An Implanted Supported Denture – Ideal When Your Bone Structure is Inadequate

Not everyone is happy to wear dentures and numerous people would prefer a different way of having a lovely smile. Eating can be a problem and the dentures can feel as if they are too big for your mouth.

An Implanted Supported Denture – If traditional dentures are just not for you

Not everyone is happy to wear dentures and numerous people would prefer a different way of having a lovely smile. Eating can be a problem with removable dentures and they  can feel as if they are too big for your mouth. A dentist will clearly try to make dentures the right size, but at times it may not be possible due to the bone. The dentures may feel too big and if there has been bone lost from the jaw, dentures may not fit correctly or are too loose. It is now time to have a consultation for a possible implant supported denture.

What is an Implant-Supported Denture?

An implant-supported denture is when dental implant serve as the anchors within the jaw bone to help assist the denture to snap into place and fit accordingly.  It is important that the bone quality is ideal for the implants to heal well and be strong enough to support the denture. If bone quality is not ideal then an Oral Surgeon consultation may need to perform additional work to help in the process. An implant-supported denture is a way to give you the freedom to do what you want to do along with the ability to remove the dentures and clean them after every meal. This form of the denture will give you more than the traditional form and may be an ideal option for you.

Why do we need them?

It may be easy to decide that ordinary dentures will be good enough for you, but if you want something better, then implants may be for you. Implant supported dentures give you the confidence that the dentures snap into place and do not fall out.  Another concern with ordinary dentures is the constant movement can lead to damage to the bone. Not only are they less effective in maintaining bone structure but they may need to be replaced in the future due to bone resorption. Implants maintain the quality of bone and make sure you do not lose it.

With implant supported dentures there is generally less pain and discomfort and it would feel more like you still had your original teeth rather than loose dentures. As well as the appearance, they also help when it comes to eating. A much stronger fit is noted and food can be chewed and broken down as natural. Anytime a new dental prosthesis or implants are done there is a learning curve, but once enough time and practice is done you will be confident with your new smile. Dental implants are the closest option to natural teeth we have and want to give you highly recommended dental options available.

Who should get implant supported dentures?

When deciding to get rid of your ordinary dentures due to pain, ill fit, or loose fit then having a consultation for dental implants is recommended. This option of having another way of obtaining your new smile is another chance of getting what you want. If you want to be able to laugh and show your teeth without them falling out, you should look to using implant supported dentures. The implant supported dentures will be secure and look natural.

If you have issues with not enough jaw bone to hold your ordinary dentures in place, it is unlikely that the dentures will stay in and once there is very little bone left, bone can not be regrown. The decision on implants need to be soon in order to maximize the amount of bone you have left. Implant supported dentures will maintain the bone quality you have and be sure you do not loose anymore at the pace your traditional dentures do. If you have trouble eating or speaking setting a dental implant consult for dentures may be highly recommended option for you.

How the treatment works?

It normally takes a couple of appointments for the implant supported dentures to be in place and they can be fitted even if there have not been natural teeth in the mouth for a period of time. It is unlikely that the job will be short, as it is estimated that it can take up to several months to heal in the bone depending on your bone quality. If bone quality is an issue then there may be need for additional treatment including bone grafting, sinus lifts, or bone augmentation.

One of the first visits after the initial consultation will see the implants placed in the bone. In the second visit generally after healing of the implant areas the denture will be developed and attached to the implants. During this time a possible temporary denture may be fabricated to aid in aesthetics. Once ample healing time has been performed the permanent dentures are ready for final fitting. Once final instructions are given you are soon ready to try out your new dental implant supported denture smile.

What are the signs that you need implant-supported dentures?

The main reason that implant-supported dentures are needed is that some people struggle to deal with the dentures that are loose or hurt the gum and bone areas. Some patients will place a lot of adhesive that is meant to keep them in place for the entire day leading to uncomfortable situations. It is agreed that there must be a better way of fitting dentures and dentists have found another option available with implant-supported dentures.

As dentures can fall out and be damaged it is important to keep them as secure as possible. Safety and maintenance of dental restorations is a high priority because here at URBN Dental we want highly recommended for you for the long run. By keeping up with your normal 6-month dental check-ups and routine cleanings we will be sure you are on the right track. Home care and strong oral hygiene is still recommended even without teeth to be sure your oral health is highly recommended it can be.

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