How Can I Find The Best Implant Dentist Near Me?

Dental implant placement is one of the most complex (and useful) dental procedures. Dental implant surgery involves drilling an access hole into the jawbone, inserting a dental implant, and ensuring optimal fusion between the dental implant and the natural jawbone tissues. If the dental implant surgery isn’t performed correctly, you may suffer numerous complications or dental implant failure. However, if the dental implant surgery is performed correctly, you have a second chance with the perfect smile — dental implants look, feel, and function like natural teeth.

You must find the most reliable dental implant clinic possible when undergoing dental implant surgery. You must find a highly-skilled and talented best implant dentists near me. someone with advanced training and specialization in dental implant surgery. This article highlights all the factors you must consider when looking for the best dental implants near your location.


Location isn’t the most important factor to consider when looking for the best implant dentists near me, but it might be important to you. If you find a dental implant center close to your location, that’s ideal. But if you don’t find the best implant dentist near me, you shouldn’t be afraid to drive to another city or state. The most skilled dentists must perform the dental implant procedure, which is permanent, so there’s no harm in driving a little far.

URBN Dental is considered one of Houston’s best and most reliable dental implant clinics. We have state-of-the-art dental implant centers in Midtown Houston, Uptown Houston, and Montrose, and they’re all led by highly talented dentist for implants near me. The following is an overview of directions to our state-of-the-art dental implant centers in Houston:

  • URBN Dental Midtown: Our dental clinic in Midtown Houston is located at 3510 Main St. Ste E, Houston, between Downtown Houston and the Texas Medical Center, and right next to the Ensemble Theater or HCC Metro Rail stop.
  • URBN Dental Uptown: Our dental clinic in Uptown Houston is located at 2400 Mid Ln. #350, Houston, a stone’s throw from Galleria. The dental clinic is between the River Oaks District and Highland Village. You may call 832-743-2989.
  • URBN Dental Montrose: Our dental implant center in Montrose is located at 3201 Allen Pkwy, making it perfect for people living in and around the Museum District, West University Place, Upper Kirby, or River Oaks.


You must look for a dental implant clinic with extremely good reviews. The best dental implant centers should have unanimous 5-star ratings and reviews from all patients on Google, Facebook, and other online review platforms. If the dentist implants near me isn’t good, some patients are sure to leave warnings. Patient testimonials are the best way to determine a dentist’s track record.

URBN Dental has unanimous 5-star ratings from its patients. One of our recent patients wrote: “Hands down the best dental office ever! Friendly, calming, and informative — literally everything you would ever want in a dental office! The front desk ladies rock and are amazing. So friendly and welcoming!”


You must look for the best implant dentists near me with excellent credentials. They should have graduated from reliable dental schools and have advanced training and certification in oral surgery, dental implant surgeries, and other dental procedures. You must review the dentist implant near me
dentist’s biographical details to learn more about them.

The dental implant procedures in URBN Dental are performed by Dr. Jiman Nelson, one of the country’s leading dental implant experts. He completed his Doctor of Dental Medicine Degree from the University of Mississippi Medical Center, followed by a Specialty Residency in Periodontal Plastic Surgery and Implantology, making him an excellent dentist with specialized training in dental implantology.

If you follow all the factors above, you’ll soon find the best implant dentists near me in Houston. Even if you don’t or can’t visit URBN Dental for your dental implant procedure, you must look for similar qualities in other dental implant clinics. 

How many teeth can be simultaneously replaced with dental implants?

You can replace one, several, or even all of your teeth using dental implants. In the past, one dental implant could only replace one tooth. But thanks to all-on-4 dental implant procedures, you can support an entire denture on four to six dental implants, allowing you to replace all of your teeth using dental implants simultaneously.

How long does it take for dental implants to heal?

The average healing time for dental implants is between 4 to 6 months. However, most of the healing process happens in the background as your jawbone tissues fuse with the titanium implant surface. You won’t experience any pain or discomfort.

How do implants help if I have partial or full dentures?

You can get dental implants for permanent teeth restoration if you have partial or full dentures. Dentures are removable and don’t offer the same stability and appearance as natural teeth. But if you get dental implants, you can also attach the partials or full dentures on the implants, thus achieving complete stability and bite force.

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URBN Dental is one of the leading dental centers in Houston, 77027. Our dental implant center is led by Dr. Jiman Nelson, one of the country’s leading residency-trained dental implant specialists. You can find our state-of-the-art dental implant centers in Midtown Houston, Uptown Houston, and Montrose, making it perfect for everyone in Houston. Please schedule an appointment with the best dentist for implants near me in Houston.

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