At URBN Dental, we understand the importance of finding an affordable dentist in Houston that never compromises on quality or service. Your budget should not have to define whether or not you deserve a beautiful and brilliant smile. Moreover, we recognize that not everyone has the same budget, but that does not mean that they do not deserve highly recommended available resources. For this reason, we provide affordable dental care to all of our patients and their loved ones. Since we deeply care about your needs and comfort, we work hard to provide you with the highest quality of cosmetic and general dentistry available, also at affordable dental low-end prices. Because of our focus on affordable dentistry, many of our satisfied patients have opted for us, not only because of our highly trained staff and professional dental services but also because we are highly recommended affordable dentists in Houston.  If you’re in need of affordable dental care near me, choose us. We want to be an affordable dental clinic for you and the entire community. To find out more about highly recommended affordable dentist near me, continue reading on about us.

Financing Options Available

Our insurance-friendly office accepts many different forms of financing options so that our patients pay in whatever manner is most comfortable for them. We accept cash and all major debit and credit cards as forms of payment. Furthermore, since want to avoid being unaffordable for the whole community, we offer discounts once any patient pays his or her balance in full and we make in-house financing options available. This affordable dental care option allows your fees to be scheduled and spread over several months to ease payment over time.



Our patients love being treated at our locations, with consistent 5-star ratings across the board.
See what they have to say about our dentists and dental team.


I can honestly say I had highly recommended experience at URBN Dental. I am new in town and had a emergency. The staff was able to get me in asap and took very good care of me. Everyone worked as a team to ensure that all my needs were meet. I felt important! I was treated as if I was the only patient in the office. I found my Dental home!

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Imelda Goodly

The staff here is extremely friendly and professional. From the very beginning, the staff greeted me with kindness and respect. My paperwork was filled out within 15 minutes and afterwards, the dentist called me back almost immediately.

Lemond Deleo ultima modifica: 2019-05-02T06:52:49-06:00 da Houston Dentist

Lemond Deleo

Very knowledgeable and informative, explaining all your x-ray and imagery and in creating a course of treatment. The staff is friendly and definitely concerned with their patients. Comfortable environment.

Melisa Radford ultima modifica: 2018-08-13T13:37:29-06:00 da Houston Dentist

Melisa Radford

I am not the biggest fan of the dentist, however this was the BEST dentist experience I have ever had! Everyone was so kind and I got everything I needed done in one visit!

Allie Hackett ultima modifica: 2018-08-13T13:36:20-06:00 da Houston Dentist

Allie Hackett

Excellent service. Great first impression! Best cleaning I’ve had in several years, my mouth feels amazing. They even took the time to show me how to brush more effectively. My teeth are back to being pearly white.

Michelle Campbell ultima modifica: 2018-08-13T13:35:48-06:00 da Houston Dentist

Michelle Campbell

They were very prompt and professional. I felt very comfortable in the visit. They have good exam specials without any hidden fees. I have found me a permanent dentist office. Thanks URBN staff.

Shayla Williams ultima modifica: 2018-08-13T13:24:55-06:00 da Houston Dentist

Shayla Williams

URBN Dental provided great service and they were all so nice. They did a great job communicating with me and i would recommend to all.

Emmelyn Nguyen ultima modifica: 2018-08-13T13:24:28-06:00 da Houston Dentist

Emmelyn Nguyen

I had a root canal and a crown done here, the entire process took about an hour. Will be back in 2 weeks for my final crown! Great doctor, great staff.

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Michael John

High-Quality Service at Affordable Dental Cost

We do not want you to be shocked about the costs of your dental treatments, which is why a member of our team runs through all associated costs before you undergo any treatment. While we are the most affordable dentist near me in Houston, rest assured that this does not compromise our high-quality service.

This high-quality service includes a large variety of affordable dental procedures carried out by our dentists, all of which are a success as seen by our before and afters. Our highly trained and professional staff is ready to help you and assist you in any manner possible.

We use only the latest equipment and tools, and use specially procured dental products from leading national laboratories, such as daVinci Laboratories, with whom we create our high-quality dental crowns. In fact, celebrities are also known to use the same resources as our laboratory partnerships.

