Does Dental Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

Does dental insurance cover dental implants? The answer to that question is fairly complex. Some dental insurance plans cover portions of your dental implants, but not everything. Before you proceed with your dental implant procedure, you must understand the terms and conditions of your insurance providers. Whether you’re eligible for dental health insurance coverage for dental implants depends on numerous factors, such as your consultations, x-rays, tooth extractions, bone grafts, other treatments before surgery, anesthesia, dental implant surgery, and dental crown. Your dental insurance plan may cover some of these services, but not all.

What Is The Best Dental Insurance For Implants?

Generally speaking, dental insurance providers don’t cover dental implants, but they can cover some of the services that go with dental implants, such as x-rays, consultations, dental crowns, etc. the best dental insurance for implants will depend on the specific procedures you need, whether it’s a medical necessity due to accidents, and other factors. Different dental insurance plans have different terms and conditions, so you need to find one that’s suitable for your needs. You can also visit your dental clinic and ask for recommendations about the best dental insurance for dental implants.

Why Are Implants Not Covered By Dental Insurance?

Most dental insurance providers consider dental implants to be cosmetic procedures. This is a loophole that allows dental insurance plans to avoid covering dental implants, which are certainly not cosmetic procedures. Dental insurance plans usually pay for treatments deemed medically necessary, i.e., treatments that promote health. They argue that dental implants are cosmetic treatments because their functions can also be served by dentures and dental bridges. But that’s simply not true — dental implants serve unique medical functions that can’t be fulfilled by dentures or dental bridges.

You need a healthy set of teeth to eat, speak, and lead a comfortable life. When you suffer from tooth loss, your surrounding teeth start shifting towards the gap, leading to orthodontic problems that can lead to major oral health issues. The jawbone tissues underneath the empty socket also start disintegrating, leading to reduced jawbone support in your mouth, which, in turn, leads to facial sagging. Dentures and dental bridges can’t preserve the jawbone. Only dental implants can maintain optimal orthodontic alignment and prevent jawbone resorption.

Despite the importance of dental implants, dental insurance providers still insist that dental implants are elective and aesthetic procedures, so they don’t have to cover dental implants.

How Much Is A Tooth Implant?

The cost of a tooth implant depends on numerous factors, such as the type of implant, the location of the implant, the number of prosthetic teeth it will support, the type of dental restoration, the type of anesthesia used, whether you needed previous preparation procedures, such as tooth extractions or bone grafts, and other factors. Since the cost of dental implants depends on numerous factors, it’s almost impossible to highlight the tooth implant price without a consultation. If you’re wondering about your dental implant cost, please visit a dental implant dentist for a thorough consultation and treatment plan.

Do Dental Discount Plans Cover Implants?

Some dental implant insurance plans and dental clinics offer discount plans for implants. If you’re getting a dental discount plan from a dentist, you should avoid their dental clinic. Dentists that offer discount plans for dental implants often use inferior dental implants that lead to a high risk of complications. Instead of focusing on the cost of dental implants, you should focus on the best ways to pay for the treatment. You should never cut corners with dental implants — an attempt to save cost can lead to terrible consequences down the line.

Can You Get A Payment Plan For Dental Implants?

You can certainly opt for third-party payment plans for dental implants. Some of the most popular payment plans for dental implants and other medical treatments are CareCredit and Lending Club. Our dental team can also help you find the ideal low-interest or no-interest financing plan to help you split the cost of your dental implants over an extended period. CareCredit, for example, is a simple credit card that allows you to pay for your treatments and pay off the minimum at an extremely low-interest rate.

What Is The Best Way To Pay For Dental Implants?

The best way to pay for dental implants is through low-interest or no-interest third-party financing plans, such as CareCredit. Our dental implant specialists will discuss your financial capabilities and goals and recommend the ideal financing plans for you. Third-party financing plans allow you to split the treatment cost into manageable monthly payments over an extended period. You don’t need to have the entire value of the treatment upfront — you can pay it off at your convenience over time. Instead of seeking discounts, it’s better to use financing plans to cover the cost of your high-quality dental implants.

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