A dental emergency may arise at any time anywhere. If not tackled properly, they can cause pain and further complications. However, not every dental issue is a dental emergency. So how will you know whether you need to see an emergency dentist or not? Get your questions answered and find out all about emergency dental treatment options in this article.

Emergency Dentist for Dental Emergencies

A dental emergency is characterized by pain, bleeding, fever, swelling, or redness around the mouth. If you see these signs don’t overlook them and contact the nearest emergency dentist.

Emergency Dental Treatment

Emergency dental treatment is given according to your dental problem. There are various options of treatment including, emergency root canal and emergency tooth extraction. If you experience the following dental problem, you should go to a dentist close to me immediately:

  • Severe tooth pain
  • Cracked, chipped, or broken teeth
  • Abscessed or decayed teeth

Emergency Dentist Appointment Prices

If you want to know the cost of emergency dental treatments, then contact an emergency dentist in River Oaks. It will give you a rough idea of what to expect.


How to define high-quality dental treatment?

It is not easy to define high-quality dental treatment because many things have to be taken into consideration and kept in mind. The best dentist is one that is well aware of the procedure, its results, how long it will take, and is focused on providing you with permanent and long-lasting solutions. Good dentists always give his or her patients a little advice about the preventive measures and how the patient can prevent the problem from occurring again. The dentist should use highly recommended material available in the market and should be the one who gives great importance to sterilization. 

I have a dental emergency. What should I do?

What you should do depends on what sort of dental emergency are you facing. If your tooth is knocked out, you should immediately contact your dentist and book an emergency appointment. You should carefully wash the tooth with water to remove any dirt. Do not rub or scrub. Make sure you hold the tooth by the crown, not the root because holding the tooth from the root can damage cells required for bone attachment. Gently place the washed tooth in the socket to keep it clean. If you are unable to put it in the socket, then keep it immersed in milk, saliva or wrap it in a clean cloth. 
If your tooth gets pushed out of position trying to reposition the tooth carefully using light pressure. If your tooth gets fractured rinse your mouth, place a cold pack to reduce swelling, and rush to your dentist. 

How to find an emergency dental treatment center?

To find an emergency dental center ask around families, neighbors, friends, relatives, and people you know. You can take the advice of your family dentist or local pharmacist. Or you can contact dentists at URBN dental that will help you in your tough times and provide highly recommended dental treatment available.

How does emergency dentistry work?

Dentists provide emergency dental treatment to provide temporary relief from pain and swelling. They may prescribe antibiotics or painkillers. The dentist might place a temporary dressing on your tooth or carry out a simple tooth extraction. They may refer you to a specialist depending on the condition of your tooth and give you advice about which preventive measures to take and which oral health habits to adopt. 

What are the highly recommended denture adhesives?

If you wear dentures or are about to, then you will need a good denture adhesive. There is a wide variety of dentures available in the market of different qualities and forms. The best denture adhesives include:

  • Effergrip Denture Adhesive Cream
  • Snug Denture Cushions
  • Reline-It Denture Recliner
  • PoliGrip Super Denture Adhesive Powder

How to See a Dentist for Emergency Dental Treatment?

A dental emergency can arise at any time due to an accident or trauma that causes injury to your teeth leading to fractures, broken, lost, or knocked-out teeth. If such a severe injury occurs, you must immediately seek medical help. If it occurs during the day and business hours, you won’t face difficulty finding an emergency dentist. But things get tricky if it occurs during off-hours. Most clinics have 24/7 emergency dentistry, including URBN dental, which is one of the highly recommended dental clinics in town. We offer reliable dental treatments at an affordable price. In case of an emergency, you can visit us.

How to manage a dental emergency?

A dental emergency may arise at any time due to severe trauma to the tooth resulting in the damaged, broken, lost, or fractured tooth. However, there are ways in which you can manage a dental emergency, and these include, not panicking and staying calm, try to find the lost tooth or pieces of the chipped or cracked tooth, and keep it in milk, if you can try to insert the tooth back into its socket, rinse the mouth with warm water and use dental floss to remove unwanted pieces from between teeth and contact an emergency dentist right away.

How to remove dental cement from your teeth?

To remove dental cement, start by identifying areas of the mouth where a large amount of cement is present. Next, carefully scrape off the large pieces of cement with the help of a dental prick. You should scrape in an organized manner, starting from the back to the front and then to the opposite side. Then rinse your mouth with lukewarm water after you’re done with scraping to make sure all the debris is spat out. The last step is to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with lukewarm water again.  

Get Emergency Dental Treatment at URBN Dental 

At URBN Dental, we provide highly recommended emergency dental treatments at an affordable price. Book your appointment now to avail of our services. 


A dental emergency can occur at any time anywhere. If it occurs during business hours, then it’s not that of a big deal because you can easily find an emergency dentist near me open now and get emergency dental care. But if it occurs during off-hours, then things can be a little trickier as not all clinics are open 24/7.
It is important that you have contact with a weekend dentist as most clinics are closed on the weekend. It is also important for you to know which dental problem is considered a dental emergency and which is not. Because emergency dentists do not treat patients, who do not have a dental emergency. If you experience pain, bleeding, fever, swelling, or redness around the mouth, do not ignore it.

Pain is the first sign of an underlying dental problem. If you see these signs and symptoms get emergency dental care. When you go to your dentist’s office. If you want to find out the cost of emergency dental treatments, call one of the clinics near your area to get an idea of the price. URBN dental is a well known dental clinic that has been providing emergency dental services for many years. Book your appointment now to avail of our services.

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