These costs do not seep into the treatment costs for patients. Additionally, we use special BPA-free fillings, so that our patients don’t come into contact with any harmful or toxic substances. However, there are no hidden fees for our affordable dental.

Delta Dental PPO Insurance Options

Being part of the network of Delta Dental PPO dentists means that we can offer our patients the same high-quality procedures at lower out of pocket costs. Our link with all major PPO dental insurance makes us the most affordable dentist in Houston near you.

The PPO dental insurances include several ones like:


Care Credit Financing Option

We serve our patients by understanding your needs and accommodating your financial situation to highly recommended our capabilities. With this consideration in mind, we also accept Care Credit patient financing without interest. Similar to credit cards, this option is used solely for healthcare expenditure. Care Credit financing options are effective for larger treatments with their extended payment plans, and also for low and zero-interest plans.

Emergency Affordable Dental Clinic

We are a general and cosmetic affordable dentistry, and we provide emergency dental care. So if you ever find yourself in an emergency situation, don’t waste your money on places that don’t fit your unique budget.

Save your time and your money by coming to us. Not only are we closer to you with our conveniently located affordable dental clinics, but we also have dentist hours on the weekend to cater to your emergency dental needs.

Don’t worry about the hassle of booking appointments either. With us, it is a simple process where you can book an appointment online. Book today and visit any of our convenient locations nearest you and remember that we accept walk-ins.

Call Today To Find Affordable Financial Options

You deserve a beautiful sparkling smile at an affordable price. If you’re still looking for an affordable dentist in Houston, URBN Dental is the most affordable dentist near me in your area.

Call us today by dialing 281-783-3227 to discuss all possible financial options to begin your memorable experience with us. Or book an appointment for our affordable dental services!



What are the steps involved in root canal treatment?
How can dental care be more affordable?

Dental care is generally perceived to be an expensive process. However, there are lots of ways that one can get medical treatments at affordable rates. For starters, if you live in or around the Houston area, highly recommended option for affordable dental treatments for you is URBN Dental. At URBN Dental, we have a lot of ways to ensure that you not only get highly recommended of dental procedures but also that they do not cause much financial trouble.

A lot of times people tend to pay a lot more simply because their treatments are not covered by their insurance, or because insurance companies are not on board with dental centers. With URBN Dental, however, we have insurance consultants in the house who can advise you on highly recommended procedure forward in terms of dental treatments. They have years of experience backing them in showing patients how to save money and get necessary dental treatments at the least of prices.

In the United States, there are a lot of other methods that can help you get dental care at affordable prices. First of these methods are dental discount cards, which are available with a huge majority of dental centers across the states. These cards work on the same principle as loyalty cards, giving regular patients discounts on various treatments. They also work in a way that after an initial, considerably smaller payment, a patient may get dental treatments free for a specific period.

There are lots of government programs too that help the elderly, senior citizens, and those with low incomes. The government realizes how important it is to provide basic health needs, and dental care comes under this umbrella too. The people who qualify for affordable dental care government programs can get these treatments at much more affordable rates.

Lastly, another way to get affordable dental care is to apply for a membership at your nearest dental center. Such memberships not only give you discounts on various treatments, but they also let you access the premium services in exchange for your loyalty to the dental center. Time and again, discounts and giveaways on certain cosmetic treatments can also be availed using dental center memberships.

How important is dental care for children?

Oral hygiene is not something exclusive to just adults. It is equally important for your children to be aware of the important role that oral hygiene plays. Just like dentists stress the importance of regular checkups and visits for adults, they stress even more on regular dental center visits for children. This is mainly because children have primary teeth, which are more prone to cavities and decay from sugary foods and their likes than a regular adult tooth. Due to such reasons, it is important to inculcate good oral hygiene habits among children so that not only do their teeth remain safe in childhood, but also continue to stay strong throughout adulthood.

A lot of dentists believe that good oral hygiene starts right from infancy. It is a good idea to wipe a child’s gums with gauze or simply rub a soft washcloth over them before any teeth begin to show in the child’s mouth. This should be performed daily so that the teeth come out right, and strong. It is also very important to buy the right toothbrush for your child. Often it is the case that toothbrushes too large for a child’s teeth are bought, and then stay lying useless. You can find a huge variety of toothbrushes for toddlers and new-born babies at any departmental store these days.

