What are dental emergencies?

Dental emergencies are situations that necessitate urgent dental care without delay. They must be treated within the hour to prevent the situation from worsening — delays in treatment can have dire long-term consequences. Most people have a hard time separating dental emergencies from urgent dental situations. However, when seeking emergency dental services, you must understand what is or isn’t a dental emergency. Below, we provide an overview of some of the most common dental emergencies.

Severe Toothaches

Toothaches indicate a wide range of potential problems. If you have a mild toothache, you should floss your teeth or rinse with salt water to rule out the possibility of food stuck between your teeth. However, severe and persistent toothaches generally indicate dental emergencies, such as pulp infections and dental abscesses. Please contact your urgent care dentist near me and describe the situation for more information on your next steps. They’ll let you know if you need urgent dental care near me.

Fractured Teeth

Determining whether your dental fracture or crack is an emergency is fairly difficult. Minor dental fractures, i.e., chipped teeth, aren’t considered emergencies because you can wait for a few days for the treatment. If you have a minor crack on the surface, you need a dental filling or bonding to seal the gap and prevent bacterial infections, but it’s not an urgent need. However, if the dental fracture goes deeper than the enamel or below the gum line, you may need a root canal or tooth extraction immediately. You should go to your emergency dentist immediately — they’ll run x-rays and various tests to examine the condition of your teeth.

Knocked-Out Teeth

Loose or knocked-out teeth are the most obvious dental emergencies with no room for doubt. Adult teeth should never be loose — if your tooth is loose or wobbly, you must contact your emergency dentist as soon as possible. Furthermore, if you have a knocked-out tooth due to dental trauma or injuries, you must visit your emergency dentist immediately for re-attachment. Knocked-out teeth can often be reattached if you’re quick, but the chance of restoration reduces after an hour. You should hold the knocked-out tooth by the crown, rinse it clean without scrubbing the root, and place it in an airtight container with milk, salt water, or saliva. Take the tooth to your emergency dentist immediately.

Soft Tissue Injuries

The soft tissues of the mouth include the cheeks, tongue, gums, and lips. When one of the soft tissues is injured, you must contact your urgent care dentist near me for further information. If you have minor surface bleeding, you can rinse the wound and apply pressure to stop the bleeding. However, if you have bleeding gums for no clear reason or severe injuries, you need immediate dental attention. Bleeding gums are often indicative of periodontal disease or dental abscesses, and these situations necessitate immediate attention. Please contact your urgent care dentist near me in Houston, described the situation, and follow their instructions.

Dental Abscesses

Dental abscesses refer to the buildup of pus within the teeth or gums, usually due to bacterial infections accumulated in the soft pulp tissues. You can identify dental abscesses based on the following symptoms — pain in the affected areas, sensitivity, fever, foul taste in the mouth, visible pus-filled cysts, and swallowing problems. If you identify the signs or symptoms of a dental abscess, you must contact your urgent care dentists near me. That’s because dental abscesses can lead to severe bacterial infections that can enter your circulatory system, eventually affecting your overall health. In severe cases, dental abscesses can be life-threatening.

Why should I have a dental emergency treated right away?

You should get dental emergency treatment right away because they necessitate urgent attention. The situation will worsen if you delay the treatment with potentially long-term complications. For example, the possibility of reattaching a knocked-out tooth reduces with time, and untreated dental abscesses can lead to overall health problems. That’s why you need treatment right away. 

At what point should I call if I have a dental emergency?

If you have any signs or symptoms of dental emergencies, you must call urgent care dentists near me in Houston immediately. You should have an emergency dentist’s number on your phone or in other accessible areas. You should contact them instantly, describe the situation carefully, and follow their instructions.

Do all dental emergencies cause pain?

Dental emergencies don’t always cause pain, even though toothaches and pain are common indicators that you need attention. In some cases, dental emergencies don’t cause any pain, but you can identify other symptoms, such as a loose tooth, pus formation, metallic taste in the mouth, etc. These are all signs that you may have dental problems necessitating immediate attention.

What is throbbing tooth pain?

A throbbing tooth pain indicates that you may have a damaged tooth due to cavities or decay. It can also indicate an infection in the tooth or the surrounding gum tissues or inflammation in the tooth. 

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