrounding teeth. Eating extremely hard foods can also be a culprit. It is important to know the signs of a broken tooth so you can get to the dentist quickly.

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