It is also very important to acquaint your children with the environment of a dental center so that their first memory of going to one is not a scary one where they had to get their tooth extracted. It is often advised to take your child on their first dental visit when they turn one to two years of age. Since at this age, children do not fully understand the importance of brushing, and parents too might not be able to brush their teeth for them properly, it is always a good idea to have a professional dentist step in and remove the plaque build-up or food particles stuck between any teeth.

The importance of these visits is further highlighted by the fact that children with primary teeth are more likely to fall prey to dental cavities and tooth decay. Regular visits to the dentist ensure that there is no growth of bacteria in the teeth, even if there is a little carelessness done on the part of the child. It is a very well-practiced idea to offer your child some sort of a reward for a successful trip to the dentist, which makes them long for these trips and ultimately realize how important they were.

A dentist can provide you with highly recommended of advice and tips on how to make sure that your child’s teeth stay in the healthiest of conditions. This generally involves teaching your child the right way to brush, as well as telling them the added benefits of flossing with the right way to do it. One more important factor in your child’s oral health is their eating habits. Children tend to get carried away when it comes to sweet food, which is why parents might need to step in and ensure that their sugar consumption is not exceeding any limits.

It is important because the same sugar can lead to tooth decay and eventual loss of teeth. A tip from expert dentists includes that a child should never go to sleep with a juice or milk in their bottles. Just like it is important for your child to have good health, it is also equally important that their oral hygiene is top notch. A visit to the dentist goes a long way in ensuring that.

How do dental implants fail?

Dental implants are taking the dentist world by storm because of their effectiveness and less time of application. However, they do tend to fail at times, and there are quite a few reasons behind that. A dentist would typically describe these failures in the categories of short term or long term. The term osseointegration is often used by dentists as one of the most common short-term failures.

It involves the bone not being able to heal properly. Many reasons can be the cause of the bone not healing properly. These include smoking by the patient, an overall low bone density of the patient, or simply uncontrolled diabetes, which can be due to genetics or external factors. Maintaining a poor overall oral hygiene is also a primary cause of these. Gum disease is yet another reason that may render an implant useless.

There are a lot of symptoms that can give hints about imminent dental implant failure. These typically include pain, or the dental implant is slowly moving around within the space it was fixed in. If you have a dental implant that you feel is going loose, consult your dentist immediately. Bleeding from the area of the implant is another sign that it has failed to settle in properly. Detailed analysis through x-rays only can tell for sure if the dental implant has failed or not. However, these symptoms after an implant are usually definite signs that the implant has failed.

All of these can be categorized as short term failures, and have a somewhat common treatment procedure. Visiting the dentist will make you see that the procedure involves removing the implant and making sure that the environment to put it back in is suitable. This includes treating any wounds or pus that may have gathered in the area, washing and drying it completely, and waiting for it to heal. Once it has healed completely, a new fixture is put in. The process usually tends to take at least a few months to complete because bone tends to heal much slower than soft tissue.

Long term dental implant failures, on the other hand, are a completely different ball game. One reason that they are so challenging to deal with is that this type of failure can occur well after the implant has had time to settle, and after every tissue around it has healed completely, integrating itself in the bone. One of the most common long terms of dental implant failure is known as peri-implantitis. It is also, ironically, the most difficult one to treat. It happens when the gum holding the implant is attacked by a certain infection. It eventually leads to loss of bone around the supporting part, as well as gums sometimes, if not treated properly. Early symptoms for these may include bleeding gums or pus.

There are other long-term dental failures too that usually tend to include prosthetic failures. A broken screw or abutment loosening may well be a cause of an implant failure, causing pain and discomfort to the patient for a long time. It is always advisable to visit a dentist at the first sign of discomfort, and not wait for it to subside on its own, as it may well be something much more serious than what you may have anticipated.

How important is brushing your teeth?

Brushing your teeth properly is the first direction that any dentist will give you towards good oral hygiene. Considering the amount of food we eat daily, it becomes really necessary that we brush at least twice every day. Let us tell you why it is really important.

