Get Help with an Injury: Emergency Dentist Near Me

When you have a sudden injury, you may end up at the emergency room. A hard hit on the ball field or a fall in the kitchen, however, can leave you with more than stitches. If something hits you in the face, a tooth can come loose, get chipped, or completely fall out. You may need to visit an emergency walk In dentist to save your tooth, as regular hospitals do not have dentists on staff. It is important to know who to call and where to go when you need a dentist immediately.

Find an Emergency Doctor Near Me

It can be difficult to find an emergency dentist when you are in pain and need urgent help. It is best to find out about emergency dental care near your home, so you are prepared. You can begin by checking with your regular dentist. Many offices have special rules for emergencies.

Many doctors prepare for unexpected appointments by leaving a little time open in their workday schedule. If your dentist does not have an emergency protocol, do a search for “emergency walk in dentist near me”. This should produce a list of specialists in your area. URBN Dental can help you find a solution to your dental emergency.

What To Do When You Need An Emergency Dentist

You may be at work or school and feel too busy to visit the emergency walk in dentist, even if you are in pain. Delaying an emergency visit can be dangerous, however. Tooth injuries usually involve other damage to the face or head. You may need to visit both a regular doctor and a dentist. Injuries are only one reason to visit an emergency dental clinic. Infection from a decaying tooth or abscess can enter your bloodstream. Emergency dental services also help with severe pain, infection, and excessive bleeding. Call for help if you experience these symptoms.

  • Broken, loose, or missing tooth
  • Excessive bleeding after dental surgery or procedure
  • Severe pain with no relief
  • Dizziness, headaches, nausea after dental work
  • Swelling in the neck, jaw, or face

Save a Lost Tooth with Emergency Dental Care

You can often save a tooth, even if it falls out. Call URBN Dental for an urgent appointment if you lose your permanent tooth. Either hold the tooth in the socket or place it in milk or saline. Call a local dentist and ask for an emergency walk in dentist. The dentist can re-implant your tooth. 

Your bone eventually grows back around the root of the tooth and holds it in place. The dentist often performs an emergency root canal the same day as the injury. The tooth I then wired to surrounding teeth to help it stay in place until the bone grows back around the roots. This can take anywhere from three to eight weeks, depending on the degree of damage to the mouth. 

After Hours: How to Contact your Emergency Walk In Dentist in Houston, TX

Each dentist has their own emergency protocol. If it is a small practice with only one dentist, they may not be available after hours, or they limit their after-hours time. Ask your regular dentist what to do if you have a problem after the office closes. Many medical practices hire an answering service to answer the phone overnight. They ask patients for details about their emergency and then call the doctor or nurse on duty. Stay by your phone so you do not miss the call back with instructions about meeting the doctor. Sometimes the doctor returns the call themselves. 

Other times, there is a completely different number to call for emergencies in the evenings. A practice with multiple dentists may alternate night duty. If your dentist works alone, they may refer you to a larger office. You can also look for a dental urgent care near me.

Emergency Tooth Extraction Near Me

Occasionally, a highly recommended course of action is to remove a tooth. If decay takes over or infection is worsening, your dentist can perform an emergency tooth extraction. A root canal is the last effort to save the tooth but may not be feasible. If you notice severe signs of infection, such as a sudden fever, excessive pain, or headaches, visit an emergency dentist immediately. It is rare, but tooth infections can spread into your bloodstream and be fatal. Your overall health is a priority for the dentist. There are several instances where it is best to undergo extraction.

  • Missing a large portion of the tooth due to decay, leaving only a partial tooth in your mouth
  • When you have a persistent infection that is spreading
  • Advanced gum disease may leave your tooth loose and unsupported
  • Impacted teeth that cannot safely breakthrough into the mouth, such as wisdom teeth

Get Help Fast with a Dentist Open on Weekends

A weekend dentist is a great help for those hurt during extracurricular activities. Many kid’s sports teams meet for games on Saturdays. If you have kids that play sports, look for a dentist with weekend hours. It can be a great relief to know a doctor is available immediately if an accident happens. Find an emergency dentist in the area before you need one, so you are prepared for these issues. You should also check with your dental insurance to make sure emergency dental clinics in your area are on your plan.

Importance of an Emergency Dentist Near me

Poor dental health can impact your daily comfort. When your teeth hurt, you may also have jaw pain, headaches, and lose sleep. If you are new to a city, find a dentist as soon as possible. There are often emergency dental clinics that have extended hours. Many regular dentists also offer emergency dental care. Check your dental plan if you are moving or need a new dentist. Many insurance companies have extensive lists with details about each practice. It is important to be prepared.

  • You have limited time to save a missing tooth
  • A spreading infection can be dangerous if left untreated
  • Damage to the tooth and surrounding bones requires a quick assessment
  • It is hard to think clearly enough to find a dentist in the middle of an emergency

Be Seen without a Dentist Appointment

If office hours are still in session when you experience an emergency, call your dentist. They can often work you in between other patients. It can be comforting to visit your regular doctor when you are stressed from an injury. 

A tooth injury can happen in many situations and you must see a dentist immediately. You are more likely to save a lost tooth if you see a dentist within an hour. Emergency care can involve stabilizing a loose tooth, root canals, and extractions. Dentists always try to save the tooth before resorting to an extraction. They look for the safest option, however. Call URBN Dental for help with your next emergency or for a complete checkup.


Why should I go to urgent care if I have tooth pain?

Pain can indicate a severe problem. Infection can make you ill and you may need antibiotics. Your chances of recovery are better if you get treatment quickly. Impacted teeth can press on nerves and cause extreme pain, as well. Some problems with teeth are irreparable if not tended to on time. 

How to manage a dental emergency?

Stay calm and call the emergency number for your dentist. During office hours you may simply get a walk-in appointment. After hours, you may see a different dentist or meet at the office after a discussion on the phone. If you cannot find an emergency dentist near me, head to your local emergency room for assistance and a referral. They can stabilize you and control pain and bleeding. Bring missing teeth with you in a glass of saline or milk.

How can I prevent injuries to my teeth?

Athletic injuries are a big concern. Wear protective gear when possible, even if you are just practicing. Sometimes a simple fall in the house, however, can result in tooth loss. Watch out for slippery floors and wear proper footwear when out and about. Accidents are a part of life. It is best to learn about emergency dental services in your area, so you know where to go if something happens.

How long does it take to heal after a tooth extraction?

Recovery time depends on the severity of the extraction. Impacted teeth and surgical removals take about two weeks to heal from. The dentist can remove stitches in about one week if they do not dissolve. Blood clots properly in about 24 hours, while swelling can persist for up to three days. 

How do I know if I have an impacted tooth?

Your dentist can confirm an impacted tooth with an x-ray. You may experience pressure in your mouth, pain, and headaches. There may also be some swelling of the gums, bleeding gums, or an infection.


Check with your dentist to see how they handle emergencies. Some dental practices have doctors on call that can meet you after-hours. If you fall down in the middle of the night, you can still be seen. Smaller practices may refer you to emergency dental clinics. Emergency dentists may ensure that you are stable and work on the tooth again during a regular visit. There are times when an emergency procedure, such as a root canal is necessary, however. A weekend dentist is also a great option for emergency care. You may be able to get in during special weekend hours. Emergency dental care can help save your tooth and relieve pain. You may be advised to call the emergency dentist if you have had dental surgery. Certain symptoms can indicate a problem, such as heavy bleeding, fever, and headaches. Find an emergency dentist near your home so you are prepared for a sudden injury.

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