An Emergency Dentist Can Offer Same Day Dentist Appointment Near Me

Dental emergencies can occur at any time without any warning. You may be perfectly fine one moment and end up with bleeding gums or a chipped tooth the next due to gum diseases or a sudden injury. When that happens, you need to have access to a same day emergency dentist near me. It’s possible that you’re looking for Houston uptown dentists right now and need to find the best dentist in Houston for same day dentist appointment. In this article, we’ll give you an overview of dental emergencies and how to schedule a same day dentist appointment near me.

Same Day Dentist Appointment Near Me

What is a Same Day Dentist Appointment Near Me

A same day dentist appointment near me can be various different conditions and situations. It’s a condition that causes you distress and discomfort and may get worse over time, thereby leading to severe problems. Dental emergencies may be things like gum injuries, loss of teeth, chipped or broken teeth, bleeding gums, etc. Sometimes, even simple benign issues like persistent bad breath can indicate a dental emergency because it may be caused by serious gum disease. That’s why it’s hard to categorize dental emergencies because benign symptoms may also be cloaking a serious emergency situation. Every situation should be assessed on an individual basis. If you’re suffering from a dental issue, you should immediately set up a same day dentist appointment with Houston uptown dentists so they can assess if the situation is serious.

Qualities of the Best Dentist in Houston for Emergencies

When you’re looking for the best dentist in Houston for emergencies, you should consider the following essential qualities and factors.

Same Day Emergency Dentist

 Emergency Dental Services

Not every dental clinic has the ability to provide emergency dental services. Some of them require you to schedule same day dentist appointment, or some of them requires an appointment well in advance and some have lengthy check-in procedures. However, dental emergencies don’t wait for paperwork or appointments — they can happen at any given day or time. You can chip your tooth while playing in the park, falling down the stairs, while working out at the gym, or any other such situations. You need to make sure that your dental clinic in Houston takes last-minute emergency appointments. They should also accept walk-in same day dentist appointment near me.

Advance Dental Treatment

Dental treatments and technologies advance at an extremely rapid pace. Procedures that may have been suitable or popular a few years ago may be rendered obsolete by safer and better procedures. You need to make sure that your chosen emergency dental clinic stays ahead of the curve and is equipped with the latest dental technologies. This will ensure that you get the most painless and safest dental treatments for all your emergency needs. 

Why is it Necessary to Visit a Dentist?

As previously mentioned, not all dental emergencies are immediately evident as such. Seemingly benign symptoms like persistent bad breath or toothaches may also be caused by underlying chronic dental conditions like gingivitis and periodontitis. If you don’t treat these issues in a timely manner, they get worse and can affect your gums and teeth. That’s why you should visit a dentist even if you experience a benign dental anomaly so they can determine if you have a dental emergency. And in situations like bleeding gums or chipped teeth, you need to seek a same day dentist appointment near me immediately without wasting a breath. This is because they can indicate a serious progression of gum disease and you have a small window for treatment.

How to See a Dentist in an Emergency?

Now, you may be wondering how to see a dentist in an emergency? Do you simply walk into the clinic? Do you need to prepare before that? The following are some steps you can take to see a dentist in an emergency.

Call the Houston Dentist Near me

The first thing you need to do is keep calm and call your Houston dentist. This is why it’s necessary to already know an emergency dentist in your area so you can call them immediately. Once you call them, calmly inform them of the situation and follow all of their guidance.

First Aid Treatment

Your Houston dentist will likely ask you to handle some of the first aid needs yourself before you see them. This will be necessary to prevent the emergency situation from getting worse. The dentist will detail what you should do, but you need to have a first aid kit with the following items:

  • Clean handkerchief.
  • Antiseptic gauze.
  • An airtight container that can hold a broken tooth.
  • Painkillers to minimize the pain. However, you shouldn’t use Aspirin since it increases bleeding.

Walk In Appointment with Your Dentist Office near me

If you can’t find your dentist’s number, you should simply get someone to drive you over to the clinic. Some dental emergencies accept same-day emergency dentist appointments in case of emergencies. Be sure you get a Houston dentist whose clinic is flexible that way.

What to do During a Dental Emergency? The Houston Dentists

The following is a brief overview of what you can do during various common dental emergencies.

Broken Tooth

If you have a broken tooth, then clean it by holding it at the crown and then place it between your cheek and gum. Be sure not to touch or damage the root of the tooth.


Different types of fractures require different treatments. Minor fractures can easily be restored but severe fractures may be beyond saving and you may need alternative treatments like dental crowns.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries include damage to your tongue, lips, or gums. When that happens, you should rinse the cut, clean it, and then apply pressure with an antiseptic gauze while you go to the emergency top-rated dentist in Houston.

Schedule an Appointment with Uptown Dental Clinic

Are you suffering from a dental emergency right now? As you can see, a lot of different dental situations may constitute an emergency. At URBN Dental, we have some of the country’s best emergency Houston dentists so schedule an appointment with the uptown dental clinic right now.

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