There are various reasons why people complain about broken and damaged teeth. Fortunately, there are various ways that can be used to relieve the chipped tooth pain. Some chips may not cause severe pain, but when it becomes a break, it can be so painful.

The dentist should determine the damage. He will know if it is chipped or cracked. All the levels of damage can be treated; this means that there should be a perfect chipped tooth treatment in place for each level.

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Types of damage

The enamel of the teeth is strong, but it can be damaged. Some of the ways that the enamel is damaged chipped tooth treatment include:

  •       Eating hard things
  •       Misusing teeth like opening bottles and biting packages.
  •       Biting something hard that you didn’t expect suddenly like stone or metal
  •       Accidents
  •       Tooth decay
  •       Foods and drinks
  •       Decaying fillings

If it is a small chip, filing is a likely option. The filling may need replacement after some time. If the tooth is damaged, seek treatment. Reasons why you should not ignore chipped or damaged it include:

  •       You can’t overlook dental pain.
  •       The rugged edge that cuts the tongue, lips, or the inside of the mouth
  •       A deep chip and you are concerned about dentin that is below the surface.
  •       It looks unattractive.

Dental treatment

If you have a small chip on your tooth, it can be treated, and the pain will reduce. Go to Midtown dentistry ‘77002’ as soon as possible. It needs a dental adhesive, and it will be fine. A large chip needs a filling, and it should get back to its shape and size. The method is known as dental bonding, and you can choose a tooth-colored one or a silver filling. This can be done without anesthetic as the dentist needs to fill it and seal with the result of UV light. Cosmetic bonding is an option for front teeth. If it cannot work, you can crown it. Even when the chip is at the back, it should be treated to avoid infection.

chipped tooth treatment

If the tooth has a crack, it may get worse if it is not treated in time. The emergency dentist should determine how bad the tooth is cracked before chipped tooth treatment.

Crazy lines. There should be no pain if it is the enamel that is damaged. The dentist should treat it in a session by treating the rough part and polish it.

Cracked. The cracks will start as a crazy line and get worse if not treated early. The line will move through the tooth and down the root, and the pain will start, and more treatment may be needed.

Split. A split can be so painful. It can be saved if it is a molar because they have more nerves. But the dentist will only be able to save a portion of it.

Vertical root fracture. Here, it starts from the root to the enamel. You can have an infection in the fracture, and it can be a distraction from the repairing job.

Dental repairs

If the tooth is examined early, there is a chance of survival. The crack can be fitted with a filling, and once it is set, it can be strengthened with a crown or cap. If the pulp has been infected or reached, the filing may not be ideal. Root canal treatment may be needed, and the root will be removed before filling. You should understand everything that will happen, including appointments and the cost.

If the crack is not treated, it will grow into a big split. Some of the teeth may come out, and with healthy roots, some of it will remain. A crown may be ideal for this, but you can have a replacement for the damaged one. If it is a vertical root fracture, you may lose the tooth.

Broken tooth

A broken tooth in Houston, TX, can be seen, and you will know that it has broken because of the pain. The inside will be exposed, and it will bleed. Even when there is no pain, it doesn’t mean there is nothing wrong. This may mean that the break is older than you can imagine, and the nerves have died. This should be treated to prevent the formation of an abscess. To avoid broken teeth, clean the teeth regularly.

When the tooth breaks

If your tooth is broken and you can find it, ask the dentist near me if he can reattach it. You can keep it in milk to keep it clean, and if it has decay, it can be treated. The dentist’s office near me can recommend laser dentistry. Take soft foods if possible. You may damage the soft tissues of the mouth with the broken edge; you can apply dental wax to avoid this risk. If it is the front teeth, it may not be easy, but bonding can be used. They can be crowned to hide them. It may be hard to clean the crowned teeth because the teeth and the crowns are not made of the same material, and finding a solution to clean both can be hard.

Teeth straightening

If you need the teeth straightened to stop people from seeing the damaged teeth, and you may not want the braces to be seen. The dentist can recommend Invisalign® braces, which are clear and cannot be seen. They are designed to fit perfectly and cannot take long to work because the trays are changed regularly.

Cracked tooth syndrome

Teeth hurt because of various reasons like tooth decay, teeth sensitivity, and gum disease. But teeth can also hurt due because of external damage. Cracked tooth syndrome makes the teeth to hurt when you bite using the fractured or cracked tooth. The syndrome starts with the development of cracks in your teeth. The cracks are too small to be seen on the X-ray. The cracks can be caused by teeth grinding or jaw or tooth alignment that puts pressure on a tooth. The syndrome makes the back teeth hurt because they are mostly used for chewing. If you have the syndrome, the teeth will hurt when you bite in some way, which is not similar to the pain from a cavity or abscess.

The dentist can use special instruments to test the teeth for possible cracks. A crown can be used for mild cases, but if the crack is too big, a root canal treatment can be the option. And if the crack goes down the jaw, the tooth should be removed.

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