How Much Do Dental Implants Cost in Houston, TX?

Feb 18, 2022 | Dental Implants

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How Much Are Dental Implants?

When considering dental implants, most patients wonder, “how much are dental implants?” It makes sense to ask that question — you will naturally wonder if dental implants are worth the cost and whether you’re eligible for insurance coverage. But if we’re being completely honest, it’s next to impossible to provide the average cost of dental implants without a consultation. The cost of dental implants depends on so many factors that even trying to determine an average is basically pointless.

The cost of dental implants depends on the type of dental implants used, the location of dental implants, the number of dental implants, the type of dental implant restoration, anesthesia usage, preliminary procedures, and many other factors. As such, if you’re wondering about the cost of dental implants, please contact a reliable dental implant center in Houston for a consultation — the dental implant specialist will examine your specific needs and requirements to provide a personalized quote.

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What Is A Reasonable Price For Dental Implants?

Even if we can’t provide the exact cost of dental implants, you might wonder, “but what’s a reasonable price for dental implants?” We believe that’s the wrong question to ask in terms of dental implants. The cost of dental implants can vary considerably from one person to another, and there’s no way to determine a “reasonable” price. We can only caution you against seeking dental implants from inexperienced dentists and dental implant centers offering the procedure at below-average rates.

The dental implant procedure is highly specialized, and it should only be conducted by highly-skilled and uniquely trained dentists and dental implant surgeons. The dentist needs to drill an access hole into your jawbone to place the implant, and even minor errors and miscalculations can lead to complications. Furthermore, some complications of dental implants, such as peri-implantitis, may show up years after the procedure. That’s why cheap dental implants can actually be more costly in the long run.

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Which Factors Determine The Dental Implant Cost?

When considering dental implant cost, the best question to ask is, “which factors determine the dental implant cost?” While we can’t provide an average cost for dental implants without a consultation, we can explore some of the factors that may determine the dental implant cost. Below, we highlight some of the most important factors and considerations to help you understand why it’s nearly impossible to offer the average cost of tooth implants.

Type of Dental Implant

The cost of dental implants depends on the type of dental implant used for you. The dental implant specialist has several choices, such as endosteal implants, subperiosteal implants, and mini dental implants. All dental implants have their unique advantages and drawbacks, and they’re used in different situations. Endosteal implants are fused into the jawbone, whereas subperiosteal implants are placed between the gums and jawbone tissues. Your dental implant specialist will have their reasons for choosing one or the other.

Location of Dental Implant

The cost of dental implants depends on the location of the dental implant, which, in turn, depends on the location of the missing tooth. If you’re getting a dental implant on the upper arch close to the nose, you may need a sinus lift before the procedure, which will increase the cost. Different locations also contain different levels of bone tissues available for implantation, so the dentist will have to use different sizes and angles of implants, all of which can influence the dental implant cost.

Number of Dental Implants

The cost of dental implant surgery definitely depends on the number of dental implants. The higher the number of dental implants necessary, the more expensive the procedure. If you’re missing a lot of teeth, you may also need four or more dental implants to replace all of them. Furthermore, even the cost of dental implants per tooth can’t be determined without consultation because of the variations in the location and type of dental implants.

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Type of Dental Implant Restoration

After placing the dental implant, the dental implant specialist must place the dental implant restoration — crowns, bridges, or dentures. The dental implant restoration acts as the visible component of the implant. Different types of restorations serve different purposes and are used for different cases, depending on the number of missing teeth and your goals. The overall cost of the dental implant procedure depends on the type of dental implant restoration.

Bone Grafting Cost

Some patients need a bone grafting procedure before dental implants. If you don’t have sufficient jawbone tissues to support the implant, the dentist will have to place bone grafting material to support natural jawbone regeneration, improving your candidacy for dental implants. The cost of bone grafting also depends on the type of bone grafting material, i.e., whether it’s derived from your body, another individual, an animal, or synthetic materials.

Tooth Extraction Cost

Some patients need a tooth extraction before dental implant surgery. If you’re missing most of your teeth on one or both of your arches, you may be advised to remove the existing teeth to facilitate a full-mouth restoration. You may also have to undergo tooth extraction because your teeth are damaged or diseased. In these cases, the cost of tooth extraction will also impact the overall cost of the dental implant procedure.

Other Factors:

  • The type of anesthesia used for the procedure
  • The number of sessions involved in the complete procedure
  • The possibility of complications that have to be addressed
  • The location of the dental clinic
  • The dentist’s experience level

Dental Implants Before and After Photos

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