Like any part of the body, the teeth can develop problems that can cause sensitivity and pain. The teeth can be saved if the problem is treated as soon as possible. Some of the pains are caused by problems that can be solved using a dental crown treatment. The crowning tooth is a lasting solution; if you have a dental cavity that causes pain, crowning is the solution. The crown can be attached to a bridge to strengthen weak teeth and keep them from breaking.
A dental crown is an important appliance, and it can be fixed on the same day. If the teeth are discolored, dental implants, misshapen teeth, the crowns can help to cap them. They are most preferred for enhancing a smile. If a dentist recommends crowns for your teeth, it is because you qualify and the process is safe.

Is the dental crown treatment effective?

The answer is no. The following are some of the reasons why dental crown treatment may fail

Misshapen crowns

Some crowns are poorly designed and can trap food particles which can cause gum problems like decay and diseases. Crowns that are badly shaped can make you bite more and add more pressure to the adjacent tooth. If this happens, the teeth will be spoilt. The misshapen crowns can also affect the way you chew food

Poorly fitted crowns

You can get highly recommended crowns poorly fitted. This can happen when you get crowns with open margins. These dental crowns can be fitted in a way that will make the edges meet the natural teeth. The openings can attract germs which can penetrate your teeth and cause further decay


The materials used to make the crowns will also determine their appearance and effectiveness. Be careful when selecting a dentist, others can treat you with cheap crowns that cannot last a decade

The dentist

Take time to get a qualified and reliable dentist to perform the dental crown procedure in Houston, TX. An incompetent dentist can cause issues in the future, which can cost more resources. If a dentist adapts the latest methods and technologies and uses high-quality materials to make the crowns, you are likely to have an effective treatment. Find a dentist near me that you can trust

How to Choose Dental Crowns?

A crown is a cap that looks like your tooth. It is placed over the existing teeth, and it can be placed over a trimmed-down tooth to hold it in place. Sometimes it can be cemented through an implant. It is important to understand the materials used to make the crowns.

The following are some of the things to consider when selecting a dental crow.

Metal crowns

Metal dental crowns are made of metal alloy. They are strong, and the alloy can be of any material. The crowns are long-lasting and can be placed on molars. The metal crowns are unattractive and can be detected easily. This is not ideal for those who have metal allergies. Some people may endure sensitivity when taking cold or hot food. If you develop an issue, the dentist cannot see through the crown in the X-ray. The quality of different metal dental crowns differs

Porcelain or ceramic crowns

These crowns are ideal for the front teeth. They are attractive and look like natural teeth. The quality levels of materials used to make these crowns differ. The crowns are long-lasting and strong. They are ideal for those who are allergic to metals, and they can be X-rayed. The materials used to make these crowns differ, meaning that some are of poor quality and cannot last. Others may not look natural. 

Porcelain fused to metal crowns

These crowns are mostly used for the back teeth and look better than the metal crowns. They have porcelain and metal parts. The metal base offers strength, and the porcelain exterior helps the tool blend with the teeth.

These crowns are durable and attractive, but cannot last as long as the metal crowns. They are not ideal for those who have metal allergies. The metal portion cannot be seen through an X-ray.

If you need a different option than the mentioned crowns, you can go for resin. This type is cheap and is made from poor-quality materials that cannot last. You may need to replace the resin crowns after some time. Ensure that you choose the right crown and get the right emergency dentist to fix them effectively. 


There are risks that you should be aware of, but they can be reduced by the dentist.  Three things should be achieved to get effective results and avoid risks. 

  •       Choose a dental expert who uses modern technologies, techniques, and tools.
  •       Select the crowns carefully based on material and their crowning teeth’ cons and pros.
  •       Take care of the crowns at home to prevent risks they are associated with.  Some of the risks include failure.  


The tooth structure will be minimized before capping the decayed tooth with the crown. The dentist will numb the tooth to eliminate dental crown procedure pain. The anesthesia can cause muscle tenderness and swelling, and the numbness may spread to other parts. But the numbness is temporal.
Sensitivity may happen due to the preparation process, which can be severe or mild. The sensitivity will disappear after a short time. Consult the dentist if it persists.
After the crowning, you may develop pulpitis and feel pain. This can be caused by trauma from an accident or extensive reduction. The dentist can start the treatment again to perform root canal treatment on the affected teeth, and then re-crown. 
Even if the crown is fixed perfectly, it may crack or break due to unavoidable reasons. Some of them include chewing hard foods and traumatic blows. Others may develop unnoticeable cracks indicating that they will break eventually.
Getting used to dental crowns may take time. You may have a strange feeling after crowning the teeth because they are artificial. A crown replacement will enhance your smile when placed on the front teeth.
The crown replacement should be affordable before you choose it. Ensure that the dentist who will fix it has all the needed tools and expertise. You can also get same-day crowns in Houston, TX.
Dental crowning will save a tooth that has pulpal damage, tooth filling, signs of decay, and one that needs support. 

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