Post-Op: Temporary Veneers

Getting temporary veneer installed is the first step towards getting a beautiful smile. However, there are few things that you will need to keep in your mind.

What are temporary veneers?

The temporary veneers are designed to look like permanent dental veneers but they do not feel as final restorations which are smoother and also lifelike in their appearance. Teeth may be sensitive to the temperature or chewing with temporary veneers but it can end if the final restorations are installed. Some of the patients can experience some contraction sensation and the tightness caused by hot and cold beverage. It is something normal that you cannot experience with the permanent restoration. With temporary veneers, you have to avoid taking hard foods which are also chewy.

The patient feels some discomfort with the preparation appointment. Every patient can have different level of tooth sensitivity. The discomfort can be relieved easily in many cases by taking ibuprofen.

If you have temporary veneers, it is important to ensure that the gums are healthy between the cementation and preparation. For this, the dentist will give

  • Hydrogen peroxide syringe which is refillable and it may be used on gum line 3 up to 4 times up to the time you go for the next appointments
  • The patient may be given antibiotics to use as mouth rinse before the date of appointment

The temporary veneer should be made using acrylic plastic material and they have to be worn for some time and the permanent veneers are made in the lab. The temporary veneers are bonded on the teeth which mean that they can be removed easily in order to place temporary veneer. This is why the patient may experience minimal cold sensitivity.

When the temporary veneer falls off or is detached, then it should be replaced at once.

The temporary veneer may feel bulky and it will not be the right color as the one you had chosen

Sensitivity to the cold is something normal and it will subside when the permanent veneers had been added. With temporary veneers, it is better to avoid taking hot or cold liquids.

With temporary veneers, the patient has to avoid the following

  • The person should cut the foods in the bite-size portion and to chew it using the back teeth and not to bite in something strong that can break or loosen up the temporary veneers
  • It is advised not to chew hard food like pizza crust, sandwiches, bagels, hard breads, ice nuts and hard candy. Too much force may make the material to detach away of the tooth surface
  • It is recommended not to floss while having temporary veneers since they may be pulled off.

What to expect with temporary veneers?

Temporary veneer is made using acrylic. It is rough and too big in the mouth. Adhesive which is used in order to fix them in one place, they will be painted on the back and the front of the teeth so you will not feel the back of the teeth anymore. Since there is a rough layer made up with adhesive at the back of the front teeth, the bottom teeth is not able to slide behind the teeth as the normal tooth would.  When the final veneers are installed, it is possible to feel the back of the old teeth and the bottom row of the teeth which sit comfortable behind the front teeth.

The temporary veneers get fitted like a big block such as dentures and not like individual teeth. They have no gaps between the teeth so the speech can be affected temporary.

Why do you need temporary veneers?

For some dentists, they only consider more about the end pictures and they forget about what happens with the temporary veneers. The temporary veneers give the chance of approving the teeth before permanent veneers are used. Through wearing temporary veneer, the user can see or feel her bite. At such stage, the patient may not be happy of how he feels or looks or the shape of the temporaries, then he can visit the dentist to make the adjustment and to adjust the final veneers.  It will be easier to make adjustment before the final veneers get installed.

Even if the patient follows all the instructions given, the temporary veneers may fall of in the end. When this takes place, the patient should visit the doctor at once to get the veneer reapplied. The reason of getting veneer installed is to protect the tooth which is shaken and to eliminate the sensitivity while the permanent veneer is being made in the lab.

Why Are Temporary Veneers Important?

It is good to keep in mind that temporary veneers will be the basic of making the final results.  Temporary veneers have to be close to the alignment, shape and length of the final results. When you Opt. for temporary veneers near me, the patient can talk to the dentist about the changes that are needed.

How temporary veneers look is also something else. The materials used to make the veneers are not the same as these used to make permanent veneers. This is why temporary veneers do not look the same as permanent veneers.

The temporary veneers are the stepping stone to achieve final process. In case the patient is not sure of what happens during the stage, it is good to communicate with the dentist at once. Such concerns can fade away when the permanent veneer had been put in place and the sensitivity of the tooth had been eliminated.

To complete the entire veneer installation, the patient has to visit the dentist near me at least twice. Veneer preparation requires the removal of small amount away of the tooth structure and the impression is taken and sent to the lab to make custom veneers.  Before the final veneers are made, the dentist will install temporary veneers to protect the tooth waiting for the final veneers. The temporary veneers are made in fragile materials and they are meant to be used for cosmetic reasons so they should not be used to do something hard like biting within the apple. Schedule a dental appointment or veneer consult today!


Temporary Veneers FAQs



What is the function of a veneer?
A veneer’s function is to shape your tooth to ensure a good appearance. This is a durable method but can be costly. The process involves covering the tooth with a thin layer made of porcelain and fixing the shape of the tooth for a perfect smile.
Is it a bad idea to veneer healthy teeth?
It depends on what you want and is completely up to you to decide. Veneers are used to fix crooked teeth or reshape them for a better smile, but it does require removal of some tooth enamel and is an irreversible method. If not then other alternatives are also available.
How do veneers work?
Dental veneers are custom made shells that have a thin layer made up of porcelain. It’s made to cover up the surface of the teeth thus improving its appearance by changing their shape, color, and size. A certain type of glue is used to attach this thin layer against the tooth’s surface.
What are the benefits of Dental Veneers?
A veneer is a thin covering made up of porcelain. It serves the purpose of shaping the appearance of the tooth. This treatment can have advantages including restoring the smile and boosting self-confidence in the individual, it does not need a lot of tooth preparation and is durable for a long time.
How should I take care of my dental veneers?
No extra care is needed for dental veneers once you have gotten the treatment. To maintain your dental veneers all you have to do is brush your teeth twice a day and especially after a meal, also try flossing regularly and use a mouthwash once or twice each day.
Is there any way to remove the veneers from my teeth?
A veneer can be removed by 2 methods. One way is to use a special laser that unglues the veneer from your teeth, and the other method is to cut the veneer off with a hand tool. By removing the veneers, your teeth can become sensitive.
Can the dentist adjust a veneer once it's on your tooth?
Once you have gotten a dental veneer, it can be adjusted by flattening cusps of the canines, opening of incisal embrasures, or changing incisal line angles. So it’s better to get temporary veneers. But if it’s cemented, you can only remove it by cutting it off.
Can a teeth gap be hidden by veneers?
If someone does not want to get braces for fixing gaps between the teeth, then they can opt for dental veneers. Veneers can be placed after taking of braces and ensures an equal alignment. It also helps to repair any type of tooth damage as these customized shells are bonded over the teeth.
Can veneers increase the length of the teeth?
Yes, veneers can increase the length of the teeth along with reshaping and restoring them. A tooth can appear short due to its position in the jaw, and the position of the gums and lips can also have an effect on its appearance so you can use veneers to treat this problem.
Do veneers make teeth look bigger?
If you want your teeth to appear big, then veneers can be placed in a way that they appear big but if not then you can get them placed not to make your teeth look big.
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