OHI Special Aids Proxabrush

Most patients feel as if their oral hygiene is right and they may not be willing to change.

OHI Special Aids Proxabrush

Most patients feel as if their oral hygiene instruction (OHI) is right and they may not be willing to change.  Now it is possible for the patients to improve with their oral hygiene and to get help while doing this.

A person to change, they need to change their attitudes, belief, and knowledge. The patient should know if their oral health is in jeopardy if they are suffering severe gum disease if they are suffering from advanced gum disease or tooth loss. Sometimes the gum disease can pose threat to the whole body as well.

For the dentist to improve the adherence of the patient to better oral hygiene,

  • We make it simple for you with easy tips and recommendations.
  • We modify the oral hygiene instructions in order to accommodate the specific lifestyles, motivation and abilities of the patient.
  • We provide copies of the recommendation.
  • We provide positive feedback with positive reinforcement.
  • We identify areas that may need more attention so you can focus on them better.

What it is Proxabrush?

To achieve better tooth cleaning, it is recommended to use Proxabrush which is around seven inches in its length. The typical brush is curved a little and it has a slip proof rubber on its grip at both sides and it helps to control the grip when cleaning in the teeth. On its top, there is a hole where the brush is inserted. The brushes are also found in different sizes and shapes. The brush has a release lever and the user should use it to press or to remove the head of the proxabrush.

Why do you need Proxabrush?

The proxabrush has been developed for healthy patients who have tighter contacts and they have new design elements which will improve with the use. The flossing is highly recommended way to deal with plaque but most of the time; people do not floss because they do not have enough time. Proxabrush has been proven in removing plaque. It is easy to use, reusable and convenient.

The latest Proxabrush offers the following benefits

  • Removal of more plaque is easier with the redesigned Proxabrush which is an interdental brush which had been designed in removing up to 25 percent of the plaque compared to regular bristles. The brush will stay clean between its uses and through the antibacterial agent which had been incorporated in the bristles. There is a central wire of every brush and it is coated to ensure added comfort and it helps in preventing galvanic shock.
  • The flexible handle: the flexible and new handle had been designed ergonomically to ensure better grip, control and comfort. The neck is longer and bendable so it helps the user to clean even the posterior teeth.
  • The Proxabrush can be found in different sizes, there are wide, moderate and tight. With the increase of the cavities, many people are encouraged to take proactive approach towards daily hygiene regimen. The Proxabrush can be used by most  patients as far as it can meet their needs.

How is a Proxabrush helpful?

It is not easy to get rid of all the plaque off the teeth by normal brushing. Plaque will cause gum disease and decay. When you brush, it is important that you remove plaque away of the teeth. The only reasons why you should use proxabrush is to remove the tartar or plaque away of the teeth as another tool. Having a dental examination and professional dental cleaning is recommended as soon as possible.

The benefits of removing plaque is to prevent systematic and dental disease, it is now being understood by the entire community. However, some daily routines like interproximal plaque removal had not been established by different people. The disruption of plaque or effective removal will not be achieved by brushing alone. The use of proxabrush or any other interdental brush is used as alternative to the flossing and it may be used on daily basis. It can be effective for the interproximal plaque removal compared to flossing as it had been suggested by many studies. Interdental brush uses special shape and size which had been proven to be effective tool to reduce interproximal plaque. Other considerations may include the motivation level of the patient, the right product to use and manual dexterity.

It is important to use Proxabrush if you would like to maintain healthy mouth. There are many people who like to floss instead, however the brush offers a practical and easy alternative.

It is important to know how to clean the teeth and around the gums, in order to maintain a healthy mouth. Many people choose to floss but others use interdental brush which is a more practical and easy to use method. The studies had found out that the brushes are effective way that you can remove the plaque compared to flossing when it is used with normal tooth brushing.

The interdental brush is a brush which has bristle held by the wire. There are specifically shaped handle and short handle which make the gripping easy. There are others that have long handles that look as normal toothbrush. They have been designed to be inserted within the teeth in a gentle manner.  The brush may be used many times and it can be rinsed as other brushes. The brush can be replaced if the bristles have worn out and if the wire had bent.

Who can benefit more from the use of the Proxabrush?

  • People that have limited mobility: when people suffer joint problems with limited mobility can find that the brushes are easy to use and this is especially when they clean their back teeth. The brushes may be a good option for older people who are not able to floss. The brushes will help in cleaning the space found between the gums, implants, bridges and dentures.
  • People who have braces: flossing is not possible for people who have fixed braces, but thin brushes may be used in removing the food or plaque on the teeth and braces.
  • People who have spaces within the teeth.
  • People who do not like the idea of flossing.
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