Food that you eat does not all go into your stomach. A lot of small particles can get stuck in between your teeth, on their bases against the gums, or simply behind them at times. This food, if not brushed off, eventually degrades within the mouth, giving off a bad odor. Since this decomposition is happening because of bacteria, your mouth becomes a breeding colony for them. It is these bacteria that tend to give off the bad odor that might be coming from your mouth.

The bacteria actively work to change all those food particles in your mouth to a sticky substance called plaque. So far, the situation is pretty bad, and if care is not taken, it tends to get even worse. Acids within plaque start to damage the teeth, especially the protective enamel layer around them, and your gums. This then subsequently leads to problems like cavities, dental sepsis, gum disease, and tooth decay. Eventually, these can finish off a tooth, leaving you with no choice but to get it extracted before it spreads to other teeth in your mouth.

Only a small act like brushing these teeth regularly can prevent so much of these problems. While tooth decay is one problem, its spreading goes on to form dental cavities, which is holes forming inside your teeth because bacteria is eating away on it. We discussed earlier how bacteria could give off bad odor in your mouth; this bad breath can also be easily avoided if you simply do brush twice every single day.

While it has only been damage to teeth in particular that we have been discussing, not brushing your teeth for long periods can also lead to gum disease. While long spells of not brushing your teeth lead to the onset of gum disease, it can very well form into a serious condition if not treated immediately.

Brushing your teeth is also very important because it reduces the risk of many infections including tooth abscess, which can be very painful. Abscess generally forms because the amount of bacteria has multiplied to dangerous levels, and are affecting the teeth at such a hard level that it continually hurts in pangs.

All dentists recommend brushing your teeth two times daily, for around two minutes each. This makes sure that the teeth remain strong and the gums stay in their optimum condition too. A lot of toothpaste today have fluoride in them, which provides an added protective layer to the teeth, which prevents the formation of plaque.

Where can I get laser dental treatment?

Laser dental treatments have become a very common dental procedure. They are also usually known as gingivectomy procedures. If you live in or around Houston, Texas, you only need to come to URBN Dental for all kinds of laser dental procedures. We have qualified and experienced dentists who will take complete care of you. Of special mention is our erbium laser, which is used in a huge majority of gingivectomy procedures. It is of particular importance because of the efficiency and painless procedure it offers to patients in terms of removing excess gum growth to make the teeth appear not too long or short.

At URBN Dental, we have dedicated dental assistants who will be assisting our main dentists in your gingivectomy treatments. With years of experience, they too know how to engage patients in a way so as not to make them uncomfortable during the procedure, offering the right kind of advice during procedures. Since gingivectomy is a procedure that helps remove excess gum growth, removing it is pretty much the same as cutting away at a thing using a blade. The first incision, in particular, is just like that. It usually depends on your gum growth on how deep of a cut the dentist decides to make while considering the measurement of pocket depth.

Proper care has to be taken in such procedures as the laser is removing the gum lining. It is so because the same laser may hurt the teeth and bone structure if misaligned, ultimately leading to tissue damage as well. A way around it is to use lasers with decreased power, a safety practice that is standard at URBN Dental. We take all kinds of care in ensuring that the procedures are safe and smooth for our patients. Another factor that makes laser dental treatment such a popular choice for cosmetic purposes is its reliability. There is very little chance of anything going wrong, especially at URBN Dental, where our qualified dentists ensure that all safety protocols are followed concerning laser equipment and its maintenance. With this kind of trust built in us by our patients, we continue to strive for more.

Gingivectomy procedures are very safe and very efficient. They can help remove excess gums that can make one tooth look shorter than the other. Laser gingivectomy can gently remove the pockets formed on top of these teeth, making them appear the same in size as other neighboring teeth. In its earlier applications, gingivectomy was only used as an orthodontic procedure for people who found difficulty in eating or brushing due to their overgrown gums. However, with the influx of cosmetic procedures in the dental industry, gingivectomy has grown into a very popular makeover treatment that helps people modify their smile to the way they want it to look. Visit URBN Dental today for your gingivectomy procedure!


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