How To Improve Your Smile – Choose A Bonded Tooth Fillings Treatment

Anyone who is not happy with the appearance of their smile can make a great tooth bonding candidate. There are a few very clear reasons why dental bonding is the ideal way to look after your teeth.

What is Tooth bonded whited fillings?

Most people would be happy with a natural white smile all of the time, but it is not always possible for this to happen. That is, it is not always possible to have one without the help of cosmetic procedures and in the past, they have been expensive to go through and also can take up a lot of time. If you have tooth bonding, that will be the reality and it is becoming a more and more popular way to have the perfect smile and hide the imperfections that have become a problem for you.

You could opt for tooth bonding and your dentist will be pleased to do this for you. You will require this on the teeth that have become discolored, and the good news is that it can be done on any number of teeth. If they are all a poor color it can be done, but also if one is damaged then it can be done just on that one.

A bond is a composite resin that will have been color coded to ensure that it is exactly the same color as your teeth. It can also be added to a tooth that has been damaged, so that chip that you hate so much can be covered and only you and your dentist will know it is there. Although we should always take good care of our teeth especially if they are starting to decay, tooth bonding can be a good alternative.

Why do we need tooth bonding or white fillings?

The main reason bonding treatments are needed is to keep our smiles healthy and looking good. If you don’t use them when they are needed, you will have a very substandard smile and cavities which can lead to dental pain. Confidence is a big part of the way we present ourselves, and if we know we have poor quality teeth – even if it is just the one – we will not want to be open and smile a lot. It may be wrong that we are judged by our appearance but that does happen, and we can be seen in a number of ways if we do not have bonded fillings.

Firstly, we will be seen as lazy when it comes to oral hygiene. Unless there has been an accident, we have let our teeth fall into a bad state of repair. Next, it will seem that we do not have pride on our appearance as there is a way to make things better and we cannot be bothered to do it. Most people will want to go through the bonding for their pride, while others will do it to stop criticism that will be made if they do not.

What is the benefit of Tooth bonded fillings?

Anyone who is not happy with the appearance of their smile can make a great tooth bonding candidate. There are a few very clear reasons why dental bonding is the ideal way to look after your teeth. One major reason is the fact that they are one of the more simple procedures that fall into the category of cosmetic dentistry. Another is the cost. As they are easy to fit they will not take a time and their manufacture helps to keep the cost down. When there is just the one tooth that needs to be bonded, it can be carried out in a single visit to the dentist, and it does not require someone to manufacture a product that will fit your teeth perfectly. Crowns require impressions to be taken and then a special item produced but this is not the case here.

It is also not necessary to remove a great deal of tooth enamel, so you are left with more of your own tooth than you would have been under other circumstances. The work can be done while you are not given anesthetic, so this is yet another advantage, although if it is a cavity that is being dealt with, that will be a different matter. While the product may not be as strong as a veneer, it will be easy and cost effective to replace when and if the time comes when it needs to be replaced.

How do you get a tooth bonding treatment?

When you need a filling, you go to the dentist and this is exactly the same when it comes to dental bonding. In the past it was generally metallic fillings that were fitted, but now white-colored fillings are becoming the new standard. Your dentist should offer you the option of bonding, and also give you all of the details as you don’t want to get into a process that you are not sure about. It is hard to think of anything that you could be concerned about, but just in case you don’t fully understand, ask everything that you want to know and go into the treatment sure of what is going to happen.

As there is little difference between the two ways of filling, you will know what to expect. The dentist will examine the tooth carefully and remove any decay that has occurred. Next the bonding will be placed in the area that has been left and it will begin to set. They will smooth it off before it gets too hard, as you don’t want any rough edges that could catch your tongue or the inside of your cheeks. The final part is the finalizing of the setting and here a light is used to make sure that is stays where is has been placed. The big difference is that fact that it will be hard to tell where the tooth ends, and the filling begins.

What are the symptoms that require tooth fillings or bonding?

The reasons for getting a bonding are the same as the reasons for getting fillings. There is a hole in the tooth and it needs to be filled. There is, however, an added advantage of bonding and that is the fact that is can cover poor quality teeth and also teeth that cannot be cleaned to the same level of whiteness that you want and are used to. They will give the protection that is required in less time and with an easier form of treatment.

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